Gov Haslam aide unaware or in denial about promotion of Islam in Tennessee

In law enforcement, in the courts, the schools, the newspapers and the government. Deny. Deny. Deny. via Haslam aide: Tenn. not promoting Islamic code » Knoxville News Sentinel.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration is responding to what it calls “confusion” about the role of a Muslim staffer and a council that has advised two state departments on Islamic affairs.

The Republican governor was criticized this summer by several GOP groups over what they perceived as the growing influence of a version of the Islamic code called Shariah in state government.

Claude Ramsey, the deputy to the governor, sent a letter distributed to the state GOP’s executive committee last week seeking to quell those concerns.

“I want to start by clearly expressing there is no effort by the Haslam administration, the State of Tennessee, or any agency or department of the State to promote or advance Shariah law or Shariah complaint finance,” he said in the letter.

“The promotion or advancement of religious ideology is an inappropriate role of state government that is unacceptable, and will not happen during this administration.”

Ramsey stressed the credentials of Samar Ali, who joined the state’s Department of Economic and Community Development earlier this year, as “a bright, young Tennessean.” He noted that she is a former student body president at Vanderbilt and a White House fellow, and that her brother has led the software team for NASA’s Mars rovers.

“There is nothing about the Department or the position that involves Islamic financing or Shariah law,” Ramsey said.

How coy. Then why did they hire someone whose expertise is in Islamic financing and sharia law?

Concerns over the role of an American Muslim Advisory Council are also unfounded, Ramsey said. The members of the panel are not appointed by the governor or the Legislature and it has “no official status with the state, he said.

The Safety Department and the Department of Children’s Services have nevertheless found it useful to consult with the panel on specific issues affecting the Muslim community, he said.

Right, sharia law.

The track record of supporting Islamic groups who support sharia law is growing and the question the Tennessee Council 4 Political Justice asks is, Who’s in denial?”

The following timeline of events related to the TN American Muslim Advisory Council and the ECD appointment was sent out just a few days ago.  Since then, anotherdocumented FACT has emerged and has been inserted below.  The FACTS just keep piling up.

2011 Legislative session – anti-terrorism bill introduced based on the Carlos Bledsoe case (Memphis man who shot and killed Pvt. Andrew Long at the Little Rock Army recruiting center.)

June, 2011 – picture emerges confirming that the Muslim Rapid Response Team (which morphed into the TN American Muslim Advisory Council) had been working behind the scenes during the legislative session with TN DHS James Cotter.  This was the group that had formed to lobby against the anti-terrorism bill.

November 7, 2011 – Commissioner Bill Gibbons (TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security), sends congratulatory letter to the AMAC members for organizing along with the Governor- approved partnership with TN DHS.

December 2011:  When asked whether Governor Haslam had appointed a Muslim advisory board, Tennessee GOP Chairman Chris DeVaney responded that he had ”checked into this and apparently there is no truth to it.  It must be some kind of rumor.

December 2011 – AMAC partners with the TN DHS to do first law enforcement training.

2012 legislative session – Commissioner Gibbons, testifies in support of an administration bill permitting the TN DHS to enter into partnership agreements with private non-profit organizations like the AMAC.

February 2012 – AMAC partners again with TN DHS for law enforcement training; TN DHS refuses to disclose any information about the AMAC.

May 2012 Governor vetoes bill that would have protected Christian student organizations at Vanderbilt and state universities.

May 2012 – Governor approves appointment of Shariah Compliant Finance specialist Samar Ali as ECD International Director.

May 2012 – AMAC trains TN Dept of Children’s Services.

If that weren’t enough check the 90 Creeping Sharia posts on Tennessee. The pattern should be alarming for all Tennesseans.

8 thoughts on “Gov Haslam aide unaware or in denial about promotion of Islam in Tennessee

  1. I do not understand how all these elected officials are blind to the reality of what they do….. perhaps one should follow the money eh?

  2. They are not blind to ‘reality’ and there is no confusion over what the government will be directed towards for the state/nation. He sees Christians on their way out (note mostly africa after missionaries were murdered over the past 50 decades).

    Might want to read a book out about Americans taking a stand against the way our country is going cause it’s about taking a stand so I recommend it.

    Either Americans take a stand and not wait for someone else to fight the battles or lose all that is charished. Great article. Thanks.

  3. By the sound of the GOVENOR’s name he is a MUSLIM so why would he not defend the SHERIA LAW!!!! LOCK AND LOAd for the next crusade!!!

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  6. This is my stooge of a Governor. His family “bought” the job for him (I have nothing but respect for Jimmy Haslam, Sr.). Bill Haslam is also the guy who, when he was our mayor, brought Agenda21 into the city of Knoxville. This happened under the direction of his appointee Madeline Rojero who is the current (democrap) mayor. I’m totally disgusted at the RINO population in our great red state, Senators Corker and Alexander are prime examples of this. Despite having a great conservative running in the primary against Corker, Corker won by a landslide. We are being invaded by mega mosques in middle Tennessee. I’m thinking of a move if things don’t change.

    • This is October 2015….Tn is the belt in the Bible Belt. TN IS GROUND ZERO FOR MUSLUM TAKEOVER! DO NOT MOVE… Pick up your guns & LETS FIGHT BACK! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! PLEASE WAKE UP .. DONT LAY DOWN & GIVE UP!

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