Canada: Man arrested for walking dog near Muslims in public park

This is sharia folks. via Blazing Cat Fur: Arrested for walking my dog….

“I was arrested at the rally for, “offending Islam” by walking in a PUBLIC park with my dog. Apparently, Muslims do not like dogs. I was warned by a few demonstrators not to go near them. Of course I ignored them and reminded them this is Canada, not Pakistan. Well I was assaulted and returned the favor in kind.

At that point I was jumped by four COPS, dragged off and hand cuffed. Oh my the police were so angry! They said I was, “insensitive” and “inciting a riot”. 30 minutes later they cut me a big deal. No charges if I left. So I left. Imagine this happening in Canada? Walking a licensed dog on a leash at the park in front of our Provincial Legislature and being arrested for that simple act!”

NB: This is a therapy dog. Works at hospitals.

Scenes from Al Quds Day Around the World.

You will be hard-pressed to find Muslims who disagree with the philosophy of the Muslim terror brigade that bears the same name of the rally:

Founding Philosophy: The al-Quds (Jerusalem) Brigades are the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). The al-Quds Brigades were previously known as the Sayf al-Islam Brigades and then al-Qassam. Unlike some terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, the PIJ does not maintain both an armed organization and a separate network for social and political services. Therefore, there is not a significant difference between the al-Quds Brigades and PIJ as a whole.

According to an al-Quds Brigades commander, the military wing of PIJ has regional staff commands. Every member of the staff command is responsible for a cell that operates within the command’s region and is at the head of a pyramid in that cell. The staff commanders monitor and carry out operations based on political decisions made by the PIJ leadership. All coordination among the cells takes place through the staff command.

The al-Quds Brigades’ umbrella organization, PIJ, is a violent offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist religious movement that originated in Egypt and seeks broad social, moral, and political reforms based upon Islam. The PIJ is one faction within a loosely organized, highly secretive group of Islamic Jihad movements that span the Middle East.

The PIJ was founded in the late 1970s by a group of radical Palestinian activists living in Egypt led by Fathi Shaqaqi and Sheikh Abd al-Aziz Awda. Shaqaqi and Awda believed that the Muslim Brotherhood movement had become too moderate and had abandoned the Palestinian cause. PIJ believes that the annihilation of Israel and liberation of all of Palestine are prerequisites for recreating a pan-Islamic empire. PIJ stresses that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not a national dispute over territory but rather a fundamentally religious conflict. The group rejects any political arrangements or diplomatic activity to solve the conflict. PIJ believes that jihadist violence will inspire Palestinians to action and lead to the eventual destruction of Israel.

Blazing Catfur has more: Toronto Police Services: Israeli Flags May Incite Muslims To Riot

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

211 thoughts on “Canada: Man arrested for walking dog near Muslims in public park

  1. Well, under these circumstances, I really don’t think that guy was “Just walking my dog”!

    He had that dog there for protection and to possibly cause trouble.

    He was out of place with the dog… here…

    It was NOT a walk in the park for his dog…


    • The dog is a therapy dog that works in hospitals…they have to be docile. There is nothing wrong with walking your dog in a public place.

      • Well, that dog did NOT look like a docile dog…
        (that’s like wearing a cap-gun on your waist… won’t hurt anyone… but doesn’t look like it!)

        If it had been a Pitbul or Rottweiller, they would have arrested the DOG TOO!

        It’s obvious that the dog should NOT have been “walked” in that situation… Should have left the dog home… and “walked” it in a peaceful uncrowded park.

        • Funny, “the dog didn’t look docile” excuse me? You don’t sound intelligent enough to be on here! They want Canada to be another 7th century third world country, just like where they came from! Just where they need to go back to! Screw the mooslems they are liars cheats and thieves they will slit you throat first time it becomes convenient. Anyone that doesn’t realize this is too afraid of the truth or too stupid to understand. Any mooslem group that wants to screw with my dogs, it won’t be pretty. So you bury your head in the sand lil joey, I think if he really wanted to cause trouble he’d have been walking a pig!

          • You’re blind too…

            If you didn’t like the Muslim “get together”, you should fight it some other way… Don’t pretend to walk a dog right through their crowd!

            Give me a break!

        • The dog does not LOOK like a docile dog? A potentially violent dog is one which is barking, growling, snapping at people or even struggling on the end of a leash….this animal look anything BUT violent! It appears to be very well behaved and docile to me!

          • Did anyone (joe) stop to think that these therapy dogs need to be trained and used to crowed situations?? So maybe just maybe he wanted to walk it past a mob
            Of grubby Muslims to make sure it was properly trained??? Or are I to unintelligent to think of that??? Also if he is in Canada and there is no law or local bylaw that states he can’t walk his dog there than why is it a problem???? If anyone should be leaving the park it’s the Muslims they come ino the country under false pretenses and expect equal rights it really is not fair to the countryman that own the land and are proud of it my opinion is that 1000 Muslims should vacate to make way for 1 man an his dog I mean after all they are in the country out of good will not because they migrated or earned the right to be there…… And an eye for an eye they would prolly shoot ya in there country so this whole thing is a joke

        • Joe….

