Dhimmitude in Delaware, Candidate Panders to Muslims (video)

Former police chief of Newcastle County, Delaware and candidate for Newcastle County Executive.  He spoke to Muslims and plans to help them Islamize the county. h/t Iron Burka

Constituents should be vetting candidates and asking how they will halt the Islamization of America and stop sharia law in its tracks. Including the further segregation of American society. 

13 thoughts on “Dhimmitude in Delaware, Candidate Panders to Muslims (video)

  1. Another puppet. Was he paid? Threatened? Tom Gordon who wrote that for you?

    I am notifying Roger Hedgecock about this so we can be sure he will not be elected.

  2. Here is my comment on Youtube.

    Are you a frickin traitor to America and the Constitution or is your head so far up the muslims arses that you can’t see the truth. What is wrong with you anyway? Listen to your video and then look around are see what is happening to the world due to islam and the muslims. You are stupid as hell and don’t have any brains. Do you want sharia law for America TOO?

  3. These “Muslims” live in the past! Are all to go back to horse and buggy, oil lamps, and “out houses???” This muslim religion is a total “farce!” IT IS A “CULT!!!” NO MATTER HOW MANY WAYS YOU LOOK AT IT…IT IS A CULT AND SHOULD BE PUT TO REST ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!

    O M G ! ! ! Is this world…really “that” RETARDED?????

  4. Give him a taste of SHERIA LAW, bury him up to his head and cast a few ROCKS UPON HIM to see just how nice SHERIA LAW REALLY IS!!! Then ask him if he still wants to help the SLIME OF THE EARTH!!! LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEXT CRUASDE!!!

  5. We don’t only have traitors in USA but in England too. Go to YouTube and type in ” while 200 million watch and worship x factor ” and listen to them. They must be got rid off, if we are to survive.

  6. Obviously, his only chance of getting elected is from the muslim vote.

    He looks like someone who doesn’t have a backbone, and would bow down to any group to make himself feel important!

    Douche bag!

  7. Like Im a Dinner jacket said, I like you, I kill you last!
    When they take power, they will get rid of him first. What a moron! They will vote for islamic candidates, not him anyway

  8. What a joke this one is.
    His tie is on crooked. Lapel pin from China.. A poor speaker, as well. Slouching too. What a slob! Is this what he does to avoid getting a job at Walmart? I would not buy a used car from him. I doubt he would do anything for the infidels in his political jihad area. The Muslims must be laughing at this quisling buffoon… I doubt he bothered to read the Koran either.. Ask him questions on the Mecca portion. Watch him fidget.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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