5 Iraqi immigrants arrested in Colorado gang-rape

via 5 Iraqis arrested in connection with Springs sexual assault | police, assault, five – Colorado Springs Gazette, CO.

Colorado Springs police arrested five Iraqi men Tuesday in connection with what they called a “rare” and “horrific” sexual assault on a woman early July 22. The arrests included one man who was a central character in an Army’s sergeant’s memoir of an Iraq deployment.

Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon were taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori and Yasir Jabbar Jasim were arrested on suspicion of accessory to sexual assault. All are in their 20s.

Lt. Howard Black, who heads the Police Department’s special victim’s unit, said the severity of the attack made it rare in the city, adding that the woman’s injuries could have been life-threatening.

“We don’t see these types of assaults typically in Colorado Springs,” he said.

Ramadon was featured in “A Soldier’s Promise,” a combat memoir by Army First Sgt. Daniel Hendrex published in 2009 . Hendrex met the 14-year-old Ramadon while deployed to Husaybah, a town in Al Anbar Province in Iraq , according to book reviews on http://www.amazon.com. According to reviews, Ramadon encountered Hendrex’s soldiers in December 2003, and pleaded with them to arrest him in exchange for key information about local insurgents. The book chronicles Ramadon’s relationship with Hendrex’s unit, of which he became an intricate part, ultimately earning the nickname Steve-O, the review reads. Later, in exchange for his services, Hendrex helped Ramadon immigrate to the United States.

Of the five men arrested, Ramadon has the most extensive court record, including one open and one closed motor vehicle case and two protection orders related to domestic abuse, court records show . Sarmad Mohammed is the only other man with a previous Colorado criminal record, having been convicted of careless driving and driving while ability impaired in May 2011, according to court records.

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The sexual assault investigation began on July 22, when police were called to the Wildridge at Cheyenne Mountain Ranch apartments on Woodside Lane to investigate the assault. After finding blood spattered in an apartment, the officer went to Memorial Hospital to see the victim.

According to police, the victim, a woman who works nights, said she went to check her mail outside the apartment building about 1:30 a.m. and noticed two groups of men about to fight. She tried to intervene and calm the men down.

Afterward, one of the men invited her to his apartment where there were three other men about 20 years old, police said.

The woman told police she talked with the group and drank “what she believed to be lemonade.” She said she didn’t remember anything after that.

Doctors at Memorial examined the woman and found internal injuries that were concluded to have come from blunt force trauma, police said.

Detectives obtained search and arrest warrants and conducted several interviews before arresting the men. One of the men was arrested soon after the attack and the other four were arrested Monday night, Black said.

Carmen Hamilton, manager of the apartment complex, said Mohammed, Al Feraji and Al Juboori were tenants at Wildridge while the other two were apparently visiting. She said she was shocked when she heard of the incident.

“We do our due diligence when somebody moves in,” Hamilton said, noting that management does a complete check of all tenants’ criminal records. “It’s an A-to-F scale. And these guys were Bs.”

Colorado court records showed that none of the three tenants had prior felony convictions in the state.

The apartment manager stressed that residents tell her that they feel safe living in the southwest Colorado Springs complex. Hamilton said it was “an isolated incident” and called it “bothersome on all levels.”

Police said all five men had established “lawful permanent resident” status within the past five years but could face deportation if convicted of the crimes.


Colorado Springs Police think a group of men lied to cover up a vicious crime, delaying justice for a Colorado Springs woman.  The woman says she was drugged and sexually attacked.  The arrest affidavits were released Wednesday afternoon.

Jasim Ramadon is the man investigators believe physically assaulted and abused the 53-year-old woman on Saturday, July 21st at the Wildridge apartments in the 2500 block of Gold Rush Drive.  Sarmad Mohammed allegedly exposed himself to her.

The other three, Ali Al Juboori, Yasir Jasim and Mustafa Sataar are accused of covering up the crimes involving their friends.   It slowed down the investigation for nearly a month until their August 13th arrests.

