Saudi’s plan sharia-compliant women-only cities

It’s a cultural thing. Cultural desperation, if not suicide. via Saudi Arabia plans new city for women workers only | World news | The Guardian.

A women-only industrial city dedicated to female workers is to be constructed in Saudi Arabia to provide a working environment that is in line with the kingdom’s strict customs.

The city, to be built in the Eastern Province city of Hofuf, is set to be the first of several planned for the Gulf kingdom. The aim is to allow more women to work and achieve greater financial independence, but to maintain the gender segregation, according to reports.

Proposals have also been submitted for four similar industrial cities exclusively for women entrepreneurs, employers and employees in Riyadh.

Segregation of the sexes is applied in Saudi Arabia, where Wahabi sharia law and tribal customs combine to create an ultra-conservative society that still does not allow women to drive. Saudi women are said to make up about 15% of the workforce, with most in female-only work places. Although the number of mixed gender workplaces has increased these are still few.

Last September King Abdullah, who has taken some tentative steps towards loosening strict gender segregation, announced that women would be able to vote in the 2015 local elections and for the consultative assembly.

Is there any doubt that Islam is the most backward ideology on the face of the earth?

4 thoughts on “Saudi’s plan sharia-compliant women-only cities

  1. What a capital idea! Women, having their own cities. Those Muslims are innovative, to be sure. I wonder if these cities will have parking spots for males only. Their men need visiting privileges, er, you know what I mean.

  2. “In line with the kingdoms STRICT CUSTOMS?” They claim RELIGIOUS REASONS for their CUSTOMS when they come over here because they can get protection for their cultic political ideology under our “Freedom Of Religion.” Good example how they manipulate our Constitution and laws AGAINST US.

    They would not need separate cities if their men were not such sexual deviants who were never taught to control their willys!

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