HBO Girls star apologizes for “fundamentalist” joke

Terrorism works. It makes people live in fear. No one is afraid to crack jokes about about Christians, Mormons, Jews, etc., never mind apologize for them. Particularly not Hollywood. via Lena Dunham Muslim Hijab Joke Prompts Criticism, Not-Quite-Kristen-Stewart-Level Apology – The Hollywood Gossip.

Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO’s Girls, posted a picture and caption on Twitter recently that some of her followers were offended by.

Wearing a scarf resembling a Muslim hijab (below), Dunham wrote “I had a real goth / fundamentalist attitude when I woke up from my nap.”

Lena certainly didn’t mean to insult anyone by it, but in the wake of the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, many were not amused:

After people went crazy, Lena Dunham apologized, saying she hadn’t even heard about the shooting: “Been in production and completely not reading the news.”

“Didn’t realize what a bad time it was to make a joke like that. Not a good excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. I’m glad you keep me informed and I’m deleting those tweets.”

“Will spend tonight reading my pile of old NY Times, contemplating the boundaries of humor. I try and learn something new every day.”

Then, after some fans came to Lena’s defense and said she shouldn’t be criticized for the joke/photo, the 26-year-old insisted she deserved it … while mocking Kristen Stewart’s apology for cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders:

“You SHOULD apologize if you make a mistake! I mean, not to the K Stew level, but … “

Self-censorship the sharia way. Equal opportunity offender Bill Maher puts it clearly. Cue to the 3 minute mark.

11 thoughts on “HBO Girls star apologizes for “fundamentalist” joke

  1. I have NEVER agreed with Bill Maher on ANYTHING and have always said Bill Maher looks like and reminds me of Templeton, the rat in Charlottes Web who is always rude and selfishly out for himself. However, HE IS DEAD RIGHT IN HIS ANALYSIS OF ISLAM/MUSLIMS!
    He said it in the typical “Bill Maher style” and bluntness and could not have simplified it any more for those who fail to understand. Good Job Bill Maher! Now I have to go lay down. I am in disbelief Bill Maher and I agreed on anything. I must be sick!

      • Yet if push came to shove and he was faced with a choice – either convert to Islam or convert to fundamentalist Christianity (impossible to force I know) OR DIE – you know he’d go Muslim. Why? First, you cannot force conversion to Christ, as it requires faith and faith cannot be compelled. Second, Islam, conversely, is all externals. It requires no true heart faith and (for that very reason) lets you screw whoever you want, just as long as you don’t get caught and bring shame on Allah. And under the right circumstances, as Bill points out, even allows you to kill those who disagree. True faith in Christ allows neither but demands personal holiness, which Bill wants nothing to do with. People like Bill – already hate-fueled bigots – who do convert to any violent authoritative system are always the most vicious and murderous defenders of the cause.

  2. Reblogged this on USA Natural Born and commented:
    Well now you’ve done it. I can die a fulfilled man. I’ve tried and tried, but I have not been able to enjoy Maher saying anything . . . until now. I’m marking this day on my calender. Oh . . . and by the way, I really enjoy your blog, it is most enlightening insofar as you do not sugar coat Islam and portray it for what it actually is, not what they would like us to think it is! Keep up the good work and have an exceptional day! . . . Len.

  3. Anyone else sick of having images of our 911 jumpers, wounded warriors, beheadings, amputations, noses cut off, acid damaged faces, FGM, gays being hung, women in cloth chains (burqa), etc in our minds? Our minds were free of this horror before the Muslims terrorist attack on 911.

  4. And post Sept 11 we now know all about ramadan, haddith, fgm, and on and on ad vomitus. And all those iftar dinners at the WHouse. . . and on and on, enough already

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