          Are you really that much of a dhimmi? It’s a public Park!!!!! It is owned by the Canadian Tax Payers!!! What shouldn’t have been allowed is the Al Quds Rally as it promotes hate and is anti-semetic! Something that goes against not only the rules for the Queen’s Park but also against Canadian Values!

        • Excuse me that is not the point. islam is a terrorist organization, and insulting them is too bad. May they all rot in hell. Yah I insulted obama, muslims, terroists, imams, mohammad and I will do it any time, any day, any where I please.

        • Joe Lyddon,people like you that is ok with OUR rights being taken away to be PC is the reason we are in the situation we are in …Pathetic you dont want to offend anyone.WHY?Why can a person who owns a well behaved animal,dog,cat,or anything else ,not be able to walk that particular animal anywhere ,anytime as long as his licensing is in place?NO ONE ,including GOvernment cannot arbitrarilly take our rights .PERIOD….But if you and your Muslim friends do not like that way of thinking,there are planes leaving daily back to your homeland….Get on it anytime you would like….WE THE PEOPLE are done worrying about you …It is time to stand up for WE THE PEOPLE…GO smoke your pot and do nothing ….pathetic.liberal with no idea what the real world is like.

        • So Joe you’re saying that if you’re walking with your wife or girlfriend in a public park and how she is dressed offends them you would take her out of the park right away then?

      • No they dont have to be docile moron…they cannot react UNTIL ordered to do so..I have a pitbull Service Dog…Hes 85 pounds of mellow, until I flip the switch. Then hes a pitbull that only cares to protect me…

      • You make it sound like cop JUST SHOT THE DOG. The dog attacked him. Plus that dog is a rotty, Can do a lot of damage to a person. Ur just exaggerating a tragedy and blaming cops for a stupid dog owner. Also any clown can register his dog as a therapy dog online for a fee. Buy him a little badge that says therapy dog, That’s all BS,

    • @ joe lyddon…may i ask why/how you know exactly what this dog-walker had in mind? this man was in a PUBLIC park…he had every right to be there & to have his dog w/ him. the dog was leashed & under control. the cops & the “is-slimes” were & are out of line. [oh, when oh when, will the knights templars suit up & begin the crusades again to save mankind?!?!]

    • Joe are you using a westernized name? Are we going to be limited to segregated parks for infidels, oh wait, when they get that much power there won’t be any of us. If you don’t get it, you’re one of them.

      • I am an American!

        I DO NOT LIKE the Muslim attack on the world any more than you do!

        Don’t give me that kind of CRAP… PLEASE…!

        I call it like I see it… The dog should have been left home!
        Here, it was an invitation to trouble… which he got.

        • Please explain to me why the dog should have been left home? He wasn’t harming anyone, it is legal to walk your dog in the park, he was on a leash…if the Muslims had not chosen…key word is CHOSEN….to take offense nothing would have happened. Perhaps THEY should have remained at home rather than risk coming into contact with someone walking their dog in a PUBLIC park!?

          • The Muslims attacked him. They are the ones that should have been arrested for assault and battery! When will the US and Canada wake up to the hypocrisy and “political correctness” BS and DO something about it!

          • Thats right!!! It’s a public park!!’ Need I remind people
            This IS Canada!!!! Stand up to the Muslims or
            One day you will be bowing before them!!!!
            If muslims are offended by dogs the I suggest
            They RETURN to THIER OWN Counrty!!!!

        • Well, did it ever occur to you that the man more than likely routinely walks his dog in that PUBLIC area? Why should he change his routine just because a bunch of Muslims might get offended?
          I walk my dog in pretty much a set area every day and sure as hell wouldn’t change MY routine just so some won’t get offended!!! They can just learn to deal with it. WE ARE GETTING FED UP!!!!

        • Why should he have been left home? Maybe to show subservience to people intent on killing everyone on the planet that does not bow down to their murderous god? I don’t care what type of dog it was, if you can walk dogs in that area at any other time the Muslims are the ones that should have been arrested for hatred against dogs!

        • Bull shot you creep. The guy has every right to walk his dog, even if it is not so docile, if kept on a leash. You are a fool and should be ashamed to make statements like the dog should have been left at home. You should stay at home ya schmuck.

          • I agree with you. Muslims should leave and go back to their own sandbox, or live like the country you are in.

        • You must be “Jihad Joe”.

          I’ve read your comments, and you are surmising.

          Surmise this – one day, this gentleman with his gentle dog were out walking, when they came upon a group of people.

          “This looks interesting” said the man to his dog, “shall we go and see what is going on”

          And we know the rest.

          Joe, you’re a tosser!

        • Please don’t give the rest of us Americans a bad name with your retarded rhetoric. The man had every right to walk his dog. Period. I apologize to my northern neighbors for the ignorance of my fellow American here.

        • I am an AMERICAN also. he should have had an attack pig at his side and if one of them muslim came near him or the cops. in a public park they could be missing the hand on one side and the foot on the other. Joe get real. they are here to take over have you not been studying and reading the quran? that is why in AMERICA we are having problems now because people like you and ob bow the these people. wake up Joe this is not a dream it is real.

