Costco signs new halal deal

Anything for a buck. If nothing else you’ll get a sense for the level of Islamic immigration by what’s sold at your local Costco. via Saffron Road launches at Costco with new deal | Articles | IndUS Business Journal. h/t Islamist Watch

Saffron Road, the packaged food brand of Stamford, Conn.-based American Halal Co., is now shipping a family-sized portion of Chicken Tikka Masala to select Costco stores on the West Coast. The deal is the first with Costco. The new Chicken Tikka Masala family portion is ideal for families who want to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at home, that are easy to make, the company said.

“Our Muslim consumers have expressed their desire to see family sized portions of our Halal Certified meals, and we’re happy to provide this new meal option the whole family can enjoy,” said Saffron Road Chief Executive Officer Adnan Durrani.

Consumers can find the new item now at select Costco stores in the freezer aisle for the suggested retail price of $10.99 each.

All Saffron Road products are Halal Certified by the Islamic Food and NutritionCouncil of America. Halal is an Islamic tradition that has healthfully fed literally billons of people over the last 1,400 years. Halal promotes the sacred tradition of respect for the land, fair treatment for farmers, humane treatment of livestock and clean, healthy food to eat.

Shameless, unsubstantiated propaganda.

Saffron Road’s All Natural Certified Halal entree uses chicken that is Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care. All of Saffron Road’s livestock are fed 100 percent vegetarian feed and are never given Antibiotics or Hormones.

“We are excited to now have our brand in Costco stores,” said Saffron Road Executive Vice President Jack Acree. “We know that a lot of our consumers seeking Halal options are shopping at Costco stores already, and are often looking for authentic meal options for the entire family.”


43 thoughts on “Costco signs new halal deal

    • Go into the stores and place bacon on top of their items. They won’t be able to touch it. If you get caught, just say “My bad…where’s my brain today? Thought I was putting it back where I got it.”

    • You need to google this and educate yourself. Then ask yourself if you want to eat food that was killed while muslim prayers are said over the un-stunned dying animal.

      • Oh yes because it’s soooo much more Christian to eat meat that mass slaughtered, cow and and pigs screeching in absolute terror because the stun didn’t work or they were just trying to shove more animals through than they could properly process (anything for a dollar right?). And prayers? Tell what WHAT prayers could be said in the ungodly temple of carnage that is the modern packing plant!!

  1. Goodby COSTCO HELLO AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCERS!!! MUSLIMS WANT THERE CRAP, GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM. We dont need you nor want you here. Dont forget to take your

  2. Let’s not get bent out of shape by this. As long as the food is labeled “halal”, what’s the problem? People can choose to buy or not to buy. We should be focusing our energy and effort on spreading the word about the true nature of Islam, namely that Islam is a totalitarian and imperialist ideology based on violent religious bigotry and gender apartheid.

    • @abdulameer..whats the problem? you ask…Well , what I totally object to is that Halal Certification is paid to Islamic Boards by food producers , to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars world wide..This money goes to fund Jihad, mosques and to push for political advantages for muslims and Islam, It has become a farce that even the major airlines like Virgin will not accept food for their flights unless it is certified Halal.( oooh, just in case some poor disadvantaged muslim is offended and won;t eat the food) This costs small businesses many thousands of dollars annually, as most major institutions are getting on the Halal train and being taken for a jihad ride..We in the West are stupidly assisting Islam to fund our demise..I suggest all people ASK if the food is HALAL when on their next flight or at a government function, and if they find it is then kick up a stink and refuse to eat it..Remember , the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and because of demanding whining muslims and their complaints we now have Halal forced upon us, and with it we are all paying extra because of Halal Certification costs being passed onto us, the consumer.

  3. USA stores do not need HALAL foods because any Muslim can use kosher foods which are already in stores- any kosher item is already Halal— Jews however cannot use Halal food b/c not all halal is kosher.

