French Muslims burn school, cars as riots engulf troubled district

France, home of the Islamic no-go zones, as in no infidels can go there. via School, cars burned as youth riot engulfs troubled French district – The Globe and Mail.

Months of tension between police and young people in a troubled district of northern France exploded on Tuesday, with dozens of youths facing off against riot officers in a night of violence. Sixteen officers were injured, a pre-school and public gym were torched, and at least three passing drivers in Amiens were dragged from their cars.

While the identity of the rioters and the immediate cause is unclear, the economic picture of the area in question is not. Unemployment skews higher in northern France and among the country’s youth. Less than two weeks ago, the French government declared Amiens among 15 impoverished zones to receive more money and security.

The eruption of violence shows how little relations have changed between police and youths in France’s housing projects since nationwide riots in 2005 raged unchecked for nearly a month, leaving entire neighbourhoods in flames in the far-flung suburbs.

At the height of the latest confrontation, 150 officers — both local and federal riot police — faced off against young men who fired buckshot and fireworks at them, skirmishing through the neighbourhood in the city about 120 kilometres north of Paris. There were no arrests.

“The confrontations were very, very violent,” Amiens Mayor Gilles Dumailly told the French television network BFM. Mr. Dumailly said tensions had been building for months between police and the impoverished residents, whom he described as “people who are in some difficulty.”

Anger was still running high when Interior Minister Manuel Valls arrived in the neighbourhood Tuesday afternoon. A small group of people tried to push through Mr. Valls’s security detail as he walked through the area, alternately booing him, cursing him and trying to speak to him.

One shouted out, “When are you going to speak to us?” before the minister ducked into a building to meet with the mayor, the head of the local prefecture and some residents. He is scheduled to give a public address later in the day.

Relations between police and youth in housing projects have been troubled for years, perhaps decades. Riots occasionally erupt, often in the hot nights of August, when France’s rich and middle classes head off for long vacations but poor and immigrant families in the projects stay home.

The riots usually follow a pattern: Police target a kid speeding on a motorbike or doing something suspicious; the kid speeds or runs away to escape and dies or gets seriously injured in flight. The neighbourhood rises up in anger and that night or the next, young people head out to burn cars, police stations or any building representing authority. Police often respond by coming in force with tear gas, further angering the local population.

One woman said the violence was a bubbling up of long-simmering anger. She described a recent a car accident she had that turned into an ugly interaction with police, whom she accused of responding too aggressively and threatening her and the children present.

“This is not gratuitous violence! This is violence from anger!” Sabrina Hadji told BFMTV. “We’re not animals. We vote and pay our taxes like everyone.”

They can’t identify the perps but they could tell us who dominates this area. But they won’t. But we know. Take heed America.

21 thoughts on “French Muslims burn school, cars as riots engulf troubled district

  1. All converts are the worst enemy of the nation. They divided nation like india before and they will do it again and again. ALL muslims in india are hindu converts. Arabs who have given them book called Quran to follow and making them destroy their own land ,resources and root culture of fun and dance. Foolish converts have no leader to make them think right. Converts are self destructive. Arabs are great planners in destroying other nations and culture. 56 nations down others to follow..

    • That is so true. Arab muslims have a penchant for destruction, and they’ve been spreading their pathetic mohammadian disease all over for the past 1,400 years.

        • Hello Pete! Yes, they sure did. Unfortuntely Obama is doing the same here. I sure hope we rid ourselves of him and his kind this November. I am literally ridden with anxiety over this election like no other.

  2. they should have never been allowed to get a foothold; all free countries should take note; islam/muslims should obey the local laws; if they can’t assimilate; go back to the desert.

  3. I’ve got a solution to France’s No-Go zones. First, give government support to all non-Muslims to leave the area. Second, let the Muslims burn the whole damn area down. Third, remove the remaining, homeless Muslims out of the area and deport them pronto. How simple!

  4. This is not gratuitous violence! This is violence from anger!” Sabrina Hadji told BFMTV. “We’re not animals. We vote and pay our taxes like everyone.”

    HAHAHAHAHA right they just want to be like all french people but NOT

  5. I agree with an Anonymous above, they should have never been allowed to get a foothold but it serves them right. France would not help the US in……. was it Iraq? Operation Desert Storm was it??…Or Shield??I think it was Desert Storm…but I will not swear to it. I have sIept since then. Does anyone out there remember? Just remember US labeling them “yellow traitors” and citizens boycotting FRENCH FRIES and Target!

