Victory! NY judge slams NYC Mass Transit Auth. in free speech ruling

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ George Washington

via Atlas Shrugs.

Today, Judge Engelmayer ripped the NYC MTA a new ….. caboose.

Last September, the MTA had refused to run our ad, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad,” because it said that the ad violated its policy against displaying “images or information that demean an individual or group of individuals on account of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.” Apparently they thought it was demeaning to jihadi savages who celebrate the murders of Israeli civilians. They had no issue with not one but two seperate vicious anti-Israel ad campaigns that were running in the NY subway system and the NYC Metro line.

We won our case in an historic landmark ruling. On July 20th, AFDI triumphed in our lawsuit against the NYC MTA’s ban on our pro-Israel ad. Judge Engelmayer, in his injunction, barred the MTA from enforcing this standard against us, on free speech grounds. We won on all points. First Amendment rights straight down the line. Judge Engelmayer wrote a wonderful opinion. Brilliant. And AFDI is now on the law books. Read it here. Download Opinion. Huge props to AFDI’s legal warriors, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center.

The judge said that he would extend the current stay until he ruled, and that we should expect a ruling by the end of the week. But instead, the judge issued a ruling before the end of the day.

It was a slam dunk. Judge Englemayer was angry. He ruled with us on all counts. And look at what he does to the MTA’s General Counsel! And that’s not just any lawyer, but the Senior MTA in-house lawyer. Engelmayer orders him to do his job, as if he wouldn’t do it unless he was ordered to do so:

The following transaction was entered on 8/29/2012 at 5:27 PM EDT and filed on 8/29/2012

Case Name: American Freedom Defense Initiative et al v. Metropolitan Transportation Authority et al
Case Number: 1:11-cv-06774-PAE
Document Number: 38

Docket Text:
OPINION & ORDER. For the reasons discussed above:

1. AFDI’s motion for a permanent injunction enjoining the enforcement of MTA’s no-demeaning standard as presently written is GRANTED.

2. MTA’s motion for a stay of this Order pending the resolution of its appeal is DENIED. However, in order to enable MTA to appeal to the Second Circuit the Court’s denial of a stay pending appeal, the Court will extend the current stay of its Order enjoining MTA from enforcing the no-demeaning regulation as presently written until Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Absent an order from the Second Circuit, however, this stay will expire at midnight on September 12, 2012.

3. AFDI’s motion for a declaratory judgment that the no-demeaning standard as presently written violates the First Amendment is GRANTED.

4. AFDI’s motion for $1 in nominal damages for the violation of its First Amendment rights is GRANTED.

5. The Court’s consideration of AFDI’s application for reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and expenses, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1988(b) is DEFERRED pending the resolution of MTA’s appeal. The Court directs MTA’s general counsel to furnish this Opinion and Order, and also the Court’s July 20 Decision, forthwith to the MTA’s full Board, so as to ensure that the Board is fully informed of the potential consequences of MTA’s decision to defer consideration of an alternative regulation or regulations until after the current stay has expired. (Signed by Judge Paul A. Engelmayer on 8/29/2012) (lmb)

David Yerushalmi of the AFLC said of the ruling:

 Judge Engelmayer deserves to be applauded for his ruling today, not only because he authored a 14-page opinion on the very day of the hearing, but also because he has consistently and in the highest traditions of his judicial office applied the law to the facts and preserved for all New Yorkers their liberties to speak on political issues, even when the government, in this case the MTA, wanted to suppress our clients’ free speech rights because it violates the PC-code that Israel may be attacked but not the savages who murder innocent Jewish women and children.

Robert Muise of the AFLC said this of the ruling:

“The Court’s ruling today illustrates why the American Freedom Law Center represents clients like AFDI, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer. There is an expression, ‘speaking truth to power.’  This is the intrinsic and extrinsic value of our Constitution, and indeed it is the bedrock of our unique and exceptional political system. Our clients spoke truth to power, and the MTA thought its power was unbridled. Even after the Court granted the MTA the 30 days it asked for to ‘cure’ its unconstitutional speech restriction, the MTA did nothing and walked into court today asking the Court to allow it to continue to do nothing for some undetermined period of time while it continued to violate our clients’ free speech rights. The Court said today in effect, ‘Enough is enough. The Constitution trumps your state power.’ That is what makes America what it is.”

Another magnificent and supreme AFDI legal victory for freedom.

12 thoughts on “Victory! NY judge slams NYC Mass Transit Auth. in free speech ruling

  1. If you cut off the moslemites’ use of the courts to enforce COLONIZATION all they have left in their tool bag is violence. This is a tounge-in-cheek remark in the same vein as Clint Eastwood’s talking to an empty chair. Wonder if the empty chair signifies an empty head?

  2. Finally, someone has come to their senses. islam will
    ALWAYS use our freedoms against us and they lost this one;
    their only other alternative is violence which is rampant worldwide and no one tries to stop them, why????

  3. good news- a judge who enforces the laws as written and not swayed by PC dogma- thanks to Pamela Gellar. for being a fighter, for sticking out her own neck- for bearing the slurs and insults thrown at her- Bravo- well done and some good news to hear that WE the People will not be Tread Upon without consequence

  4. The constitution first amendement ” freedom of speech” It favors american jews but the American muslims are not favored by the constitution. If an american muslim want to advertize a similar ad against the ” the israeli killer, it will not be allowed. Do you think that all the americans are treated equal before the constitution and in front of a judge, you judge that based on what was decided today.

    The world zionists and the israelis want to bring the contorversy to the american soil, thus an unresponsible act would happen and then they blame the muslim savages.

    Judge Englemayer is wrong and biased against muslims, on allowing that ad to go on, Judge Engelmayer know how volatile is the situation and still gave the green light to israelis’ supportors to isntall that heinous ad on a plubic facility.

    This is not right,

    An American Muslim

    • thanks for providing an example of the stupidity and hate of Muslims- so everything is the fault of JEWS eh?

      think with your brain not your ISLAM– if JEWS did control the world and media and USA would you be here at all?

      and just get a damn fact straight the ad is in response to MUSLIMS running hate ISRAEL protests all over USA- to disrupting pro Israel speakers on campuses and running hate groups at the colleges to poison people’s minds. JEWS!! your problems are way bigger than a tiny minority of JEWS- your problem is MUSLIMS are CRAZY insane indoctrinated and marinated in HATE of all others

      I had to see in my own town Muslim burqa bitches with signs asking for bigger ovens and saying We Love Hitler

      you don;t deserve a country like this b/c you cannot handle freedom and you are a damn BIGOT and Hater- go kiss the rock that’s black as the heart of your Pisslam

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