Defeating the Islamo-’progressive’ axis

via Defeating the Islamo-’progressive’ axis.

There’s evidently a fine line between a “hate crime” and a BLT.

The Reuters headline screamed: “Bacon found at NY Muslim celebration probed as possible hate crime.” I was expecting the subtitle: “Cops bring lettuce & tomato, dispose of evidence,” but to no avail. (Pork, of course, is verboten in Islamic culture. Don’t knock it, I say.)

Condemnation was swift and judgment final: “It’s anti-Islamic sentiment – a sign they don’t want us to feel welcome,” charged Cyrus McGoldrick, spokesman for the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

Indeed, at the very least such a stupid, “Islamophobic” prank was, um, tasteless.

Except that it wasn’t.

A caller to a local newspaper took credit for the crime: “This is-I was reading the article about the horrible incident of bacon and Muslims in the park and I wanted to let you know that is not my intention. I had put the bacon there. It was going bad in my trunk and I put it out for the scavengers like the opossums and the raccoons and sea gulls, and I did not intend for that to cause anybody any problems.”

So, apparently, knee-jerk liberals and mainstream media have egg on their face once again. (Add toast and you get a Denny’s Grand Slam.)

Let’s put aside for a moment that we live in a hyper-sensitive, politically correct culture wherein hurting someone’s feelings is, quite literally, a federal offense. I’m more interested in the blaring double standard.

Bacon at a Muslim picnic? “Hate crime.” A crucifix with the image of Christ submerged in urine? “Art.”

I know, there was that time a group of tea-partiers stormed the mosque in Lansing, Mich, threw Oscar Mayer ham slices on the children, mocked the women for their hijabs and screamed: “Mohammed slept with a nightlight!” but …

No, actually, it was a group of homosexual activists who stormed a Christian church in Lansing, Mich, threw condoms at people, committed gross displays of public perversion in front of children and screamed, “Jesus was gay!”

“Hate crime, right?” Not a chance. Not even a ticket. In fact, law enforcement knew about the “protest” in advance and refused to send police. They sent a reporter instead.

You get the point.

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6 thoughts on “Defeating the Islamo-’progressive’ axis

  1. “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini


    My 16 year old asked “Why can they have Muslim Family Day @ 6 Flags on 9/12/12?”

  2. Checking on line, I discovered October is unofficial NATIONAL PORK MONTH! One subtitle discussed pig health and welfare. As for me and mine, its pork once a week. Can’t do it Friday as I accept the Catholic discipline of meatless Fridays.

  3. Well if the BACON UPSET THEM then letsput live pigs in the park as a PETTING ZOO!!! Then we wont have to worry about the MUZZIES BITCHING ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. The same as at FT Hood; That is workplace violence, if a muslim did it. If you do it, its a terrorist hate crime. And McCain is for Muslim brotherhood, along with Bonehead. They are so busy feeding their muzzie friends, aren’t they?

    BTW, I expect O to try to stuff the ballot boxes with selected voters. 16% in Minnesota voted in the primaries. so 9% carries the election, or may be 5% would have been enough. That with Acorn intimidation is going to be a huge voter skew problem.. He did similar in Chicago and ran uncontested after he broke the other candidates, as well.

  5. Here is something rediculous about Muslim Brotherhood who said that the West is Kafir and use “Reba” meaning usury in lending money. As a Muslim, I am writing to you to expose those hypocrites who are saying that they will rule Egypt in a righteous way. They believe that to loan money, their should be no interests according to Sharia Law. Welll, they have many investment companies that do that in a twisted way. Just look at the practice of “Guidance” in loaning. They use some terms that does not mean anything to me as a Muslim and I agree with the practice of American banks because they are honest.

    Mohamed Morsi wants to get money very bad. So, one sheik by the name of Dr. Borhami,professor of Comparative Islamic Phylosophy in Azhar University in Cairo, said that if the loan is for need, it is OK and called “Fadl” meaning “grace” but is still usury unlike the loan that is not needed and used for luxury, which is the forbidden usury.

    The article is in Arabic language in “Al Wafd” newspaper. It is the most stupid hypocrite definition that is created by a cleric and, of course, it has to be good. Not for me.

    To translate this: “If anything comes from non-Muslim, it not accepted even if it is OK and if comes from a sheik, it is a blessing” The only thing they needed is to change the name for the whole thing from “plain usury” to “Fadl usury”. I don’t really know how to translate it but, I guess, it can be “grace usury” for instance.

    I am just asking you to search it and you will find a lot of criticism that will come to mind. Thank God, Israel will straighten them up. Mohamed

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