    Many countries are banning kosher slaughter, joining Swiss and NZ. Reminiscent of some of the first anti-Jewish laws passed by Nazis. Same nations are making circumcision illegal – a way to say- JEWS GET OUT-

    seems that in the past these same nations killed the majority of their on the way to kill the Muslims (Crusades)

    the thing you must realize is Hitler did not succeed in a day, but by incremental changes in the laws

    read history

  4. i am not in agreement w/ the manner in which animals are killed to produce halal meats. it is not a humane way to slaughter them. let’s get PETA on to them…that may be the way to stop this encroachment on our country. let them go back to their original countries if they want to maintain their cultural & religious mores & customs. we have already established our own….we don’t need a bunch of savages telling us how to run things here.

    • How Moslems kill their animals is the least of our problems with Moslems. I am much more concerned about how they kill people in the name of their religion, and how they are infiltrating American institutions in order to take control of American policy. That is the program of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, and none of the mosques or Moslem community organizations are taking a stand against this.

      • @abdulameer…no, it’s not the important problem, however, allowing the “isslimes” to dictate how we run things & having heads of state, deans of univs, chiefs of businesses, etc, waffling at their every demand IS an important issue. this is just another means of usurping control from the rest of us. it’s their method of chipping away a bit at a time until ther are in complete control. [so…what’s w/ the muslim/arab name? abdulameer…are you of that persuasion?]

        • He’s probably familiar with the old tale of “Abdul abulbul Amir” and “Ivan Skavinsky Skavar”. Haven’t heard it?

      • You don’t even know the half of it. Arizona contracts with an institution in Mesa (suburb of Phoenix) called the Canyon State Academy. It is a place where male juveniles are sent to a “boot camp” for rehabilitation from violent offenses – and this institution contracts with many other states for the same services – so a very large number of violent youths are funneled into this Canyon State Academy. It is constantly expanding in size as more and more young men are sent there by our courts. My son was there for 6 monthhs, so that is how I learned about this. Sharia Law and Islamic studies are taught at this academy where the Muslim volunteers indoctrinate young black youth for Islam! Tax payers are paying for this service – as far as housing, feeding, and making these youths available for indoctrination.

    • Good answer, Zingara. Quite point blank. Now let’s get it done, People.The arguments over, time for action. Here is more encouragement for you, if that isn’t enough. Boycotts work.

    • Go back to their own countries?? Really?? Have you not taken a history class before? Muslims have been here long before you and your blood line. They came as african slaves mainly. For starters your all amazing colombia didn’t even discover America, he landing on the carribean and even then he wanted their gold and brought some back as slaves. What does that tell u?? Keep the “go back to your country” crap to yourself because it’s ridiculous. America is for all not just for those who killed off native Indians and stole their lands. Ps: middle east is considered white.

  5. The halal brigade is a problem with their spread of halal logo to the point of causing infidels in many parts of asia to have very little choice most times, due to the insidous spread of halal .

  6. The problems w/halal…..
    It’s a huge issue in the UK & Europe where many unknowingly consume halal because it is not marked at all or not adequately.
    Same thing starting to happen in our USA.
    Make no mistake: halal is very much part of jihad!
    For more info check out:

    hmmmm- page did not open. Did-u-know-who get to it?
    FB page is OK:


    What You Should Know About The Halal Food Industry

    Pamela Geller has done some investigative research into the Halal food industry and found that due to lack of labeling and handling regulations, Halal meat is being mixed into the general food supply including going to public school lunch programs. We may be eating Halal without even knowing it.

    Tons more info out there……

    • There is nothing wrong with selling or serving halal meat so long as it is labeled properly and so long as non-Moslems are not inconvenienced by it or forced to eat it. There is SO much more about Islam that we should be dealing with. Please let’s not get hung up on that.

      • Abdul:
        Anything about islam offends my democratic sensibilities.
        No non muzlim would, knowingly, eat food dedicated to the moon god allah, not to mention part of the halal fees going to jihad.
        That’s just for starters

        SO much more about Islam: and where would you start/focus?

        • I would start focus, for example, on the infiltration of our government by Moslem supremacists. I would throw my full support behind Michelle Bachman and the other congressmen who called for an investigation of the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our government. I would also ask all the candidates running for office in my district what their stand is on the Muslim Brotherhood. This would show them that their constituency is interested in that question. Then, they would be willing to learn about Islam and take a stand on it. That is just for starters.

