Billboard regarding terror-linked CAIR in Tampa schools going up Sep 3

An update on Tampa: $1000 reward for tips about terror-linked CAIR in school via

CAIR is using bullying tactics across the United States to intimidate patriotic minded people out of their First Amendment right to oppose Islamization of America. We need to counter that intimidation. Your gift will help us do that.

Billboard regarding CAIR in Tampa schools is going up the week of September 3, 2012.

Florida Family Association sent out an email alert on August 21, 2012 which announced: Florida Family Association hopes to raise $4,072 for a billboard aimed at the only school district in Florida and perhaps the nation that knowingly permits CAIR officials to instruct students about Islam and Sharia. That email alert is posted below.

Thanks to the generosity of many supporters approximately $6,105 has been donated toward the billboard campaign. Adding $4,072 for the billboard and $3,000 for the reward means that a total of $7,072 is needed for the full campaign. We anticipate that a recent direct mail request will bring in the balance needed.

Here is the final version of the billboard which was created by our outdoor advertising company.

The outdoor advertising company has scheduled the ad copy to be placed on the billboard during the week of September 3, 2012. The outdoor advertising company is not able to guarantee an exact day because they have many billboards that were removed in preparation for Hurricane Isaac which must be restored.

The proposal, contract and location of the billboard will be provided in another email alert once the ad copy is on the billboard.

Florida Family Association is planning more campaigns like this one. If the reward is not collected we will post rewards for other situations regarding Islamization in America.

The Hillsborough County School Board in Tampa Florida appears to be the only school district in Florida and perhaps the nation which will knowingly allows Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) officials to instruct students regarding Islam and Sharia law. Tragically, board members have no problem with CAIR officials giving their biased version of “Sharia”, “Human Rights and Islam” and “Women and Islam in different countries” to hundreds of students at Steinbrenner High School funded by taxpayer dollars.  A condensed history of this issue is posted at the end of this article.

Florida Family Association, whose public records request provided the credibility to first break the story, is preparing a billboard campaign aimed at confronting the situation head on.  All funds raised through this request will be used exclusively for this campaign.  The billboard campaign will:

  • Be seen by 104,000 vehicles daily according to DOT traffic counts.
  • Be hard to miss since it is the only major billboard for miles.
  • Be located on the primary route to Steinbrenner High School.
  • Significantly increase the likelihood that Florida Family Association will learn if and when teachers invite CAIR officials to address students.
  • Educate thousands of people who visit regarding this issue, the Sharia threat to America public policy and the Islamization taking place in Tampa.
  • Hopefully significantly decrease the likelihood of pro-Sharia groups having access to students.

If Florida Family Association learns and verifies that a teacher has invited a CAIR official or other Muslim Brotherhood front organization official to address students on taxpayer funded property Florida Family Association will:

  • Organize a peaceful, educationally based protest in front of the school.
  • Hand out educational fliers to parents dropping off their children for class.
  • Rent the school auditorium for a special event to educate the community regarding the truth about Islam being mostly a political movement with a religious flavor.

Florida Family Association has submitted the billboard to an outdoor advertising company which approved the final content and reserved the requested location.  To provide accountability as Florida Family Association does for all major designated fundraising requests a copy of the contract including the $3,400 rental, $672 art cost, location, traffic count and other information will be posted here after the ad copy has been placed on the billboard on September 4, 2012.   Posting this information online prior to September 4, 2012 may cause unnecessary pressure by pro-Sharia groups directed at the outdoor advertising company.  The billboard will initially stay up for 4 weeks.

CAIR is using bullying tactics across the United States to intimidate patriotic minded people out of their First Amendment right to oppose Islamization of America.  We need to counter that intimidation.

To read more or join the fight against Hamas-linked CAIR go to the Full Article.

6 thoughts on “Billboard regarding terror-linked CAIR in Tampa schools going up Sep 3

    CONSTITUTION OF THE U S A. Teaching SHERIA LAW is inviting

  2. This is a much needed antidote to the politically correct approach to accommodating the alternate universe known as islam where it is pleasing to mohammad’s god allah to bust kids heads. Why, even obama et. al. have said children are our precious resource. Maybe he meant moslemite children.

  3. Why is Tampa so obsessed with have certain forms of religious education in public schools? Seems like concentrating on things like math and science is preferable, and what taxpayers are paying for.

    Stay out of any religious study or study of religion in public school. Not required, not needed, and likely going to cause controversy.

    Imagine having the Mormons or Catholics come in and try the same thing! I daresay the liberal public school admins. would be livid.

    May I suggest SAT prep classes instead of ersatz religion “education” in the schools by some controversial group?

  4. they need to ban anything about islame, the goverment needs to round-up all the muslims who are radical and send them back to thier caves. oh wait your pres. is islame and will do nothing!!! vote him out and fire all teachers who try and teach islame

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