Terror-linked CAIR helps double number of Muslim delegates at DNC

Remember that Muslims make up maybe one percent of the U.S. population.

via Islamic Council: Record Number of Muslim Delegates at DNC.

A record number of Muslim delegates are attending this year’s Democratic National Convention, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

An estimated 100 Muslim delegates from 20 different states are in Charlotte, the group said in a press release, which pointed out that only a “handful” of delegates attended the Republican National Convention last week in Tampa, “during which the RNC adopted a platform plank targeting the religious practices of Muslims,” the group’s press release said.

There were 43 Muslim and Arab-American delegates at the DNC in 2008 and 25 in 2004, according to CAIR.

“The more than doubling of Muslim delegates at this year’s Democratic National Convention is a direct result of their hard work and grassroots organizing within the Democratic Party,” CAIR Government Affairs Coordinator Robert McCaw said in the press release. “It is also a sign of the American Muslim community’s growing civic engagement and acceptance in the Democratic Party.”

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization.

We pointed out last week that CAIR is encouraging, if not running, Democratic voter registration drives in mosques and likely placing these delegates and prepping them – although the Hamas-front group claims to be non-political.

15 thoughts on “Terror-linked CAIR helps double number of Muslim delegates at DNC

  1. Wish they were there to punish the apostate as called out in sharia.

    Obviously they are giving a pass to the person assisting sharia in creating the new worldwide Caliphate.

  2. I could truly gives a rats ass! If DNC is stupid enough to incorporate these mooslime miscreants into their “convention”, then whatever they get from the mooslimes, DNC deserves! “Democrat woman raped by frenzied mooslime at DNC Convention Hyatt Regency”, we’ll be reading that headline soon…”Moosline delegate exposes himself to a six year old boy in the restroom at the DNC Convention”! Another one….”Mooslime delegate grabs Joe Bite’me by the balls at the DNC convention”…Biden simply imitates a rooster in response…”any cock’l doo”!

    • That is BS from CAIR… what we did was denounce Shari’ah law as a threat to our sovereignty and called out Jihad as a threat to our country. So if you want to say those are the “religious practices” of Muslims – then YEAH, we did… but those ‘practices’ are incompatible with our Republic! The government has done that to Mormons too – making polygamy a crime…

  3. No wonder the DNC tried to sneak past a platform that removed the statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The Chair called for the voice vote three times to make sure he had 2/3rds of a vote, there were so many nay votes. Sounded like a tie to me.

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  5. obama hands the muzzies anything they want; including trying to negate our constitution. islam is the number one enemy of our country, and the world. folks need to wake up and fight back; they do not deserve to even be living in our country if they can’t control their imams and those who follow that line of bullshit.

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