          • This may sound bad, but the foundation of islam is bad. They teach hate. Thank God I am a vegetarian and I don’t eat meat because I don’t want their cursed food in my body. islam is the only “religion” I know of that teaches to kill another for not converting. I didn’t ave to look far to realize it’s bad. I feel sorry for anyone who wants to leave but is too afraid to. Religion of peace my foot.

        • How about for starters you educate yourself before you begin a debate. Your obviously not fit enough to be giving your 2 sense about a topic you clearly have no knowledge about.

    • Baloney. Halal meat cost about double that of nonhalal so there’s no way the halal producers are going to sell it cheaper just to mix it in, sneak it in according to you. These halal business want to make money just like any other.

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  8. We are told in the precious word of YAH not to eat meat(or other) offered up to idols. You could be bringing a curse on anyone who does not follow yahweh’s directorates….friends and or family. aer you willing to take a chance? i search labels to be sure I dont get pork. places i eat honor me in this. so why pig and/or halal.put the pork right beside the halal….yes ? maybe on either side. Why are we pandering to the invaders in our midst?

  9. This is just the begin with sharia law being sucked into our culture our gvmnt our lives. on my e- site i battle with intel the encroaching darkness called islam and how americans, gullible and dupped have been inpressed to believe these lies. believe the lie and be damned. hosea says G-DS people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. but when the knowledge is told, how many will actually hear.? this watchman is curious to know….

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  11. Ugh, I stumbled across this hoping to see something informative–was not under the impression that this was some sort of hate group. You are all so so very pathetic. Spending so much time focusing on what one subgroup of people chooses to do with their time and calling them “hateful.”

    Meanwhile, you are wasting valuable time that could be spent on the self-improvement you so obviously need. Sharia law is going to “Take over” simply because stores are choosing to cater to the Muslim demographic by offering halal food?? Kosher brands are on shelves everywhere. I’m guessing Muslims pay their taxes just like everyone else, and big chain stores are starting to realize what a large part of the society they are–it’s a smart business move. Please, I want all of you to stop shopping at Cosco. That way I won’t have to see you there! The Muslim business will make up for the loss anyway.

    i.e Muslims are not sitting around their dinner tables with their halal meat planning their next attack on this country or wasting time “cursing” Americans. You all need to get lives. And to the person who used the “go back to where you came from” statement…the same could be said of you. If you are white American, then you come from a legacy of oppressors and haters–As an African American, I would love 5 minutes in the ring with you (accompanied by a Native American of course) to kick your ass and show you who really needs to be ashamed of where they come from.

    • Ugh, you really are ignorant of just what Halal Certification is, are’nt you.. Halal Certification is a multi-billion dollar world wide industry ,it is an Islamic tax imposed upon western businesses across the board, covering all kinds of foodstuffs. .. A Board of Imams, usually under the umbrella of Islamic Councils, control Certification to the tune of thousands of dollars per business owner, be that a chicken shop ,food manufacturer or catering business. The Tax must then be recouped from the majority of the public who are not aware they are being hit in the hip pocket because most Halal labeling is not prominent . Islamic Councils reserve a percentage of the Tax to fund Dawah and Jihad. This is fundamental in Islam.and a definite part of their Sharia really need to get informed before you accuse others of being bigots and racist ( Islam is NOT a race, its an ideology)
      Most people do not wish to support with their finances an ideology that is slaughtering thousands of christians and other non muslim minorities in muslim lands, and those waging jihad in countries where Islam is seeking to impose itself on the general populace.. Please aquaint yourself with what is happening in Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan,Thailand,Vietnam,India,Pakistan,Indonesia, etc , and don’t for a moment think that the many millions of muslims abroad regard the teachings of the Quran any differently than those muslims in America. Muslim leaders have admitted with their own mouths that they have not come to America to be equal but to be dominant…. You really need to wake up..
      Oh and as an African American maybe you should research just WHO it was selling Africans to the white slave traders in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade..YUP! it was Arab Muslims extending their African slave empire from their Trans-Sahara route(the slave markets of Mecca) to the western world. Slaves were held in Arab fortresses along the African Coast and sold to white merchant ships. Arab muslims since the time of Mo ran a lucrative black slave trade for a thousand years before the West even thought of it..So dearie, maybe you should spread some of that hate to the Arab Muslim oppressors and haters who exploited and still do, the African Continent..

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