The victim says it started that Saturday night after she broke up a fight between two groups of men outside her apartment complex. She had just come home after practicing for a singing competition.  The woman then remembers going into an apartment with four men in their 20s. They complained to her about being called terrorists.  She was given a cup of what she was believed was lemonade and doesn’t remember what happened next.  After the alleged attack, Jasim Ramadon left with the woman.  He came back to the apartment without her allegedly saying, “Man she’s going to die and there was blood everywhere.”  The woman called Springs Police the next day.

Officers say there was blood soaked clothes and shoes inside her apartment.  The men are Iraqi Nationals and face being deported if convicted.

65 thoughts on “5 Iraqi immigrants arrested in Colorado gang-rape

    • The problem is when the immigrant becomes a turncoat for our soilders and gives information, then this soilder helped him come stateside. Then the immigrant thinks it is a free for all, he can live as he did in Iraq, treating woman like garbage, doing what he wants. There are people from Vietnam, Cambodia and many of the other countries we’ve been to war with or they surrounded countries we have been a war with, they assist the military and and are given help to immigrate to the US as a reward. Their reward was helping our soilders to defend their own countries. There assistance does not warrant helping them come to America.

      • They didn’t slip through any immigration cracks. They were rewarded with green cards in exchange for committing treason against their country. Why are you surprised that they turned out to be scum

      • That is exactly right. Just because someone in a foreign land helps soilders doesn’t mean they deserve to come to America. While sometimes they are good people, too often they end up being people of this caliber. I say anyone who helps in a war must find their own way to citizenship. A soilder should not have any influence in a decision like that unless it is to get someone they married stateside. I’ve met some people from Cambodia that helped in the Vietnam War and they are some of the nastiest people, They have no respect at all for the U.S. and they are not the least bit grateful for the oppotunity that was handed to them.

        • wow….
          I suppose they sould help our war cause then be left to die as war criminals in their country…if you read the book Ramodon did not want to come to the US he asked to go to Seria…they told him he would only be safe in the USA…and they have not gone to trial yet…They will be deported regardless so they can die in Iraq…and Iraq women were also raped by american soilders…there are bad men every where…and good ones

          • What a pathetic excuse! If our soldiers raped then they should be charged and I know some have been charged with rape and murder. This woman was drugged and brutally raped. Asshole.

  1. To Mike, They slip through immigration “so easily” because they have a Muslims friend in the White House, Barack Obama. Obama and his administration has done everything possible, in the immigration department to give prefrential treatment to Muslims; to the tune of 14,000 Muslims are being welcomed here weekly! Barack Obama is changing the percentage of Muslim population throught his immigration policies. He has literally thrown open the doors to immigration for Muslims into this country. And apparently, we the people don’t care, because this is one issue nothing is said about.

    One of the ways they are allowed to immigrate is under the guise of “presecution”. Christians and other non-Muslims who are truly being persecuted in Islamic countries are blocked from immigrating to this country under our persection of life and limb laws. Why? … because the Obama administration will not does not recognize the persecution of non-muslims in Islamic countries.

    Another way is throught higher education, there is a program where they bring exclusively Muslims to this country and give them paid college educations; everything is paid for. This is not offered to non-Muslims of theses countries. People should be asking why ONLY Muslims are getting these freebie educations. The other “why” We the People should be asking is why when Americans have lost everything, including the finances to send there children to college we are giving Muslims an education; And I’m not talking at some community college …. no, no, no… I’m talking about top of the line schools.

    I guess what gets me sooo angry is, why with everything Obama has done and is doing “We the People” will not rise up and Impeach Obama! He’s committed over 50 impeachable offenses, he has blood all over his hands from Fast & Furious to the military he has betrayed (and caused the deaths of our military personell).

    But I’m sure your saying, he’s not impeachable …. oh really? … He’s corrupt, so why’s that? … Is it because you don’t believe we can impeach him because he won’t let us? … Well that I understand! But then why oh why, would you believe that come election day he or the powers that be will allow us to “vote” him out of office? …

    And then come the big question “if” you can’t vote him out or impeach him, why haven’t you started the Revolution yet? … Do you like living as slaves? … Because guess what guys, We the American People are not living at the top of the economic food chain.

