Premier League finds sharia-compliant award to avoid offending Muslim players

The religion of conquest is slowly taking hold of the most popular sport in the world. From infiltrating FIFA to change the rules, to securing rights to U.S. World Cup qualifiers, to removing logo’s, Manchester United too, to owning teams.

via Man of the match: Premier League offers non-alcoholic alternative to champagne to avoid offending Muslim players | Mail Online.

It’s a Premier League ritual and a big moment for the man of the match… as he is presented with a large bottle of champagne in the tunnel after the game.

But a series of embarrassing incidents involving Muslim footballers has prompted the league to offer a non-alcoholic alternative from the Middle East.

From now on, any Muslim man of the match will be rewarded with a bottle of waard – a combination of rosewater and pomegranate seen as a more ‘culturally appropriate’ token of their achievement.

Earlier this year, Premier League sponsor Barclays considered scrapping the award altogether after one of Manchester City’s star players, Yaya Toure, turned down his prize on live TV, telling a teammate: ‘I don’t drink because I am a Muslim, so you keep it.’

Last weekend, Newcastle United striker Demba Ba, declined even to pass team-mate Jonas Gutierrez the champagne after Gutierrez was voted man of the match.

Ba, whose goal celebration is the Sujood, the prostration performed in prayer to Allah, is one of four Muslim players at Newcastle.

There’s something he can keep…to himself. But that too would offend him. He is Muslim. And they must never be offended.

A Premier League spokesman said: ‘We have players from all over the world and are watched all over the world.

‘This is a sensible move and we support it.’

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. Submission is never sensible.

9 thoughts on “Premier League finds sharia-compliant award to avoid offending Muslim players

  1. This is driving me crazy. What the heck is going on?? At every turn I see people giving up their freedom for this crazy cult. It seems everyone is ready to lock themselves in the chains of the enemy of freedom and goodness. They claim they are peace, and I see no peace in them. NO tolerance from those who cry we are not tolerant. Figure that one out. Alot one sided!!!!!!!

    • Hi Cindy,
      I agree with you…. The more we subject ourselves to their petty wishes, the harder it is going to be, to refuse them later on.
      When they have some stupid request or rejection, we should counter it with a stupid rejection or request of our own.
      We managed without them in the past, why should we change anything to simply please them now?
      Premier League does not need to change any traditions or rules to please Muslims. The ball is on the other foot. If Muslims wish to play Premier League they must either abide by the rules and traditions of the League or get out.

    • Its got nothing to do with you get on with your life u stupid uneducated tard and let it be we should respect every kind of religion and what is implemented in the sport small minded ppl and nothing else to do just bitch n moan about things

  2. It’s all a part of their master plan!!! I mean look at the facts, they want to kill or convert EVERYONE on the planet. Our answer to this……send them some money, buy their friendship. Huh??? %0 million would not get them to turn over Bin Laden, and we think we can “buy” their friendship??? America had better wake up before we have explosions in the streets every day, which is not far away I’m sure. If I were muslim I’d never stop laughing at the weakness America displays toward islam. NEVER!!!

  3. Would it not be more sportsman like to accept the award, after all he dosent have to drink it, it is just an award and it IS muslim AL cohol

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