          • AMEN, BETTY!!! I apologize if my statement sounded “Anti-American”. It’s not the people but the administration I have serious issues with. I have more than a few American facebook friends who are bemoaning what O is doing to the nation.

            As far as the claptrap Joe is uttering, there is a quote, “There are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see.”

        • If you want Islam over running America, that’s your problem. In Canada, we want the right to walk our dogs and cats in our parks. If Islam doesn’t like it, then they should find somewhere else to go…. like their own country, where there are no dogs. ISLAMIC OCCUPATION MUST BE STOPPED. IT’S UP TO US TO STOP IT!!!! IF YOU WANT SHARIA LAW IN THE U.S….. GO FOR IT. YOU’RE OFF TO THE PERFECT START, GIVEN THE PRESIDENT YOU HAVE.

    • Joe; you need to learn about Islam:

      Its a political system hell bent on replacing your culture and constitution with Sharia law. That means sex with your children, honor killings, burning, and rioting for their rights OVER YOU!


      Well, under these circumstances, I really think that guy was “Just walking the dog”!

      He had that dog there as was his God given right as a Canadian for protection and to possibly prevent trouble.

      He was NOT out of place with the dog… here…

      It was his place to walk in the park for his dog…

      Sorry… This road of tolerance is going to lead to violence if you allow these incompatible people to dictate what is acceptable in Canada.

      DO NOT TOLERATE THE INTOLERANT! Fight these people with every tool possible. Where this leads is the muzzies throwing acid in your daughters face for being insensitive by being out alone, or out of a hijab, or being forced in a burka and only being allowed out with her owner. . GO AFTER THE POLICE WITH THE HUMAN RIGHTS PEOPLE! SUE THEM! The country is at stake! FIGHT SHARIA!

        • Odd, it seems that many think you are a phony and shouldn’t be here. Gee, sounds like when somebody said; “Well, under these circumstances, I really don’t think that guy was “Just walking my dog”!

          He had that dog there for protection and to possibly cause trouble.

          He was out of place with the dog… here…

          It was NOT a walk in the park for his dog…”
          I don’t think this is a place YOU belong, don’t like it when it’s turned on you, do you? Think about it for a minute you are offended by the same treatment he received, this is where you have to decide are you a man of conviction or a surrendering excuse sheeple.

          • People, people, don’t let this naiive, PC muslim hugger wind you up; he says he’s American, but I wonder if Mr Lyddon is in fact a follower of the paedophile prophet? That said, all sorts of PC muslim hugging dhimmis are coming out of the woodwork now–just can’t wait to pay the jizya.

            The man had every right to walk his dog there; it was bad enough that Toronto gave the muslim hate mongerers permission to go ahead with their rally. Who was to blame? The muslim who kicked the dog, and the POLICE for (as usual) grabbing the wrong man. Look, you’ve got to understand, police everywhere-Canada, England, Norway, US, NZ……..are AFRAID of muslims, and will ALWAYS take their side.

        • Why? Christians would not have jumped him for walking his dog in the park…they might have petted the dog without asking permission of the owner (which is a big no-no BTW), but they certainly wouldn’t have tried to beat him up! If you hold a rally in a public park, how on earth can you chose to take offense at someone walking their dog in the same park? People walk dogs in parks….get over it or don’t go to the park!

          • I’m pretty sure if it was a Christian rally the cops would have asked them to leave, like in the US it’s okay to be a group that wants to kill all but Islamic believers, but Christians are just trouble makers.

        • Joe….
          You are so out there with your thinking! Sorry to break it to you but Dogs are allowed in Parks if they are leashed and under control! This is a public Park…and be damned if I would have changed my dog’s walk and routine just because something was happening at the Park that we usually go to!

      • Human rights people….? You mean the Kangaroo court? Yeah….well they wouldn’t do anything for this guy and his dog cuz….he’s white and Christian….they would though take any complaint as serious if it was from a muslim or other special interest group!

      • Islam or muslims think its there way or die , they still think this is 2000 years ago when they could do whatever they want in there Country , Don’t expect the rest of the world to follow a bunch of idiots that follow a follower of a follower morans and in bred mongrels real people will stand up to you and fight so keep your religion to yourself Idiots and stay in your own Country . This is not your world to rule with threats and bombings people will get sick and tied of your ranting and yelling out crap to normal people and retaliate one day so back of and leave us non Muslims and Islamic and hezbollah or what ever you are stop this terrorist crap and bombings and beheading because it makes you’s look like the coward rats you are leave us alone .

    • The man was in a public park….it doesn’t really matter why he was there, no one had the right to jump him for walking his dog close to them. If he made the dog bite one of them, they would have had a reason to get angry…otherwise, keep your mouth shut and let the man do what he pleases!

    • Yeah, it actually was a walk in the park for his dog. Shouldn’t matter that there was a protest there. They should have left him alone, plain and simple. They are the ones in error.

