Taliban behead 17 Afghans…for dancing

Obama is negotiating with the Taliban and working to release Taliban from Gitmo. Carry on. via 17 Afghans beheaded in insurgent attack on party – Yahoo! News.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Insurgents beheaded 17 civilians in a Taliban-controlled area of southern Afghanistan, apparently because they attended a dance party that flouted the extreme brand of Islam embraced by the militants, officials said Monday.

The killings, in a district where U.S. Marines have battled the Taliban for years, were a reminder of how much power the insurgent group still wields in the south — particularly as international forces draw down and hand areas over to Afghan forces.

The victims were part of a large group that had gathered late Sunday in Helmand province’s Musa Qala district for a celebration involving music and dancing, said district government chief Neyamatullah Khan. He said the Taliban slaughtered them to show their disapproval of the event.

All of the bodies were decapitated but it was not clear if they had been shot first, said provincial government spokesman Daoud Ahmadi.

Information was only trickling out slowly because the area where the killings occurred is largely Taliban controlled, Khan said. The Taliban spokesman for southern Afghanistan could not be reached for comment.

Many Afghans and international observers have expressed worries that the Taliban’s brutal interpretation of Islamic justice will return as international forces withdraw. Under the Taliban, who ruled the country from 1996 to 2001, all music and film was banned as un-Islamic, and women were barred from leaving their homes without a male family member as an escort.

Two American soldiers were shot and killed by one of their Afghan colleagues in the east, military officials said, bringing to 12 the number of international troops — all Americans — to die at the hands of their local allies this month.

But Afghan officials said Monday’s attack in Laghman province was a separate case from the rash of recent insider attacks on international forces, because it appeared to have been unintentional.

The incident unfolded when a group of U.S. and Afghan soldiers came under attack, said Noman Hatefi, a spokesman for the Afghan army corps in eastern Afghanistan. When the troops returned fire and ran to take up fighting positions, an Afghan soldier fell and accidentally discharged his weapon, killing two American soldiers with the stray bullets, he said.

“He didn’t do this intentionally. But then the commander of the (Afghan) unit started shouting at him, ‘What did you do? You killed two NATO soldiers!’ And so he threw down his weapon and started to run,” Hatefi added. The U.S. troops had already called in air support to help with the insurgent attack and the aircraft fired on the escaping soldier from above, killing him, Hatefi said.

NATO spokesman Lt. Col. Hagen Messer of Germany confirmed that two international soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier in Laghman province, but declined to give further comment.

 Meanwhile, Obama and the rest of the corruptocrats in D.C. have committed you and your children’s future to funding Afghanistan and the Taliban at least through 2024.


7 thoughts on “Taliban behead 17 Afghans…for dancing

  1. You will see lots of killings in Egypt with Muslim Brotherhood controlling everything.

    I am just watching when Morsi will step on Israel to live normal like Abd El Naser did.

    I know my fellow Muslims on this site especially Muslim Brotherhood hate what I just said. But, the reality is that God Almighty does not limit his kingdom to Muslims or Christians or anything else. You can get something from a “Holy” book that is applied subjectively. The fact is that God is the creator of all and we all his children including ethiests.

    I am not a christian although I do not see anything wrong with the Holy Bible.

    Only in America, you can see Muslims go to the Musque on Friday and to the church on Sunday. Just google it.

    May be those Muslims believe they will go to heaven because they “clean” the earth. In fact, they make earth more evil. It is sad.

  2. Mohamed…do you know what a Muslim is by your Prophet’s standard? In his eyes, if he were alive today, you would be considered an Infidel of the worst sort, worthy of death. Give your head a good shake and renounce Islam as your religion. Being a “good Muslim” is like being a “good Nazi.” Islam is a political ideology dressed in a religious skirt, and unfortunately far too many kuffars are ignorant of that fact.

  3. We need to immigrant more Taliban into the USA. They could perform at the DNC. We could point out that BO is an Apostate and they could do a beheading on tv.

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