    This whole Obamanation of Desolation that now sits in our Oval Office, (who “We the People” elected as president), is happening on our watch … On Our Watch, People! And we are doing worse than nothing … we’re blogging, we’re angry, mad; and the one I like the most and think Obama gets the biggest laugh out of, I’m not going to vote for Obama in November crowd … yeah! Brain dead, totally!

    Get up off your duffs, spit out your lukewarm attitude, stop blogging and do something! The eleventh hour passed along time ago, its not 1 minute to 12, its much less than 60 seconds. Rise up, demand the Impeachment of Obama now! And prepare for the Revolution! Because Obama and the powers that be aren’t leaving quitely or quickly.


    • Aprilyn, well that is quite a statement. Unfortunately for us I believe your commentary is 100% accurate, spot on, hit the nail on the head, etc., etc. Akaobama will be voted out in November, provided there is an election and voter fraud is, for the most part controlled. However, It does not look like that is likely, what looks likely IMHO is that it’s time for more God fearing, courageous patriots to stand and to die defending the liberty of all Americans and the constitution to the United States of America. This government has not derived it’s power from the governed, but has methodically and systematically over the last hundred plus years usurped the power to rule the people not serve the people as blue printed in our foundation. To the extent this illegal government will continue to do everything it’s capable of to not be repaired it is our right, no our duty to replace it or face the consequences. God help us and may God have mercy on their souls.

    • For all those stupid people who think they got it out there: first off, Obama didn’t help any Muslim to immigrate, actually, G. W. Bush was the one to initiate the SIV p[rogram, Special Immigrant Visa, to those Iraqis who supported the US Mission in Iraq. You can do a simple Google search before you open your mouths. Second off, these bunch of criminals don’t represent Muslims or Iraqis as much as the savage acts of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t represent America!
      P.S. I am a genuine Catholic Christian and I served in Iraq.

      • Thank you for your service to our country, and for speaking the truth. These people just keep repeating the same crap over and over again. Ignorance, fear and hate are our true enemies.

        • I was just doing my job but thanks. Truly, ignorance, fear and hate are our true enemy! I believe that all those people who are judging Muslims/Jews/Buddhists..etc. had no clue about the real thing and never had been in the Middle East before. The first thing I ever noticed when I was deployed in Iraq, was that I was so misinformed about this culture and people and we were so wrong! I just wish that everyone would have the opportunity to live for awhile in others’ people shoes before start judging them.

          • Unfortunately, you are the one that is being ignorant, ignorant of the too many unpleasant reality. We, nonbelievers are trying hard to prevent slavery and enslavement by moslems and you are falling into their islamic scams or pro-islamic scams. Fear would not solve anything and neither ignorance of the many unpleasant facts about islam and moslems. Why should moslems be given all the freebies and free education and only for those moslems to bully us nonbelievers. We, nonbelievers who have seen the dark side of those pro-moslems, moslems and islam, do NOT wish to be enslave by islam or moslems or by those pro-moslems.

          • Just another islamophobic psycho. For the sake of advice, you can’t stay inside the box forever! You gotta explore the world to understand that the “circumstances” are ultimately the magnificent factor that shapes your belief. Being non-believer, as you labelled yourself, is also a consequence of circumstances. If you imagine yourself being born in Afghanistan or Iraq, I will have no doubt that you will be a Muslim, not moslem by the way!
            Back to your delusions; the Islamic slavery, this can only reflect your narrow-minded behavior and your failure to admit that the world is composed of a rainbow of beliefs and cultures.
            And again, back to your delusions of persecution: “Why should moslems be given all the freebies and free education and only for those moslems to bully us nonbelievers.” Did you see how you sounded like?
            As for now, you should consider treatment for your phobias and delusions and I suggest that you start by thinking outside the box, find genuine and true knowledge resources other than this sick page and similar resources.