    • My dog is a 85 pound Staffordshire Pitbull…That very dog is also a trained Service Dog, Im 100% disabled and use my dog for mobility and stability…My dog goes where I go…If I get attacked God help my attackers as I will let my dog rip them apart until the situation is safe for me again…God I love my rights…

    • Joe, you are a douche. I can’t believe you’d even take the side of these raghead bastards. Who’s fucking side are you on, anyway? I say INTIMIDATE them any way possible. Walk a dog past them. Hell, walk a pig past them. If they ask “What is this made from?” tell ’em it’s PORK. Even if it’s cucumber salad, tell ’em it’s PORK!!!!

    • If I had been there, that would have been me. I have no problem with someone expressing their disgust with these folks pushing their way of life upon us.

    • Why would he need a dog fro protection? From whom would a threat he felt he neeed protection from, come? Hmm?? And since when can you read minds? Unless you can PROVE that was his motive, a requirement ina court of law when deciding guilt or innocence in this country, his word that he was walking his dog in a public park is sufficient. where is the tolerance by the protestors and rally attendees for a time honoured tradition and basic right here ion Canada? Doesn’t demanding tolerance begin by demonstrating it first? In case you find it difficult, the correct answer is YES!

    • Joe, your a friggin idoit… does not matter why he was there, it is a PUBLIC park and dogs are not illegal. The frigging towel heads should not be holding one of their services in a public park and expect the citizens to stop and bow to them. If I want to walk my dog, I’ll walk my dog, any damn time I want to. I take my dog to the park everyday and walk him (and me, trying to lose weight) if there are towel heads there they can just move off the side walk and leave me be. So can the damn cops…………. I will go to the park on MY schedule, not the diaper heads schedule… It’s my Taxes that pay for that park, the diaper heads can leave. (or eat my doggy do and die)

    • I see this is an old posting. However, why would a man (and not a very big man) with a dog on a leash (requested by law) be provoking a large crowd of people? It’s not illegal to do so. I don’t believe he was looking for trouble. He is not the aggressor. We do live in Canada – don’t we?

    • Well Joe, now I know what an Islamic Apologist looks like. God forbid we call a spade a spade. It had to be the guys fault for walking his dog. We are our own worst enemy by defending the indefensible as not to offend the offensive


    • Joe Lyddon, Have you ever heard the phrase “you are a special kind of stupid”? It was meant for people like you. He has every right to walk his dog in a public park.

    • That is ridiculous. A person does not have to have an agenda to walk their dog. I for one would have no idea that it would be offensive to anyone.

    • Funny enough….we live in South Africa, and with our extremely high Crime rate here, I can introduce you to SO MANY Muslims, that owns more than just ONE Terrifying Dog…..

      When you live in Africa, you will whistle another tune….
      When we walk our Dogs, we have to carry “something” else for protection as well, as the crime here are wayyyy higher than the rest of the world knows about!!!
      Do yourself a Huge favour, and come visit me here in S.A. You may stay at my place for free, eat and drink, and even use my transport, and I’ll take you and show you the hings that you people hear about…..INCLUDING the Muslim area , where there are more dogs for protection than in the whole of Canada !!!

    • I agree he said it was in front of the legislative grounds they were having a rally or some kind of group meeting you were being disruptive and should have had enough sense to keep away from a rally you were told to leave nicely they had every right to be scared of that big dog I am not taking side but the police should have arrested you and put you in jail having a dangerous dog like that around people that tell you they are afraid of the animal is like a weapon and they had every right to attack you by the way I am white Canadian I don’t care who was having that rally you were wrong on so many counts.

    • @ Joe Lyddon

      What a stupid thing to say “He had the dog there for protection and to possibly cause trouble” What gives you the goddamned right to make those assumptions?

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  3. Stfu! Joe. Or osama??? U r a reason WE all have to put up w these effen ragheads! Azzlifting terrorist! Mayb just mayb u will be beat up by the stinkers !!

      • Joe…answer me this…
        How much islamic garbage are we supposed to put up with?
        Those muslim bastards are celebarating al quds day in front of the provincial legislative buildings…a day invented by the ayatollah komeini to “celebrate” killing Jews!
        In Toronto, Ontario, CANADA…!!!
        We are getting so sick and tired of our politicians rolling over time and time again for these intolerant, mentally ill vermin…
        They hate all things, all the time, and yes, we hate THEM!!!
        We can’t help but hate the bastards…they breed hate and entice sane people to loath them…
        They are going to make the Nazi’s look like kindergarden children.
        Unfortunately, the only thing that will stop these pus-bags will be war.

        Even if this man did walk his dog to intentionally “provoke” these things, so what?
        He has proven several points…
        -that muslims don’t tolerate anything that “offends” them, even in a western country.
        -the muslim’s assaulted HIM FIRST…for what (?)…walking his dog LEGALLY in a public place!
        -that the cops in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA are being instructed to protect these bastards instead of defending and supporting that man’s right to LEGALLY walk his dog in a PUBLIC place, were there is no time restrictions, no curfew, no signage posted to the contrary…and the fuckin’ cops JUMP this dude…!!!!
        We don’t need, we don’t want and we won’t tolerate these things in our countries (Canada and U.S.) much longer.

        Oh, and by the way, Joe…you state:

        “If you didn’t like the Muslim “get together”, you should fight it some other way… Don’t pretend to walk a dog right through their crowd”

        What do you suggest?
        Give us some pointers on just how we are supposed to do this?

