Video: Arab and Islamic slavery alive and well

h/t EJ Bron via CNN

Also watch the documentary Jihad on Horseback.


13 thoughts on “Video: Arab and Islamic slavery alive and well

  1. Next time someone here talks about oppression from the “white” man, remind them likely Muslims were the perps.

    • Problem is that those who blame ‘whitey’ will NEVER admit that slavery is alive and ‘well’ in many countries and will continue with their it’s the white man’s fault meme – for all of the ills in the world.

  2. OT:
    A4 typed she refused Muslim nursing care based on the nurse’s Islamic views and beliefs that all infidels will be killed if they don’t convert per the Koran.

    Why not apply that to all Muslim businesses?

    Was in a coffee shop owned and run by a Muslm. He was so over the top friendly it was disingenuous. All I could think of was how he’d treat me if he really could. I thought about A4 and thought he could poison the coffee.

    The only business near my home I can not boycott is the gas station. All are owned by Muslims.

    Stats show some illegals left due to the poor economy.

    Just a thought.

    • That is a RIGHT that we have within our power that is based on facts, in which, refute if they want, is in print and can be easily proven. It also is a great way to take a stand and educate people in the pubic arena. Some may not like it but they will ” get over it!” We have a RIGHT to fear these people based on facts. Don’t allow anyone to call you a islamaphobe because of it. Actually, in my situation, it was a physician I refused treatment from and the LAW in this land states we can refuse treatment for ANY reason and the medical profession knows that. We are taught that in school.

  3. And not only were moslems the perps, but we have to keep repeating over and over again – they are still practicing slavery. And that if anyone says they signed an agreement to stop slavery, then say that moslems do not honor any agreements made with non-moslems. We are ‘dirt’ (kufar) to them and only worthy of being lied to and worse – enslaved, killed or to be subjugated to them.

  4. We have known about this for years now…….the reason why it is not talked about is because of the Reformed Jews and Ethnic Christians in the American Media…….These People are Sicko quilt conscious dumpholes….and just want to pander to Blacks and illiterate Trade Union and Municipal worker people……..

  5. My son served in Iraq and he has a childhood friend who served in Afghanistan. After coming home, both were of a different opinion regarding muslim countries when they came home. Both thought they were going to fight terrorism and liberate oppressed muslims from the taliban, alqaiedai..etc..etc. When they came home, they both said “We need to pull out our troops and drop a nuke on their God forsaken land and totally abliterate it and claim their oil in return for the money and time and lives we have wasted over there. After it is nuked, in a
    few years if we want to experiment with windpower, we can set up massive amounts of windmills on their God forsaken land, because we will have the land to do it on and they will not take up any of our precious land.
    God destoyed every man ,woman and child in the Old Testament and
    we now know, without a shadow of a doubt, why He did that.” In Gods eyes, “We feel the women were just as evil as the men and the women would teach the children this crap so he destroyed them all to rid the land of the evil.After all, He brought the children to be with Him anyway..what a better place to be than with their EVIL PARENTS.” they both said “Those people do not want us there. They are just front people for these terrorist groups and hide them to protect them because they believe in what these terrorist groups are doing to the west.The terrorists groups do not lie about their intentions.They will full well admit they are out to kill us. The general population whom we were sent there to help WILL LIE AND PRETEND TO BE YOUR FRIEND. They ALL want is to kill us. Have NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT and you cannot change a evil culture that has been evil for centuries.” They both thought the Islamic countires needed to be nuked in order to remove their threats to other nations and use the soldiers we bring home to beef up our own borders and country. No more muslims should ever be allowed to come in here for any reason and the ones here should be rounded up and sent back. They said all mosques in this country should be destroyed and anyone who chooses to leave this country to travel abroad to ANY country do it at there own risk because they put America at risk when they do so.
    I know this will never be done, however these young boys had it all figured out and said that our politicians would come to the same conclusion quickly if they had to spend a year over there sleeping with one eye open and having your ass shot at!

    • That is true and we must refuse to allow them to bring the very political ideology, which is the reason for their enslavement, to our free land. Period.

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