          • JA, you are the one that is having delusions. I don’t have any phobias or delusion. I just hate the unpleasant reality that us nonbelievers have have to confront to the endless insults and endless scams from pro-moslems or moslems like yourself. I won’t let sick people like yourself intimidate me or push me for unneccessary treatment just because I despised being swamped by islam or just because your pretentious islamic people caused problems and hassles or from your dangerous pro-moslem misinformation. I have endless unpleasant resources from real life Carry on with your pro-moslem delusion. if you like but I am not going to follow any of your rotten advice. I have explored the world. And i see too many islamic psychos and pro moslems pyschos like yourself lurking around..

          • James,

            What kind of person or religion would strap a bomb to themselves, run into a busy marketplace, blow up 50 of their own people and injure countless other men, women and children, just to kill a few servicemen and servicewomen? Would you, as a Catholic, do that and run into a crowded park full of other Catholics, just to kill a few Luminati? I am not Catholic, but the Luminati was the only group I could think of in an attempt to illustrate the intense hate scenario that these Islamists seem to have for everyone else

      • I thank you for your service as well. However, just because someone has given you information about the enemy and given a Visa to come to America, does not give them the right to conduct themselves like animals and prey on women in a gang rape.They are still subject to our laws. All due respect to your religion, I see no relevence to your being a Catholic to the crime these men committed. You can save the racist claim and tell that to the European countries that have been overrun with the Islamic “religion” and many of the citizens are harassed and shops burned, simply because it is found out that they do not believe as Islam believes. How long do you, sir, think you would last in one of those countries if you did not have a rifle in your hand and the training you possess, if they found out you were Christian? They were shooing at you just because you had the U.S. uniform on.

        click, click.

        Brain attached. Speaking now. Muslims are not all bad. Problem. How do you tell, which ones are the violent Jihadists, who are hellbent by whatever means necessary to destroy any semblance of Constitutional law in our nation and replace it with Sharia Law whenever and where ever they can, The Stealth Jihadists, that do not have the guts to join the violent Jihadists to fight for what they say they believe in so fervently, and the Muslims that are simply too scared to stand up and say to the other 2 groups, ” Allah did not mean for you to do this in the name of our religion. Muhammed was a butcher and a sadist. He was a rapist who did not care about the age of the woman he laid claim to.” He claimed to preach Allah’s word and put himself on the same level as Allah himself. There is no bridge for which to close the gap of tolerance between Islam and the rest of the world’s religions, rather it is built so that the other religions can come over to Islam. There are 3 fates for the people Islamists call “Infidels”, To convert to Islam, to pay a submission tax and be considered a 3rd class citizen below women and dogs, or die by the hand of a follower of Islam and all the conquered properties and women be turned over to the conquerer .

        Buddists, Hindus, Christians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jewish, others have all been slaughtered and places of worship burned by this ideology. Simply because they were NOT Islam. Simply because they hate them. And , of course, The Holocaust never happened.

        What part of this can anyone misunderstand or find logical or humane? Women are treated like pets, they are not allowed to leave the house unless they ask their husband, if the husband is not home, they must as the eldest son and in turn if the eldest is not home, she must as the next man-child and the next and the next. If no man is home to ask permission she is not allowed to leave. If her husband wishes to have sex and she refuses, he has the right to beat her and take her as he sees fit. He may enter his daughter into a contract of marriage without her consent and if she refuses he may beat or kill her and call it an “honor killing”. It is supposed to restore honor to the family. I submit that it is not to restore honor to the family, but to restore it to the man who could not control a woman in his life. If a woman refuses the advances of a suitor, that man can become angry and splash the woman’s face with acid or disfigure her in some other horrible manner and he is never brought up on assault charges. They may rape, beat and generally harrass a woman and nothing is done to them. Why? Because it is a crime against a woman.

        If a woman is raped , she requires 3 male witnesses to testify she was raped. If she can not produce them, she is looked upon as an adultress and stoned in the street. If a man wants to divorce his wife, all he has to do is say “Divorce, Divorce, Divorce” in the presence of an Iman or holy magistrate and it is done. She loses all assets and properties to the man. Even if he was at fault, there is no man’s fault, it is always the woman’s fault for not pleasing and obeying her man. Since she is divorced, she is not wanted by other men. So what is she to do?

