Muslim prayer room at Denver Airport separate from Christians and Jews

One line buried in an article on an airport prayer room exemplifies what “interfaith” really means to Muslims and how others are readily fooled. via Church and State Battle at Denver Airport – ABC News.

The airport chapel was paid for by DIA Interfaith Chapel Inc., which is composed of Christians, Jews and Muslims. One room is for Muslims and the other for Christians and Jews. The organization leases the space.

The chapel is often used by religious groups passing through or going on pilgrimages, and occasionally for a wedding or memorial service of an airline or airport employee, Kaye said.

It means Muslims get their own room and everyone else can share another room. Koranic interfaith quote below:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends… ~ Koran 5:052

28 thoughts on “Muslim prayer room at Denver Airport separate from Christians and Jews

  1. It has to be separate because Muslims following Islam have a track record of not getting along with others. Mecca was one of the most Multicultural places on Earth until Islam showed up.
    Look at History. Where Islam and Sharia Law go and are followed, Freedom goes away.

  2. All joking aside (some so funny I lol) this sign must come down!

    It is in your face racism. Would it be allowed if it said one room for blacks one room for whites. No way!

    The two different rooms must not be allowed. We can not allow this anymore.

    Live like an American or leave. We must not change!

  3. They have no tolerance for other people of faith and we all know this. Most of them pretend to be different in public but what they are taught by their leaders, schools and etc is we are infidels to them.

  4. Station Street, Ajax (just east of Toronto) Ontario. Small mosk in a converted store. Sign on front door clearly states mens entrance. Women use rear entrance. Unfreekinbelievable! I should take a photo and send it in.

  5. Islamization is the next global problem following naziism and communisum, no question about it! Islam is a ‘system’,
    not a ‘religion’, (although it can be called that just like hinduism, buddism, taoism, etc.), which within it’s ‘bible’, the koran
    and the sharia law contained advocates and practices complete and total INTOLERANCE to Christians and Jews in our world,
    much outlined and practiced in very brutal ways, in fact. Mohammed, moslem’s ‘great prophet’ was an illerate, a murderer,
    a pedophile, a polygamist, a terrorist . . . .his last ‘death bed’ wish (age 62 in 632 A.D) was: “Allah destroy the Jews and Christians!
    Let there not remain any faith but that of Islam throughout the whole of Arabia!” (from . . . .”Islam Rising . . . . .” Dr. Jim Murk’s Book 1)
    This just DOESN’T FIT AT ALL with us good Christians, YOU KNOW!!!!! Islam is the ONLY quote on quote ‘religion’ in the world
    that condones VIOLENCE and PRACTICES it regularly!!!!!!!

    Poor England, the Netherlands, the Dutch, etc. have been ‘tolerating’ these moslem people in their land for such a time now
    that they are suffering significant and growing problems. The moslems have contributed basically NOTHING to the world’s
    people except for poverty, acts of terror, killings of innocents, and continual threats of more violence and terror. We should
    NOT allow professed moslems into the US of A and do whatever it takes to rid us of their curse, of their ‘system’ — just as we
    did with naziism and communism.

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  14. Problem is that they have done it and continue to do. More airports catering to them. Where is the state and local ordinances? The Airport has dont this, So where are the people protesting who should take over those rooms and hold Chrisitan or other religious ceremonies. Force it to become a Supreme Court issue.

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