Maine: Public school curriculum committee stalls review of Islamic indoctrination texts

via Rockland woman asks committee whether teaching of Islam is education or indoctrination — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine.

ROCKLAND, Maine — The committee that focuses on curriculum in the Rockland area school district said it wants more specific information from a Rockland woman before it will decide whether to take time to discuss her concerns about the teaching of Islam.

The Regional School Unit 13 Curriculum Committee met Thursday evening.

At the end of the meeting, board members discussed briefly the request by Beverly Cowan to make a presentation to them.

Cowan was not at the Thursday night meeting but had appeared before the full RSU 13 Board at its April meeting.

“I found it disheartening to have prepared a short statement and be cut off, though the people ahead of me were given greater latitude,” Cowan stated in a letter to Sally Carleton, who is chairwoman of the curriculum committee.

She had asked to be put on the committee’s May agenda but that request was not acted on until Thursday.

Eerily reminiscent of zoning board shenanigans for mosques across the U.S. (short or no notice, wrong address, wrong date, etc.)

At the April meeting, Cowan handed out an executive summary titled “Education or Indoctrination?” concerning the treatment of Islam in textbooks used in grades six through 12 in the United States. Cowan could not be reached for comment Thursday evening after the meeting but information she distributed to the board in April included a statement from Brigitte Gabriel, who is the founder and president of an organization called ACT! for America Education.

In that statement, Gabriel states the organization has no objection to the teaching of Islam in public schools but cited that many textbooks fail to treat the religion in a fair manner.

Really? We know there are proponents of Act for America who comment here and you really should be pressing Gabriel on why she does not object to taxpayer-funded teaching of Islam in public schools.

“To cite a particularly egregious example of how the textbooks reviewed fail to do this, the Crusades are routinely depicted as an unprovoked invasion by Christians of the Muslim-owned Holy Land, and Muslims depicted as victims of this aggression. This historical revisionism does not inform students that Muslims invaded and conquered the Holy Land (and the Jews and Christians who lived there) over 400 years prior to the Crusades, and that the Crusades were an effort to regain the Holy Land from the Muslim conquerors,” Gabriel said in the statement.

Neal Guyer, who has served as RSU 13’s interim superintendent and is sharing administrative duties with the new superintendent, said Thursday evening he has read some of the material presented by Cowan but not all of it. He said some of the textbooks referenced in the study are not used by RSU 13 but since he has not read the entire list he does not know if there are some used by the district.

Board member Loren Andrews of Cushing said Cowan should be asked to provide more specific concerns before the committee decides whether to take time to discuss the matter at a subsequent meeting.

“We have curriculum people, teachers and administrators and we should let them decide the curriculum,” Andrews said.

That’s how terror-linked, sharia-promoting gangs like CAIR end up in our kids classrooms. Taxpayers should be involved in deciding what curriculum is presented to their kids.


21 thoughts on “Maine: Public school curriculum committee stalls review of Islamic indoctrination texts

  1. ACT! for America is drinking the Islamic cool-aid so they are palatable to others. They are also trying to convince the rest of us that their are moderate Muslims. There is no such thing. A “moderate” Muslim is a Muslm in name only and id really nothing more than an apostate as they disavow and do not practice what is in the Qur’an.

    How is that a Muslim?

  2. “This historical revisionism does not inform students that Muslims invaded and conquered the Holy Land (and the Jews and Christians who lived there) over 400 years prior to the Crusades, and that the Crusades were an effort to regain the Holy Land from the Muslim conquerors,” Gabriel said in the statement.”

    Uh, yeah, but the Christians sure weren’t about to return the land to its rightful owners, the Jews, were they. And the Christians were every bit as bad, or worse, than the Muslims in their treatment of Jews in the Holy Land.

    For some reason everyone seems to forget this.

  3. I read the curriculum … it teaches other religions are based on stories and not as holy as Islam. It is blatently portrayed as superior to other religions. Until you actually read the curriculum that will be taught, you don’t have a clue how dangerous it is to other religions. Do you know the schools have the kids say the prayer that makes you a follower of mohammed and once said, you are an Islamist?