        This is America, We do things differently here. Rape my wife or girlfriend, And you will not go to trial with anything hanging in your pants. You even touch them and I will put a baseball bat across your teeth and you will be whistling through swollen gums. Women are free here. Get used to it. You can pray the dentist can put them back in or he can make you a set of dentures before you starve to death.

        Seriously, if you don’t like your homeland, You are welcome to come here, but assimilate to our way of life. Do not think for a second that you can bring your way of life here and force us to change our country and live as you believe. You are subject to OUR laws, not the other way around.

        Do any of you dispute these facts? Read the Quar’an sometime and The Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto, documents found in the Holy Land Foundation trial that was stopped by the DoJ. It says right in that document the exact desire to bring down America from within.

        There was a mountain of evidence implicating government officials. They did not continue to prosecute the case because it is said that it would cause a lot of embarrassment to some very high officials within the government. If I am wrong, please do not say I am wrong. Prove it.

    • The problem is not that there is not people out here doing things about it, The problem is our leaders are tone deaf to our voices unless it is an election year for them. We the People have to become one voice chanting the same thing in order for them to take notice. ACT! For Amercia. Look it up. Read about Brigitte Gabriel and her life. And get active. I sent E-mails, I call. I do not leave things alone. We all have to do it, Flood the phone banks, stuff the E-mail accounts full. Send snail mail until they hate to see your name every morning on 20 letters. If we each did it, it would be 100,000 letters staring them in the face by the hour.

      • I have heard Brigette Gabriel on the radio. What a strong woman (no wonder she has the name of a messenger angel! I can’t wait to read her books. She must be in a lot of danger from radical muslims here because she tells all about how Muslim women are treated. Very brave woman.

  2. They all need to be executed for their crimes. These crimes will only become more wide spread if muzzies are allowed to remain in America.

  3. It is common knowledge that Colorado Springs is Mecca for Xian religious nuts, now we can add Muslim nuts to the bag. Upon conviction, deport them & put them on the do not fly list. Which is after they serve loong prison sentences.

  4. my mantra is : get them ALL out of our country. there are no moderate muslims; they are all programmed to take over the world & establish their hateful pseudo religion & their equally hateful shariah law. there may be seemingly “peaceful” muslims among us but that is merely a pose. they are put in place to mark time until the signal is given at which time they will activate. there are 1000s of “sleeper cells” w/ muslims established here, waiting for the signal, right under our noses. the commie, marxist, socialist, pinkos affected the same proceedure back in the 20s, 30s & 40s here in the USA.

    • There were Muslims in North America long before Columbus stumbled here after being lost at sea and thought he reached India. Speaking of Native Americans, when do you plan on deporting yourself from their country?

      • Umm… Not unless the Vikings were Allah’s Ass-Pirates. Which I rather doubt. You can repeat your lie as often as you want, it will still be a lie. And the b.s. “Native American” straw man argument… Wow… Nice touch, Dhimmie!

      • Sorry,

        Sounds like you been reading the textbooks that misrepresent, bend truth and in some cases outright lie about what part Islam played in history. We are finding them in middle schools and high schools across the nation. You are going to have to state what textbook you read that bit about Muslims being in America before Columbus, so that we can research it and see. Name of text, chapter and page would be nice, since apparently you read it. Along those same lines the textbooks I speak of also claim that Islam started Democracy. Well, it didn’t seem to take because women are treated like pets and anyone who does not follow Islam is terrorized and murdered a whole lot across the globe and commonplace in the Middle Eastern countries. If you are making a false claim then we will not hear another word about it from you for awhile in hopes that we forget about it over time.

  5. CASTRATION THEN OFF WITH THERE HEADS!!!! Anything horrible to them is in order. No more kid glove stuff for these gutter rats. CEASE all immagration into this country from any and all MUSLIM COUNTRIES!!!! LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEXT CRUSADE!!!

  6. This crime is one of Jihad & islamification. This process is just beginning in the USA. Women in other countries have experienced 1,000x these kinds of attacks for “revealing too much”, “not wearing a hijab”, “not being subservient enough to Muslim men”, or “just because they generally value women as less valuable than cattle”.

