U.S. troops punished over Koran burning

Selling out our troops for Islam. It doesn’t get more shameful. via U.S. troops punished over Koran burning, urination video – Yahoo! News.

The U.S. military said on Monday it was disciplining U.S. troops over two incidents that provoked outrage in Afghanistan early this year, one involving a video depicting Marines urinating on corpses and another over burned copies of the Koran.

The administrative punishments — which could include things like reduce rank or forfeiture of pay — fell short of criminal prosecution, and it was unclear whether they would satisfy Afghan demands for justice.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai earlier this year branded the Marine’s actions in the video as “inhuman,” and he initially called for a public trial for the soldiers over the Koran incident.

A detailed U.S. military investigation showed that up to 100 Korans and other religious texts from a detention center library — a previously undisclosed figure — were burned on February 20. The investigation found that warnings from Afghans, including a Afghan soldier, had been ignored and attributed the incident in part to distrust between Americans and Afghans.

“However, I absolutely reject any suggestion that those involved acted with any malicious intent to disrespect the Koran or defame the faith of Islam,” the investigating officer, Brigadier General Bryan Watson, wrote.

So why are they being punished? They did as they were ordered. Is the punishment to appease Karzai? Submitting to sharia again?

The Koran-burning incident touched off several days of rioting and attacks on U.S. troops after local workers found charred copies among the trash at an incinerator at the Bagram base north of Kabul.

Attacks on U.S. troops? These reporters either don’t know or don’t want you to know that at least six U.S. soldiers were killed by Muslims after Karzai gave them the signal to wage jihad.

At least 30 people died in the violence that spread across the country after the incident, and two American officers were shot dead in a secure area of the Afghan interior ministry, a crime that remains unsolved.

The U.S. Army announced on Monday that six soldiers received administrative punishments over the incident, four of them officers and two of the non-commissioned officers, a spokesman said.

The Army should be ashamed. Bring our troops home and prevent sharia-adherents from entering the United States.

The investigation found that the texts were removed during a sweep of the library at Parwan detention facility due to concerns that detainees were using books to pass messages.

It partly blamed a translator who warned that up to 75 percent of the books were extremist in nature, including versions of the Koran, but did not instruct American forces how to properly dispose of the texts.

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he believed the translator was an Afghan and that he no longer worked for the U.S. military.

The disclosures about the Koran-burning incident came the same day the Marine Corps detailed its punishment over a video that surfaced on the Internet in January. It showed Marines urinating on the corpses of dead Taliban fighters. One can be heard saying, “Have a nice day, buddy.”

The investigation showed that the incident actually took place on or around July 27, 2011, during a counter-insurgency operation in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

Three Marines pleaded guilty to charges over the video, including one for “urinating on the body of a deceased Taliban soldier.” Another wrongfully posed for a photo with human casualties, and the third lied about the incident to investigators.

Their identities were not disclosed, and the Marines said disciplinary actions against additional Marines would be announced at a later date.

Possible punishment includes reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and punitive letters permanently placed in their records, the Marines said.


16 thoughts on “U.S. troops punished over Koran burning

  1. Have the military lost the plot completely
    Things are worse than I feared — soon the soldiers will be pointing their fingers and shouting “Bang”

  2. disciplinary?? wtf??? These guys are fighting and dieing for these sorry basta*ds and all they can do is whinge of some marines for having a wee, This is NOTHING compared to what the Taliban are doing to the lads over there.
    I think the US/UK troops should pull out, thats what they want, let the 3rd world backward apes fight and kill themselves, and when they ask for help, just turn your backs on them, They don’t deserve the wests aid and help.

  3. Our military leaders have bowed down to Islam. They have no honor, they have no courage and they have no belief in truth. Pray for our nation and our soldiers that have been sold out.

  4. Afghans are swine pure and simple. During the Soviet occupation, we armed the mujahedeen. After the Soviet pullout, the ungrateful Afghan bastards blamed us for “disengaging” from Afghanistan. Thus the Taliban was born, bin Ladin and other al-Qaida operated there and the rest is history. We helped them run the Soviets out. The rest was on them. We cannot fix their country for them. Only they can. They chose to take the coward’s path and blame us for all their woes, then, to beat all, they use their country as a base of operation for attacks against us.

    What Afghanistan deserves is to be rendered uninhabitable for the next tens of thousands of years.

  5. We must first fire our Muslim Commanmder-in-Chief and replace him and his administration with one which will uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Then we must stand up every 2-dollar dictator and tell him we no longer will bow to Islam. And Islams attempt to control the world must stop

  6. TIME FOR THE MILITARY TO PACK UP THERE STUFF AND RETURN HOME ON THERE OWN AND TELL OBUMA TO GO TO HELL. Enough of our young soldiers are being wasted for the MILITARY INDUSTRAIL COMPLEX. Running around there areas with no loaded guns being killed by the very people they are training to

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  8. Afghan President Hamid Karzai earlier this year branded the Marine’s actions in the video as “inhuman,” and he initially called for a public trial for the soldiers over the Koran incident.

    Well, lets bring him in for the crap he has done and try him as a war criminal in the Hauge. He is as inhuman as they come. He makes Hitlers brand of race relations look good. His troups are killing Americans!

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  11. Okay, I’m old and my tolerance is gone. I think all Westerners should get out of Afghanistan pronto, then nuke the place; it would be no loss, and would show the muslim rabble we mean business.

    Dreaming of course, no Western govt. would have the guts to do that, but it’s EXACTLY what’s needed.

  12. Those middle East, Near East and Asia just want the West to bring them wealth. If they really want freedom and wealth, they would have to work on it themsleves and stop depending on the West..

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