    • American schools are shit anyway;teach at home.The teachers unions are a piece of shit from an Iman.s ass.America’s leaders are all cowards.Well fed;well watered………well paid……C.O.W.A.R.D.S.LUXURY DOTH CORRUPT THE HUMAN.America is finished without true divine intervention;religion is the arsenic of the people.Humanism plus Islam or any other religion is poison.Observe how barbaric religious movements have been;the facts do not not for a minute forget the horrible TALMUD..JUST HORRIBLE……….SANE good-hearted people are the only ones who care about the important things………and yet .THEY ARE ALWAYS THE SACRIFICE TO THE GOD OF CAIN!ARM YOURSELF

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  7. Only moslemites can separate islamoreligion from islamosupremicism, and they won’t do it. Their alternate universe believes who said what is more important than what was said. Wanna be a imam? Just get a couple people to agree with you and wham, you’re an imam. Small wonder America has a hard time with islamism.
    Ever seen two squirrels worry a dog into exhaustion by one getting his attention and running up a tree, chattering The dog runs like mad. Another squirrel starts chattering and runs down the tree chattering. There goes the dog. America is the dog, in ore ways than one.

  8. I believe you are taking Brigitte Gabriel out of context. All childrend need to learn about Islam, i.e., from an historical stand point and what Islam teaches or in other words the REAL history. Here is what the ACT report says.

    The line between “education” and “indoctrination” is, at times, a fine one, and often not a clear one. However, common sense dictates that greater care should be taken to avoid what appears to be indoctrination when the objects of the information are children and youth. Experience demonstrates that children are more malleable than adults. Adults can be reasonably expected to be more able than children to distinguish between objective education and indoctrination.

    Therefore, what is taught to children in our public schools should be subjected to a higher standard of scrutiny in order to ensure that what is taking place in the classroom is “education” rather than “indoctrination.”

    This is especially the case when the subject matter is world religions. This Report does not argue that Islam should not be taught in our public schools. The major religions of the world are one part of our human history, and to exclude teaching about them impedes our understanding of who we are and why the world is at it is.

    But when it comes to the teaching of any religion, Islam included, extra care should be exercised by textbook writers and teachers to ensure that what is being taught to their diverse student population is in fact “education” and not “indoctrination.” In public schools Muslim parents would no more want their children indoctrinated in Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism than Christian, Jewish or Hindu parents would want their children indoctrinated in Islam – regardless of whether what amounted to indoctrination was the result of honest mistakes, inattention to detail, ignorance of the subject matter, or bias.

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  10. Why, when little Johnny can’t read or do math or…think, do we waste taxpayers money on courses like these. Religion should be taught in the churches the temples etc and at home. Stop wasting taxpayers money on this Bull Sh#@.

    • They do need to teach religious history, i.e., Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Much of the world’s history has a great deal to do with religion. Too many kids graduate from High School knowing little about history. There is a big difference between indoctrination and education.

      Too many people do not have a clue as what Islam believes either. Unfortunately, they will never teach the truth in Public School as long as this country is so Politically Correct.

      • teaching history that involves religion or religious figures is one thing (e.g., the X fled country Y to escape religious persecution)

        teaching the tenets or beliefs of specific religions and bringing in outside resources to proselytize (terror-linked in CAIR’s case) is another and absolutely not necessary and why there are religiously based schools

        the notion that everyone, particularly American youth according to multi-culti globalists, need to be well-versed in multiple languages, religions, cultures, etc. is flawed beyond belief

        • There is a difference between learning the tenets and Proselytizaton. Again, why do people think Islam is the Religion of Peace, when what it teaches is anything but?

        • Reading a history of islam in the United States, I get the impression that islam influenced American values if there was one moslem somewhere on the continent. The proof is as thin as soup made from the shadow of a sparrow who died of starvation!

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  12. Why are Americans so blatantly selling their country out to Islamic influence and soon to sharia enforced laws? This is Obama and his administration at work. When will the people in the US wake up and smell the coffee, Obama is allowing the systematic Islamic-izing of the US, democracy will be dead if Obama is re-ellected. I live in the south pacific and even people on this side of the world can see it. Wake up people before its too late.

    • I think it has to do with citizen apathy as shown in voter turnout. Folks do not know the issue(s) because there can be no open honest debate/commentary on the islamic COLONIZATION of the U.S. The immediate impact of moslem depredations are so local they hardly make national news in a country where national news is shari’a compliant in its articles.

    • A great deal of it is the brainwashing and conditioning by public schools and universities. Cultural Marxism, aka Political Correctness, as a great deal to do with people’s attitudes towards Islam and the BS idea that Islam is the “Religion of Peace”.

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