Obama-backed Syrian rebels apply sharia law

Obama is funding sharia once again, with our tax dollars. via La Siria rebelde aplica la ‘sharía’ | Internacional | EL PAÍS. Google translate below.

Ibrahim Seij Nashuan hastily jumps out of bed and sitting on the edge of the mattress before the arrival of guests. This prisoner in the jail of The Bab, Syrian town 40 kilometers north of Aleppo . He is 41 years old, but looks at least 20 more. That’s a generous estimate. Tall, thin, gray hair and sunken eyes, the defendant was arrested for stealing a car Free Syrian Army (SLA) and want to sell it to the military regime. Defend, to the disbelief of some present who did not know who was stealing. “Now I just hope the religious court’s judgment,” says intimidated by the prison officials. Their room doors are open. And that will continue when left alone.

Just a couple of blocks is crammed with people all the street now called the revolution. Men, many men, women and children are on sidewalks and driveways, cars and bikes raffled amid shouts excitedly. Are around seven-thirty in the afternoon, the time of iftar, the meal with which Muslims break the Ramadan fast. In one corner, a chicken rotisserie not cope to meet demand. There is hunger. The clay-colored facades of clashes with the black dress that stains the women come and go. Some, dressed in the niqab, garment that leaves only the eyes sight, others with the chador, the fabric that shapes the face. Only 15 days ago that the ELS controls the Bab. But the government of Islam in the streets is not new.

“80% of the population is Sunni,” said Asad Ahmed Othman, 31, a prison director Nashuan enclosing Seij Ibrahim. “And so it has been decided that it is Sharia [Islamic law] which applies” continues. Yes, he clarifies in chorus with the present-a conversation alone no longer a difficult task in Syria, is without going to the extremes of “cut hands or heads” as stickler for the latest version. The legal process is: someone complaint with a crime rebel militia, the SLA, which acts as the army and police, the culprit stops provided you have proof of it, for that ask neighbors and witnesses, if there are indications guilt, the defendant enters prison. “But never arrest anyone without a charge,” Asad Ahmed interrupted.

Try and read it.

3 thoughts on “Obama-backed Syrian rebels apply sharia law

  1. You say, “Obama is funding sharia once again, with our tax dollars.” You cite no source for this ludicrous, nonsensical statement. It wouldn’t be worth responding to except that many fools buy your line of crap.

    • And what’s your ‘line of crap?’ You SHOULD know obama is backing the so called ‘rebels’ in Syria, and why wouldn’t he–the’re his muslim buddies, the muslim brotherhood! Hey it worked everywhere else in the so-called ‘arab spring’.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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