    SEE: Islamic-Muslim European and Indonesian experience

  7. I bet she wishes now that she had gone ,and called the police. instead of being a heroine!

    As a former female police officer, unless I were armed..I would not get involved with that potential fight.

    I would have called my former fellow officers, and let them handle it.

    Especially if they even looked like they were from the Middle East, where they treat women worse than goats.

    If there was blood spattered in the apartment, just what did they do to her? Sounds terrible! I bet they used instruments inside her. Poor thing. I used to handle rape cases. I had to keep myself from crying for most of them. She is fortunate that she cannot remember what happened!

    Word to the wise women….do not interfere when you can call the police instead!

    • You said it the best, thank you. Being an army veteran who previously served in Iraq, I bet that there are many highly educated people who were apprehended and intimidated in the Middle East. During my journey, I have met many fabulous people, educated and smart, who wish to change things. But again, it is hard to yell with a gun in the mouth! When we chose their country to fight our wars, all the top ranked global criminals, anti-Americans, and thugs crossed the borders and came to Iraq. Just for the records, Iraqi people are suffering the worst and this gang-rape thing is happening there by militias on daily basis. I just wish that we could do more to stop these blood bathes there.


  8. Be curturally sensitive. If a man can be arrested for walking a dog near them, then how is offending them about a totally koran approved rape of an infidel different?

    We are at war with islam, and our politically correct government sides with the enemy. But there is an election coming…. Vote!

  9. What kind of a woman does this? She sees two groups of guys fighting at 1:30am, then after the fight goes to hang out with 5 strange men and takes drinks from them.

    Not smart. Teach your daughters to avoid these mistakes.

  10. Years ago, when I was in college, I had some slight contact with a few male foreign students from the middle east. They seemed to hold our culture in contempt, and have no respect for our women, while at the same time behaving in a manner that would have not been permitted if they were in their home country. Letting these fellows into our country was, and is a mistake. There experience here did and will not change the values that are an integral part of their upbringing. It would be much better if they did not come, and if those that are already here, were required to leave. The idea that once they get to know us, that they will be changed has not proven to be the case. On the other hand, by facilitating their education, and knowledge of our vulnerabilities, we become less secure. It is time to face reality before we are in the same position as Europe. Their values are in irreconcilable conflict with ours. Failing to acknowledge this has cost us many lives and billions of dollars. Islam will never acknowledge the desirability of separation of government and religion, and this is a founding principal of western democracy, and its recent record of religious intolerance, in countries where it is the majority religion is irrefutable. Being tolerant of those who are not, is a mistake. They deserve to be treated as they treat others, and excluded. before their numbers, in this country, become too large to deal effectively with. Islam is a region of conquest, and statements to the contrary should be evaluated in the light of recent history.

    • Wow! I thought that our land is the home of the brave and the land of the free! Since when we judge people for what they wear or the color of their skin? You just remind me of the white trash who were apprehending the Black Africans! So what are you up to? Let me guess, let’s establish a white trash army who would eradicate all Muslims? Is that your idea?

      You need therapy son!

      • James Adams this is an old post but I call bogus on you. I don’t think you are an Iraq war veteran. How you make this horrific crime out to be something trivial is unbelievable. Saying you are Catholic is an embarrassement to me who also is Catholic. People point out that the way Muslim men treat women is attrocious and you just blow it off and say no they are just peace loving people. Bogus. Peace loving good people don’t gang rape women. By the way the charming one stuck his hand up her rectum. She had severe internal injuries. The second one charged and convicted “put his penis in her mouth”. ANIMALS! How about you go get therapy lying loser.

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  14. “Let’s get them all out of our country”, “Let’s have them all executed”…Bla Bla Bla.
    Wake up idiots! Only the native Indians have the right to say that! I am a white American and I know that our ancestors came by boats and invaded America! Would you please just move your lazy asses a bit and get to the closest book store, pick the American history book and read it before you open your mouths?! Truly, racist people like you will be the reason why America is collapsing!

    • Hey James its not politically correct to say but we came and we fought the indians and now rule this country. We have tried to give some reparations to the Native Americans. I myself make bimonthly deposits at my local “indian casino”. So shud up. Finally please.

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