  6. Time to bring in the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION and coral all of these thugs and deport them back where they came from. If they wish to resist, then take what ever action necessary to REMOVE THEM FROM FRENCH SOIL. LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEXT CRUSADE.

  7. An easy solution to Muslim riots is the fire hose. Add a few drops of pig’s blood to the water, let the Muslims know this and then release. Not only will the water clean the rabble, it will purify it by the blood.

    If fire hoses don’t work, bullets will. But knowing the French they will surrender their nation to the Muslims like they did to the Nazis.

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  9. Arabs have perfected the way to destroy any nation send some muslims , convert the poor and criminals to islam give them a Book called Quran and ask them to follow and this will lead them to Allah soon and heaven with women and wine.
    56 islamic nations rest to follow.
    All converts now ready to destroy the country they live and arabs having fun watching this killings.( they don’t need TV or music)
    looks like halal meat has some to do with.

  10. France needs to declare martial law in these areas, send the army in to gather these muslim communities up, transport them to the seaports, load them up on barges, send the turds adrift in the open sea, and let the French Navy have some quality gunnery practice. I no longer care what others may think of me for making such a statement. I will no longer pretend to have any human compassion for these supremacist, parasitic, sub-human scum!

    • We need a entire nation LIKE YOU RANDY. A nation that no longer cares what people think about what we say and our opinions towards this cult. I lost my political correctness when a muslim shot my son in the head. To me, people like you honor his sacrifice, as well as, the sacrifice of others when you have no fear to exercise your freedom of speech against the liberal tide. They sacrificed for your freedom of speech and they intended for you to use it. Political correctness has no place in our free land! God Bless You!

      • I’m so sorry you lost your son. That must be horrible. Was he a soldier? I am. I did a tour of duty in Iraq back in 2010.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        • I did not lose my son. He was in the ARMY and suffered a traumatic brain injury from his head being crushed in a rocket attack in Sadr City, Iraq before the surge in 2008. He was in rehab 18 mos and suffers from SEVERE PTSD among other things. The boy I raised is gone. He has a totally different, HARD, personality. That has been the hardest thing in the world to deal with for him AND our family and it has been hard for us to accept that we probably will never see the boy we knew ever again. Its like someone else, we do not know, is in his
          body, I guess is the best way to describe it.
          Thank you for your service. We appreciate your sacrifice and we feel it is our job to fight the infiltration of muslims into this country since our government failed you in this regard while you were off covering their asses in a foreign land. God Bless You! We love you!

          HEY EVERYBODY ON CREEPING…..Give Randy a shout out and say thanks for his service! If it were not for him and others like him..we would not have the freedoms we have today!

          • That must be horrible to deal with, I can only imagine how that must feel. My heart and our prayers go out to your family and your son.

            I’m no hero, nor did I have it as bad as your beloved son, but again, thank you for your kind words of love and thankfulness. You guys are a class act!

  11. “This is not gratuitous violence! This is violence from anger!” Sabrina Hadji told BFMTV. “We’re not animals. We vote and pay our taxes like everyone.”

    Paying taxes does not give you the right to act like animals !!!!

    THIS is how an Islamic invasion works.. they come in peace until they control, in their minds, a geographical area or segment of a leadership.. then they make demands based on the freedom that country gives them.. expanding their “culture” / CULT. They make more demands which leads to more freedom.. the more freedom the more demands, all the while they take more and more authority.. soon when their control is more effective then the masses around them,they will impose the Cult on others and if you refuse they deal with you based on the law of the Koran. .. except or die.

    The Islamic “CULT” is a social cancer that should be much more of a concern to the world then it currently is. The Islamic CULT is the most evilest attack on all cultures throughout the world. When they say we come in peace.. really means “We come in peace until we have the power and can force our CULT on you”

  12. Its time UN should form a strict laws ,any islamic follower who believes in Quran and reads has no tights to live in west or if he lives has no rights to vote, hold govt jobs. carry any guns etc.
    THese muslims are ilk foil will never mix with water ( locals0
    And where ever they go create destruction and death.
    Look at India now divided ( pakistan, bangladesh and INDIa)and many muslim majority area daily death for infidels ( nonbelievers)
    Cause is Arabs Mullahs and it petro dollar funding.
    Remove Arab and Iran form the map of the world .No more islamic problems..

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