      • I am neither blind nor illiterate. You are wrong, even if you are who you say you are. IN CANADA< anyone who wants too, can walk their dog through a public park as long as they obey municipal bylaws, ANYTIME they want to, protest or no. It is up to teh protestors to control themselves and not behav in an aggressive or beliggerant way. It is up to teh police, who clearly got it wrong in this case, to arrest anyone who breaks our laws and that includes the protestor that reacted violently by assaulting the man walking his canine. That is the correct, unbiased truth, We are all equal before the law, or we have no law at all.

      • Soon it will be like other places that have been over run, the blind and other people who need service dogs being thrown off buses because the muslims riding have a fit. Or taxi drivers refusing to pick them up. The real reason Muslims don’t like dogs is because dogs will put up a fight to protect humans, and don’t just roll over like Joe and his ilk.

      • I actually don’t mind being blinded with common sense…it would mean that I am not blind as to what is going on around me!
        Why don’t you just throw out the word Islamophobe instead of the word hate!
        We read your posts above and using common sense…we have discerned that you are off your rocker and meds!
        Since when do they allow patients in the Psych ward to use the computers to blog?

  4. I think there needs to be a massive number of people walking their dogs the next time around. That is why the police think they can just appease one group of people – they form masses and they stick together. We need to do the same. If there are way too many people with dogs next to moslems then the police will tell the moslems to go somewhere else.

    • Wish that was true, but, the Govt is importing these mooslems, giving them land letting them set up terrorist training camps all in the name of diversity. The cops will do as they are told or lose their job. But, it can change, but, we have to do it ourselves.

  5. Here, I’m saying that is was NOT the Time & Place to be walking an dog! Period!

    Ok why? the dog was on a lead and dogs need walking for exerize and play time. I thought Canada was law abiding 21 century country where this guys was not harming ANYONE.

    • One must remember…Ontario is controlled by a Liberal Provincial Government! The Liberals and the NDP love the muslims! So the Provincial Police will be instructed to not make waves or offend the muslims but to be dhimmified! White, Male, Christians are the enemy!!
      Perhaps this fella should write our Prime Minister Harper and complain to him about his treatment. Maybe something can be done at that level.

      • Redneck…, You have hit a nail over the head. And as you say it is a Liberal Provencial Government, The Liberals and the NDP love the muslims……, Not only that but our Government Departments which are infested by muslim sympathizers and muslims. Time for us non muslims to wake up.

        • The Ontario Police Department is wanting muslim women to become cops and to be able to wear their hijabs as part of their uniforms! Soory to say this…but, if I had a muslim woman cop come to my door or I had to give a statement about being harrassed by a muslim man…I would request another woman police officer who wasn’t offending me with her cult garb.
          WTF are they thinking? Actually I do know what they are thinking and I find it down right STUPID!
          There are lots of us Canadians who are awake to the muslim cult ideology…we just don’t get really vocal about it. We’ll just keep giving our vote to Mr. Harper!

  6. welcome to the wonderful world of sharia. it takes resonable and sensible people who are kind and caring and turns them against each other. stop being a bunch of passive sheeple,and understand this is a real threat to our way of life. we have not seen war in our countries for a long time,and have grown soft. stand tall and hard.stop bowing to this group of creeping scum.they do not think like you and me.they want you to submit to asshole allah and will not stop until we are converted,enslaved or dead. this is the fight of our lifetime.stand up and be a man joey.

    • partiot…, “..they don’t think like you and me, they want you to submit to asshole allah and will not stop until we are converted,enslaved or dead…” Very true. From muslim’s Quran Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them[Infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” And that is what the muslims have been doing from the times of their so called profit Mo-ham-mad, now 1431 years. And don’t expect them to spot now. see

  7. how do I download cartoons and who sees comments. If I write a comment and only want it on creeping sharia site-does it still show up on facebook or any other site? Nothing on site answers those questions. thanks. Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 20:00:31 +0000 To:

      • It has nothing to do with skin colour. It has everything to do with defending our way of life. And THAT is teh only thing that matters. Don’t make it sound like white supremicist bullshit. That is as bad as what the muslim brotherhood does. We are SUPPOSED to be above that. Drop the racist crap.

        • The Muslims want to establish a world wide Caliphate where Sharia is the only law. Please educate yourselves on what this means. While you bicker about small things, they get their feet in the door. The real issue is the Caliphate ..

          • all need to. always remember 9/11/2001. not hardly a day goes by any more I don’t think about what has happened in these last 11 years. maybe because I try to keep up with what is going on. and it is not painting a pretty picture. because we have so many Joe’s. and they want every thing to be pretty and rosey well it is not going to be. as long as the Gov. keeps bowing to these muslims and feeding ,free housing, cash cards, cars or what ever they want. we the people of AMERICA can wither and die we will never have the rights these people are getting. as long as we have a Gov. that turns it back on the AMERICAN people. and I for one say that is what is in our WHITE HOUSE. ob says it is his. but that is another one of his lies.

