Jihad TV network gets rights to US World Cup road qualifiers

In other words, in order to watch the US World Cup road qualifier games you’ll have to do it on Jihad TV. via Comcast agrees to carry new beIN Sport network | Fox News.

NEW YORK – The new beIN Sport network has reached an agreement with Comcast Corp. to be carried on its Xfinity TV.

Owned by the Al-Jazeera Sport Media Network, beIN Sport will be carried in English on the Xfinity TV Sports Entertainment Package and in Spanish on the Xfinity TV MultiLatino Package. It also will be available to Comcast customers online and some content will be shown on Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand.

Launched last week, beIN Sport initially was carried only by DirecTV and the DISH Network, which combine with Comcast to create a total potential universe of 54 million homes. However, the number of households receiving the tier beIN is on is only a fraction of that.

Of the 34 million homes that receive DirecTV and DISH, about 8 million get the tier showing beIN. Network spokesman Mike Kilroy said the figure for Comcast was not available.

The new network has rights to Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s Ligue 1 and England’s second-tier League Championship. It also has rights to U.S. road qualifiers in World Cup qualifying, except for the potential game at Mexico in next year’s regional finals.

More here, American War Museum and Al-Jazeera

Qatar own and funds Al-Jazeera.  There is no freedom of the press in Qatar and WikiLeaks cables note that “U.S. officials consider the channel to be a foreign policy instrument of Qatar.”  The Qatarai emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani uses the network as “an integral tool of the emirate’s foreign policy.”

In fact, at a conference in June 2011 at the National Press Club, the panel of experts concluded that “the network [Al Jazeera] is often used by terrorists to deliver their messages to the world” and has “actually helped radical [groups] such as al-Qaida, Hezb’allah and Hamas in their efforts to radicalize Muslims.”

The Al-Jazeera Arabic language network has “frequently served as a mouthpiece for Muslim Brotherhood figures” according to conference members.  Furthermore, independent TV producer Jerry Kenney alleges that “[i]n effect, foreign propagandists have hijacked public television stations made possible by the American taxpayers.”

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13 thoughts on “Jihad TV network gets rights to US World Cup road qualifiers

  1. What the heck! These guys are way smarter than we are. And with the POTUS blessing. For sure this has to be end times. Are you ready?

    • for every end there is a new beginning;hopefully History will show the end of jihad to be the beginning of true enlightenment.Allah is he who kicks sand in your face tonight as the STORM GOD RAVAGES THE ENEMY.ALLAH KNOWS HIS TIME IS SHORT;AND A WARRANT HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR HIS DETAINMENT.IT IS WISE TO STAY OUT OF THE WAY OF THE CONTAINMENT.YOU KNOW WINTER IS COMING.DONT WAIT TILL THE FIRST SNOW AND FREEZE TO GET READY FOR WINTER.

  2. ur info about al jazeera is incorrect and if u wanna see which networks r used to fool the public and lead propagandas, just tune in to FOX or CNN. By the way, Aljazeera Sports is better and way more professional than the stupid soccer networks in the US such as FSC and Goltv

    • Yea. And I am Mary Poppins. There is Islamists that have their bid in to take over in America, if you look at history it has gone like this in every instance where Islam ran it’s Stealth Jihad. If you feel that Al-Jazeera is such a good source of news and sports then by all means go and watch it.From a TV in their home nation.
      Fox is fair and balanced, not something you are going to get with Al-Jazeera. You disagree with anything that government says, you disappear or are beheaded in the streets. Unless of course you are a woman, then they stone you in the street like the cowards they are. They hide behind their religion, they don’t even have the guts to say exactly what they intend, all part of the spineless jellyfish they call Islam. They don’t even have a reason why they hate us. They can’t be contend to stay in their own sand ridden part of the world, The have to come and bring everyone under their rule. Some religion, ay?

  3. ur info about al jazeera is incorrect and if u wanna see which networks r used to fool the public and lead propagandas, just tune in to FOX or CNN. By the way, Aljazeera Sports is better and way more professional than the stupid soccer networks in the US such as FSC and Goltv

  4. Pingback: Premier League finds sharia-compliant award to avoid offending Muslim players « Creeping Sharia

    • Let’s not forget the Olympics and the female blue belt that wanted to compete in Judo against the high level Black Belts, of course she wanted them to change the rules to accomodate the wearing of a Hijab. She got the crap beat out of her but she knew that was going to happen. She just wanted to cause some problems in the Olympics. Islamists knew there was no way they could do anything they would normally do with the security the way it was there.

      And of course the Olympic Commitee buckled to Saudi Arabia and made the change. See you at the Summer Olympics where they want to change the rules in beach volleyball and ban the wearing of bathing suits and replace them with uniforms that cover the body to accomodate the Saudis. WOOOOooooooo. How did they ever procreate if they are so afraid of the human form?

      Do me a favor Saudi Arabia. Stay home. Cut us off of your oil, force us to drill our own oil and shoot yourself in the foot by doing so. We should never have hidden women on jobs and replace them with males for the duration of your visits. If anything we should serve you a ham and cheese sandwich. We do as you wish while we are visiting your nation, you should show us the same courtesy. You send your scumbags over to our country to go to college at our schools and you are one of the richest nations in the world. You sit in your Ivory palace while your population live in squawler all around it.

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