Muslim hotel owner in Santa Monica violated civil rights of Jews, jury finds

Jewophobia. A verdict on this post: Muslim owner of upscale Santa Monica Hotel: “Get the [expletive] Jews out of my Pool”

via Santa Monica hotel owner discriminated against Jews, jury finds –

Santa Monica’s Hotel Shangri-La and its owner discriminated against members of a Jewish organization two years ago when staff and security guards ordered the group to halt a poolside event, a jury determined Wednesday.

The hotel was ordered to pay the group more than $1 million in statutory damages, with punitive damages yet to be determined.

Members of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces had gathered at the Art Deco hotel on the afternoon of July 11, 2010, and, shortly after their party got underway, were told to remove their literature and banners, get out of the pool and hot tub, and stop handing out T-shirts, according to court documents and testimony.

The employees said they were following the orders of hotel owner Tehmina Adaya, a Muslim woman of Pakistani descent.

During the trial, which began July 23 in Santa Monia Superior Court, the jury heard deposition testimony of a former employee, Nathan Codrey, who said Adaya repeatedly used profanity as she insisted that the event stop.

“If my [family finds] out there’s a Jewish event here, they’re going to pull money from me immediately,” Adaya said, according to Codrey’s testimony, which was read by a stand-in because Codrey was out of state and could not be subpoenaed.

Adaya emphatically denied she had ordered the group to halt the event for fear that her family would cut off her financing. She inherited control of the hotel from her father, Ahmad Adaya, a real estate tycoon and philanthropist who died in 2006.

The event was arranged through Platinum Events, a marketing firm that had organized other gatherings at the Shangri-La after the property underwent a $30-million renovation and reopened in mid-2009.

The jury found that Adaya and the hotel violated California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, which bars hotels and other businesses from discriminating on the basis of sex, race, color or religion, and inflicted emotional distress. The panel awarded statutory damages of more than $1.2 million. A hearing on punitive damages is scheduled Thursday.


17 thoughts on “Muslim hotel owner in Santa Monica violated civil rights of Jews, jury finds

  1. I am glad the Jewish people did not ‘run away’ or just accept it like so many have done in Europe, and elsewhere. They need to stand up
    or else one day there will be nowhere to run to.

    • I don’t think the jews ever run in America. May be in europe their enemies could hurt them. But, from my understanding, the Jews alway stand for themselves courageously as it happened in the Middle East even before Esrael was established. I am just ashamed that some Muslims still hate others. In my view, Muslim Brotherhood are no different than Ahmadi Najad or the Natzis. This discrimination case is shameful because the Muslims themselves are facing discrimination from all sides. Just like the Jews are.

      • the Sharia Muslims are NOT facing discrimination that they have not brought upon themselves! They advocate hate and death for anyone and everyone NOT of their belief!!! READ UP! GET INFORMED! and you too! will understand! And for your information, I am a Christian and have never discriminated against any Jew in my life! Why should I? They do NOT advocate death for anyone NOT believing their faith! So far, the ONLY ones to my knowledge that advocate death for not believing in their “totally fictional and man-made” religion are these Sharia “CULT-based” idiots!!!

        Please, before you ever say they are being discriminated against again…learn “something” about whom you are referring too!

  2. ”When a host country don’t pinpoint its enemy and when a host culture don’t pinpoint alien culture as its enemy Then host country and host culture future is dark. india and Hindu culture is very soft on alien culture on islam and Christian. THe alien culture has selected the weak points an dare converting the poor , uneducated and criminal to islam. and christian. Hindu fools and INdian politicians blowing secular voice are now on suicidal mode . THese converts don’t love andy more iNdia or the root culture hinduism. These local converts are now killing their own blood brothers and destroying the nation they are born. Hindus and politician are clue less. New laws needed to curb these destruction. These converts too slam will be destroying this nation and you will not be there to witness. Pakistan , afgnistan and bagladesh should teach all the lesson what is coming for you .”
    Islam loves no one.
    US need to wake up.

  3. Take a hint all the other states of this Union! Follow California’s lead! Take back control of your states and get these Obomaphobics out of “OUR” country!!! Have you seen the comments about the idiot trying to sue Disneyland????? They are ALL pro-Disney! NOT one Californian wants anything to do with Muslims!!!

    • What was it CA did others should follow?
      Allow Muslim women only swim time at the YWCA (C stands for Christian) and allow the honor killer dad and daughter of a woman fly back to bury her and not return to face murder charges.

  4. Walk your dogs on the sidewalk in front of this hotel, eat a bacon sandwich in the lobby, carry a bible up to the front desk wearing a “T” shirt with a picture of Jesus on it,…… you get the idea.

  5. Yes! Take a stand and win. However What I think may happen is the hotel will close for renovations and the owners will quietly leave our country and not pay one penny.

    The judge should have frozen all assets and seized the passports so this would not happen.

    Time will tell and then there’s the appeal process. Any which way to stall or not pay a penny.

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