Video: Inside the Muslim Brotherhood in the West

The Muslim Brotherhood has been active in the West for decades. CBN News’ Erick Stakelbeck recently traveled to Europe to discover what the Muslim Brotherhood has planned.

Video: Exclusive: Inside the Muslim Brotherhood in the West | EuropeNews.

8 thoughts on “Video: Inside the Muslim Brotherhood in the West

  1. These barbaric, savage POS goat herding, camel humping bastards need to be loaded up and drop shipped back to the middle east where they belong. There is no place for them in civil societies.

    Everywhere they go they cause death, destruction, beheadings, pedophilia, incest, beastiality and anything evil. They are the evil
    filth that pervades the earth.

    In Biblical times God commanded the Israelites to destroy all of the evil in the land meaning these bastards, but the Israelites failed to obey and now we still have this filth in the world today seeking to destroy everything good upon the earth.

    I want them nuked off the face of this earth.

    • Isn’t the meeting at OUR Whitehouse with Obama and his terrorist friends just two days after 911???!!What a slap in the face to 911 and its victims and their families as well as our soldiers……just like the frickin GREEN Empire state building!Now muslims will have contaminated both of those historic buildings!!
      Why is Ostupid meeting with Morsi anyway? What part of “Jihad is our path and death in the name of allah is our goal” does he NOT understand????? Or is Ostupid going to make it easier for Morsi and let the murdering begin with him???

    • My son and his friend who served in Iraq and his other friend who served in Afghanistan are of the same opinion…the only thing that is going to stop Islam is to nuke EVERY ONE of their evil countries and that will not happen because our government is so nieve about the dangers of Islam and muslim infiltration here and they are feeding their citizens full of nievity as well.

    • well don’t blame the Jews for their humanity. After all, who’s more persecuted than the Jews, and still Israel has become the most sophisticated country on Earth.

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  3. VOTE oahole out of office; we all agree he is a true muslim as he continues to favor the muslims no matter what evil crap they do; they will continue to infiltrate as NO ONE in government is doing anything to stop it. WHY????

    islam agenda is lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, that isnt going to change.

  4. The Muslim Brotherhood is a homosexual zoning club, full of insecure islamic shits!
    They all need to chill, get a beer, roll a spliff, ‘n embrace women as equals (as we are) in stead of all this hatred!
    They’ve all got far too much time on their hands & need to find lives that they enjoy (“enjoy” if that’s a word a muslims understand)

    And Mohammed is just a fictional character, y’all know this right?!

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