Norway: Muslim who wants to open school says behead Ramadan slackers (video)

via Norwegian Muslims Call for Beheadings and a Muslim State.

Muslim radicalism has thus found a welcoming home in Norway, and I went there in 2011 to take it all in. Here’s my report on Muslim violence against Norwegian women.

So, how’s Norway’s multicultural paradise been doing since I visited? Not so hot. It seems a Norwegian-Pakistani imam named Fayed Sarased Ali Bukhari, who wants to establish a private school for 200 children in Oslo, thinks Muslims who slack off during Ramadan should be decapitated.

Here is the Norwegian TV news report:

12 thoughts on “Norway: Muslim who wants to open school says behead Ramadan slackers (video)

  1. sharia in full bloom; wonder what the Saudia Arabia funded school in Virginia/DC area teaches???? Wahabbi, no doubt; one of the strictest versions and treats women like dirt.

    Notice the Christians do not promote killing, etc. Islam is ALL BAD, period.

  2. do those foolish norwegians actually think that the low-life, bottom feeding, lying, cheating, murdering muslims will “play by the rules” if allowed to establish their schools in-country?!?! these silly people have really stepped into the poop on this…in the name of multiculturism! it’s so obvious that they’ve given away their way of life, their mores, their culture, their ethos, their very nation to the “isslimes”. god help the norwegians & the swedes, too…& the united states of america!!

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  4. Why is this dirtbag still allowed to remain free in Norway. Why don’t they deport his sorry ass back to the shithole he came from. There he can practice his evil ideology and on his off days hump his camel.

      • Not to forgive Breivik for a terrible crime, Creeping, but surely you’re clear over the fact that he ‘went berserk’ as Norwegians say, over what is happening in his country. I’d also hazard a guess that you might agree that as things get worse all over Europe, there will be more Breiviks.

        As a follow up to this Email, I’d like to add (tongue in cheek) that the multicultural state in Norway is not proceeding as well as it should because: “Those damned NORWEGIANS are not integrating as fast as they should”. Perhaps they should also imprison the traitor who is letting all this happen–Stoltenberg.

  5. I have a question of the great Imans;why is allah such a goddamn pussy that he cannot fight his own wars;cannot fight for himself;he needs little monkey people to do it for him…?Come now Allah…accept the challenge…….he should have been careful about crossing certain paths………it can be and is usually fatal.

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