        • Nothing wrong to be proud of our decent white culture. One should be proud of our decent white culture, if it has not been blacken, or tarnish or made worst by islamic culture or other horrible asian culture. I still think decent white culture (that is free from islamic, black or asian domination or free from horrible influence by other horrible islamic culture or influence by horrible asian culture) is still the best.

  8. Most animals can be identified by their vocalizations. If you hear “Alluha Akbar” or something similar, shoot it. Plain and simple. Maybe, just MAYBE, they’ll get the message and go home….


  9. EXCUSE ME! But the pigs and Muslims were in the wrong. The Muslims attacked him FIRST!! Secondly, the pigs had no business warning him away OR arresting him. I bet they didn’t arrest the assholes who attacked this guy. And the dog is defending his owner as ANY animal would do.

  10. Ok, let me see if I have this right- a man was walking his dog in a park and the Muslims gathering there did not like it? Give me a break. If they did not like the man walking his dog in a public park then they should have just simply ignored him, letting the man and the dog go on their way. As for the dog, did the police take the dog into animal control custody? I ask this because here in the States that is what usually happens with animals that law enforcement deems to be vicious. If they didn’t then the dog could not have been that threatening.

  11. The dog appears to step back out of the way in the video.

    Some people now use guide ponies and pigs.

    So what would happen if a blind person was walking with his working pig?

    Just sayin…

  12. The kind of dog, and if the guy was causing trouble by walking it in a park while Muslims were having a get together doesn’t mean krap. What matters is he has the RIGHT to walk his dog in a public park. I am blind, but don’t use a service animal. But, I have friends who do. This is coming to America folks. More and more businesses are being bought by Muslims. What happens if American Muslims start being offended by seeing eye dogs in their stores. Are we going to start dimming it up and let these people trample on our rights? Time to wake up and stand up for ourselves.

  13. Just remember who let these fuckers into all our country’s in the first place…… Begins with Z and ends in s .

    • Gee….would you be trying to say Zionists? Sorry UFOhunter….not true! It has been happening for a long time and it has been our Liberal governments who has allowed the shit in!
      Thankfully we now have a Prime Minister who actually sees and knows that they ( muslims) are a threat to our society and is actually making it tougher on them to be here!
      Get off the anti-semetic band wagon areshole! Canada fully supports Israel and I do also!

      • yes it has been going on a long time but ob made it worse a few months back signed the paper work for 80 thousand to come to the USA. I guess he knows he is not going to get the votes he got the last time. ssssooooo he has to buy them. rrrriiiiggghhhtt.. on

        • Betty…

          Yes, Obama is a freakin’ nightmare! I’ve been keeping up to date on what he has been doing to America. He’s figuring he’ll need them for his private army also when the SHTF! Be prepared for if he wins a second term or decides to do a stupid declare Martial Law. The Military will most likely be stepping in and taking him and his minions and supporters out of the American equation.

  14. If you don’t cave in to their demands and stay in their face and disrespect their primitive religion, they will give up and go to a country that is more “tolerant” and “multicultural”. The Muslim owner of a hotel in California was recently sued for $1.2 million because he told a group of Jews who had reserved the pool area to leave. Or as he told his employees, “Get the fucking Jews out of the pool!”

  15. This is bullcrap and i cannot believe anyone would defend it.
    hell I would go RENT a dog to walk thru the bastards. I dont give a damn WHAT they approve of. Its time we all stood up to their asses. it is absolutely ridiculous to cave in to their constant demands.

  16. The Muslims want to establish a world wide Caliphate where Sharia is the only law. Please educate yourselves on what this means. While you bicker about small things, they get their feet in the door. The real issue is the Caliphate ..

  17. So next time the burqa bitches stand in Ft Lauderdale holding signs asking for bigger ovens for JEWS- I am supposed to tolerate them w/o protest? NO SIR_ these jewhate fests should be met with massive counter demos- and if MUZZIES get violent arrest them not us-

    • Some hope Isahiah, as I said in a comment above, Police throughout the entire Western world seem to be afraid of muslims, and will ALWAYS take their side. To my disgust, I’ve seen this personally in England, NZ, Norway and here in Canada.

  18. 1. Find out who did the actual arrest.
    2. Ask for reasons/laws for being arrested.
    3. Sue the police’s ass so the cowards are exposed, arrested and fined. This is NOT a police state.

  19. Defending his dog after Al-Quds nightmare

    August 20, 2012 16:41

    Albert Eintoss joins to discuss his ordeal at the Al-Quds protest in Toronto, where he was given more than a hard time because of his pet dog.

    Crossing the line at Al-Quds protest

    August 20, 2012 16:46

    Noa Mendelsohn Aviv from the Canadian CIvil Liberties Association discusses if police crossed the line by roughing up Allan Eintoss and his dog at the Al-Quds protest in Toronto.

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  21. I’d also like to see a man trying to walk around Israel celebration rally with a Palestinian flag being harassed, or someone trying to sell bacon cheeseburgers there. Or even just a smoker trying to stand near a family with kids. Extreme reaction is inexcusable, but neither is deliberate provocation.

    • Dharminder…..

      Wish I could be there for that!! Make sure though that Sun News Network is there to tape the proceedings, please!

