Taxpayers pay for extra police patrols at Kansas mosque

We told you about the Islamic Center of Johnson County (Kansas) several years ago when we discovered a curious statement on their website that read:

“The Islamic Center of Johnson County, Inc., unequivocally affirms the Qur’an and the Sunnah as its eternal and ultimate constitution.”

After we exposed that and some other sites picked it up, the web page strangely disappeared down the memory hole. See how they are putting a stranglehold on the local police.

Facebook post from Islamic Center of Johnson County in Kansas 8/6/2012

Islamic Center of Johnson County (ICJC)
August 6

The tragedy of Wisconsin and the burning down of the Masjid in Joplin is indeed a cause of alarm and need immediate attention. With the safety of ICJC and the worshippers of utmost importance, we met with the Overland Park Police Chief today to seek help in improving our security.

Below is the summary of the meeting:

The Chief has ordered increased patrolling of the Masjid with total coverage between the times of 10 PM to 12 PM every night during the peak hours of Taraweeh. ICJC will bear no cost for the extra protection.

There will be security through vigilant patrolling around and in the parking on other times as well.

Local intelligence is keeping a tab on right-wing activities in the area and is not aware of any imminent threat. Should any threat arise, they will share it with the community.

A team of experts will visit the Masjid tomorrow to get a better idea of the layout in order to better prepare for emergencies.

ICJC cameras will be beefed up to record all activities and store in the cloud to avoid destruction in fires etc.

Administrator of Homeland Security will visit the Masjid tonight to speak to the worshippers directly, InshAllah.

The Police Chief will visit us this Saturday during Iftaar and also organize a “show of resources” to combat unforeseen emergencies.

Upon our request the Chief will share the list of proactive measures in Overland Park with the Chiefs of Police of neighboring cities like Olathe, Shawnee etc. to help increase the safety.


Arif Ahmad

Residents of the affluent Johnson County neighborhood might want to find out who is funding the mosque and how they were able to submit the police force and get DHS to come to Kansas when unrelated events occurred in separate states. They may want to know why the mosque has pledged its allegiance to the Koran and Sunnah over the United States Constitution as well.

Update from the comments section:

Overland Park Police Chief Islamic adviser may know more about this……. interesting to note that the OP Police adviser is former leader with American Muslim Council, renamed to Heartland Muslim Council after AMC leader busted [and convicted] as terrorist, and now in PRISON.

13 thoughts on “Taxpayers pay for extra police patrols at Kansas mosque

  1. All of these costs are the result of the Socialists in the Democratic Party bringing the Muslim terrorists/supporter to the USA to build their voter base among them and to include their presence and anti-Christian/Semitic ranting on college campuses and in protests in their anti-Christian/Semitic agenda in the USA.

  2. More and more real Americans every day are feeling like they want to throw up just hearing the words Islam, jihad, and Muslim. How long can it be before patriotic Americans decide to rid the country of the disease ? If 10 million Americans march on Washington demanding Islam lose its constitutional protections, what leaders would stand in the way?

    If Nazis were building forts in neighborhoods and proclaiming the U.S. Constitution should be trashed, they wouldn’t be safe. How can Islamists expect any different?

  3. ” Religious controversies are always more productive of more acrimony & irreconcilable hatreds than those which spring from any other cause.” Geo. . Washington, letter to Edw. Newenham, 6-2-1792. 225 years later, it remains the same. Organized religions are divisive & destructive, but none of them sees it that way with theirs. Pity.

    • @keithm…oh, if only there were more of us who think as you do & speak out openly & bravely, also!! too many are afraid to address this issue for fear of appearing to be intolerant. well, we’ve
      BEEN tolerant & look where it’s gotten us! god help us & bless us.

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