North Dakota: Muslim commits burglary and assault, will sue jail for Ramadan accommodations

Tyron Jones – devout Muslim.  via Inmate accuses Cass County Jail of religious discrimination | WDAY | Fargo, ND.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – A 33 year-old Muslim man is accusing the Cass County Jail of religious discrimination. Tyrone Jones says Muslim inmates are being treated unfairly in their attempts to observe Ramadan. Jones is being held in the jail on charges of burglary and simple assault.

Cass County Jail authorities say they make every effort possible to accommodate Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan. The jail says there are certain restrictions they do enforce, but it’s all for safety reasons.

Jones says he plans to file a discrimination claim in civil court.

North Dakota now on the Creeping Sharia map.

15 thoughts on “North Dakota: Muslim commits burglary and assault, will sue jail for Ramadan accommodations

  1. If the muzzie wants to fast all day and then eat cold stale baloney sandwiches at night, fine! Who cares? This jail owes him no special treatment! If he died and went to Hell (for sure), he would be demanding “special treatment” from the Devil!

  2. political correctness to the extreme; islam is a cult; no other religious affiliations request special accommodations. if they do the crime, they do the time, period; not hard to figure out. guess islam says ok to rob and terrorize; guess he doesn’t feel he committed a crime. what a JOKE

  3. This is so pathetic!!! These people do things wrong and now want to scream because they think things are not done the way they want them done. Do they not understand they are in jail. Your freedoms are cut short there. If you don’t like that don’t do things to get yourself in trouble. If you want to celebrate a certain way, do it in your own home. That means don’t break into other peoples home then you are free to worship how you want in your own home anyway you want to. You want to stick to your religion on ramadan how about sticking to your religion and not break laws,ie; don’t break into peoples houses.

  4. I’m sorry but isn’t jail about losing one’s rights?!?! Isn’t it against the koran to commit burglary and assault anyway?!?! Where’s the reason???

    • Lol 222!
      What about the murderer who the judge said can have a sex change while in jail paid for by us.
      Prison…you don’t get to do what you would do out of prison…as a punishment.

      • I knew it would happen! That’s here in Ma. and how can that be ok??? Why put anyone in jail?? He murdered his wife!! Can you imagine the problems the prison guards are going to have?? People here are insane about this!

  5. the idea of Ramadan is repentance and doing without comforts like food- so what he is asking has nothing to do with ISLAM- just one more whiny prisoner- what special thing does one need to FAST? to pray?

  6. Oh for goodness sake! Simple answer short, if he can’t handle the time then DON’T do the crime in the first place. How utterly stupid of American Courts to even let that sookie-baby think they will mollycoddle his whiny cry. He NEEDS to grows up, swallow down several spoonfuls of concrete and harden the eff up! The American judicial system NEEDS to overhaul it’s lawsuit laws and stop clogging itself with pathetic cry-baby claims such as the example in this article. This MUST happen!

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