      Sun News Network – Wall | Facebook
      Email or Phone: Password … To connect with Sun News Network, sign up for Facebook today. … uses video, photos, and … – Cached

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  25. The authorities can’t stop the people all of the time – we have Freedom of Speech- why don’t these Cops ‘get it’? People rise en masse – they can’t arrest everybody can they? The only ones starting trouble will be Islamists.

    • Canadians don’t rise up en masse…..we tend to take things in a more peaceful manner most of the time. Sometimes though…I think we really should make more of a noise than what we do.

  26. Islamic people, like many asian people, have this disgusting habits of attacking or bullying minorities, countries or people that they assumed are weak or had become poorer than them.

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  29. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Disagree? Just review the lunacy in this thread from the “are you kidding me? JUST LOOK AT THAT DOG! He must have been out for trouble! Just look at him! No way he was just out walking his pet. Couldn’t possibly happen!” nutjobs. If I want to walk my dog in a public park, I will. I don’t give a rats butt about who else is there. IT’S A PUBLIC PARK. The professionally offended make me want to puke. Buncha pussies.

    • public doesn’t mean “i’m allowed to go there any time i want to”.

      it means it’s paid for by the public.

      newsflash: if someone booked the park for a wedding reception (which many parks allow) you wouldn’t be allowed there either!

  30. I have met a few good laid back muslims A friendly quirt polite bunch of folks after you fill them with lead. In fact that is their only useful purpose on this planet is to be targets.

  31. by his own admission, the guy was inciting.

    he approaches a muslim rally – one guaranteed to attract the less moderate kind – with his dog even after being warned not to.

    he was not “arrested” by any stretch – when you’re “arrested”, you are taken into custody, booked, and fingerprinted. he was removed from the scene, given a warning, and cut loose.

    what he did is exactly no different than a black guy saying “fuckit, this is canada” and walking on up to a KKK rally.

    just because it’s “public property” doesn’t mean you’re absolved of using your fucking head.

    and any guy with a mindset like that? i wouldn’t want him or his dog anywhere near my kid in hospital (although, come to think of it, *I* can claim my dog’s a therapy dog – who’s to argue otherwise?)

    • Sucking up to the muzzies. Pathetic. poor poor muzzies….offended by a dog. WA WA WA. Go kiss a camel’s ass, ya muzzie lover! People like is what’s causing that crap.

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  33. On your feet or on your knees ladies and gentlemen. It is purely your choice. You can stand and stop this, or you can sit quietly while they institute Sharia, under which you are less than nothing. You’ll have to chose; Convert, not convert and pay the dhimmi and be stepped on by any muslim with complete impunity, refuse to pay the dhimmi and be killed outright. You fail to understand this. If we don’t stand up, I’ll be choosing #3 and making a mess when they come for me.

  34. Don’t offend the Muslims.

    Walking a dog offends Muslims.

    Running in a marathon offends Muslims.

    Women showing their faces in public offends Muslims.

    Being Jewish offends Muslims.

    Being Christian offends Muslims.

    Being Budhist offends Muslims.

    Having a beer, laughing, enjoying music…. Offends Muslims.

    Islam means “submission” – we have to give up on life and submit or…..


    EDL, should have backed the Serbs.

  35. What a load of crap. This is OUR country, people in OUR country keep dogs as pets and take them for walks. ANYWHERE they choose outdoors providing the dog is leashed.
    If people coming here have a problem with people keeping dogs as companions then they should not come here, simple. Just as I would not move to a place full of fanatical nut jobs who would stone me for wearing shorts or having a beer.
    Don’t like it? LEAVE!
    Or are we going to be so wimpy that we decide to ban dogs, or keep them indoors, just to placate a bunch of idiots?
    Years ago we changed the uniform of our RCMP to accommodate turbans, our national symbol changed. Rather than telling people, “If you want to join you are quite welcome to but this is what we wear.”
    Personally I would have walked my dog wherever the hell I wanted to, just like the man I the article. I am sick and tired of people who come here and bring their problems and prejudices and want to change our way of life!
    If you don’t like the way we are here, don’t come here….or move home. We walk dogs, we eat pigs, females can wear bikinis and show our faces, we send our girls to school, we drink beer and say eh a lot. We don’t stone people for being different, we are tolerant….but things like this story are wearing my tolerance out.

  36. Why is it that terrorist muslims are NEVER arrested when they demonstrate yet whenever anyone stands up for their rights in any Western country against islam they are arrested!

  37. Why the fuck they arrested the man? Seriously… if they are in another country and don’t want to get “offended” by the things people of the damn country they are in do. They are the ones who were not in THEIR place!. If you are in another country and want things your way keep it indoors. Isn’t that common sense? Shame on the canadians who allow it! It’s a fucking public place.




  40. They will continue to invade, take over, and dictate their way of life to you until you violently show them they are not welcome.

  41. This is some fucked up shit. Go back to your hole in the desert. My great grandfathers die for what for these things shit on us and take what they did not help to build.

  42. Insanity ! It was a public sidewalk. The cops should have kept both parties separated and allowed the dog walk AND the islamic protest. What in the hell is wrong with you canandians up north there ? Did you all give up your rights ?

  43. Idiot! ” I was warned by a few demonstrators not to go near them. Of course I ignored them and reminded them this is Canada, not Pakistan. Well I was assaulted and returned the favor in kind.”

      • It seems that you either did not read my comment, are unable to understand English, or you support people who deliberately cause trouble and then cry ‘victim’.
        Whichever the case, I feel sorry for you.
        Besides that, you are clearly a racist and it is very sad that you are so blatant about it.
        More sad that all the other people commenting are also bigoted, racist and don’t deserve your country with its substantial freedoms.
        Freedoms that you are likely to lose if you don’t watch for a real loss of civil liberties due to a corrupt government.
        I am not pretending there are no problems with Islamic people being unfairly serious about trying to impose their traditions on another country. I have no sympathy with that.
        Go crook at your government for not looking after your interests and failing to impose Western traditions on immigrants.
        Unless some intelligent, sensible response is offered, that is all I have to say.

        • Then feel free to take your place as a dhimmi. Your self righteous attitude will be the death of you. If you are so scared to address the facts then you are right you don’t belong here. People here don’t intend to take this muzzie take over passively. We will not sit down we will not be quiet and we will not back down. So take your attitude and stick it! This is about remaining free in our own country period.

  44. god help us all. total bs! this is the sort of thing i would expect in England (with the way our government deals with things), Sort it out Canada you don’t want to go down the same road as the English

  45. Ugg…..Need to release packs of hungry rottweilers, pit bulls and wolves in their midst along with a herd of wild boars on steroids..and film it and send it to Americas funniest videos!

    • My dog is sweetheart, and I walk her were I want its my country. some asswipe comes at my dog. it will pay instantly. with these type of ignorant people your never hesitate waste the prick right there on the spot. Forbar it ass

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  48. No muslim has the right to tell a Canadian what to do on their land. If they wànt to come to Canada, then respect our culture and way of life. There will be no Sharia law here. Try to enforce it and you’ll have a huge backlash from the Canadian people. If you thought Americans were bad, just wait. We’re not here to cater to the people of the world. We’re here to live our lives as Canadians. Join us or fu*k off!

  49. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last”.
    Creeping Islamisation and Sharia of our countries is happening NOW. It requires stopping NOW.
    While you are sleeping these radical have infiltrated the corridors of power in your countries to effect their will upon all of us. Don’t think it’s happening? Look now at how much of the food you usually buy is now “Halal”. Did you ask for it? No. But guess what? You are paying for it whether you like it or not.
    The time to stand up is NOW. Before it’s too late.

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  51. This is bullshit. You come to Canada and you should live by our laws not trying turn our country into urs. Dogs are a way of life for many Canadians. If you dont like it fuck off back from where you came…simple solution

  52. If they don’t like it here go fucking back to ur country an don’t start a war over here in Canada 🇨🇦 trying to change this great country we hate when u people bitch at everything about the people an Canada 🇨🇦

  53. How is it that this culture of hate is so protected by everyone. The Quran was written 1400 years ago so thing that may have been ok then are not anymore society has evolved people became piecefull but the qu-ran has not been rewritten to coincide with today’s values it a book of hate filled lieature .
    The Canadian governments mandate to flood Canada with uncsreened refugees is wreckless and should be criminal .
    Considering that those in harm in the middle east are the Christians but the agenda is not to help those in need it is to bring over only muslims

  54. Well one thing we can do about this, we can quit electing fool to run the country in the U.S. and Canada. Islam is a cancer to the world. Islamic theocracy / caliphate who would destroy the world if given the opportunity as would a One World Government. Look at the United Nations for example run by a bunch of corrupt incompetent fools who have done nothing for the world, who advocated for a one world order, who pass resolution after resolution supporting Islamic ideology, if given the opportunity it would, destroy your freedom and rob you of your sovereignty as a Nation in a heartbeat. one way they do this is create false crisis to further their agenda the Muslims are good at it too creating a false crisis and pretending to be victims. So keep exposing their evil and maybe it may keep them at Bay for a while.

  55. Next time these fucker want to protest in public park get about 30 guys with, rotwiler, pit bulls, German Shepard, that are trained to defend and see if these fucker want to attack a Canadian again, and Joe you are a towel head using a white man’s name fucking retard.

  56. OMG ? Are you for reals? Who said they have any say here about how we do things lol what the fuck no and ok ban with us I’m saying we natives are gonna protest enough is enough

  57. The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them in parliament.

    Vladimir Lenin

  58. Our politician seem to all be on the Saudi payroll. The Canada is lost with the leaders we have shrinking. Avoiding a confrontation with Islam is giving our country to Islam. Justin Trudeau should be in jail for his corruption and treason.

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  60. The Religion of Hate is alive and well and now residing in Canada with full backing of our Left-wing lackeys in government. Until they can implement full Sharia Law, they will use our own police officers to enforce Sharia compliance. I wonder how many or our officers are as disgusted with this situation as the majority of Canadians but are afraid to speak out?

  61. The government isn’t going to change nor will the stand up for the Canadian people, so we must band together and fight back.protect our rights and freedom from these foreigners. .we are at war people.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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