Debunking Obama & 1001 Islamic inventions

via PJ Media h/t Answering Muslims (currently being silenced by 1001 Inventions lawyers)

Obama Flunks History at Cairo U

Almost every advance he attributed to the Muslims in his big speech should be credited to someone else.

In his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, President Barack Obama claimed: “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam. It was Islam — at places like Al-Azhar University — that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment. It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing.”

Obama is not much of a “student of history” if he believes this. Almost every advance he attributes to the Muslims was due to someone else.

The non-Muslim Chinese invented the magnetic compass and printing (Gutenberg invented not printing, but movable type). The non-Muslim Hindu Indians invented algebra and the decimal numbering system. The non-Muslim European Christians invented the university.


I can’t address advances in medicine, but I have studied the history of astronomy and physics. The Muslims contributed nothing.

All modern physics descends from Galileo (1564 -1642); all modern astronomy from Copernicus (1473-1543).  If you study Galileo’s works carefully, as I have, you see that he started with the achievements of the Greek mathematical physicist Archimedes of Syracuse (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC).  If you study Copernicus’ works carefully, as I have, you will see that Copernicus’ great book On the Revolutions is essentially a heliocentric re-working of the geocentric astronomy textbook by the Greek Ptolemy (c. 90 AD – 168 AD). Copernicus mostly used even Ptolemy’s data for the positions of the planets.

Note the dates for Archimedes/Galileo and Ptolemy/Copernicus. It is as if the Muslim world never existed. As far as their fundamental contributions to physics and astronomy, it did not.

If one reads history of science textbooks prior to about 1980, one will find very little mention of Muslim “contributions” to physics and astronomy. This is reasonable, because there weren’t any.  In the past generation, however, political correctness has dictated that Muslims be given credit for discoveries they did not make.

Certainly, the Muslims were a conduit for the discoveries of others. The word “algebra” is indeed derived from an Arabic word. The books of Archimedes and Ptolemy used by Galileo and Copernicus were indeed translations into Latin from the Arabic. But let us never forget that Archimedes and Ptolemy wrote their books in Greek, not Arabic. They were Greeks, not Muslims.

Most of the names for the brightest stars are of Arabic origin, because the names of these stars given in Ptolemy’s textbook were never translated from the Arabic. But do you think that the Arabs were the first humans to observe Rigel and Betelguese, the first and second brightest stars in Orion?

The reason Muslims never developed fundamental physics is because the leading Muslim theologians declared the idea of fixed physical laws to be heretical. The Qur’an (verse 6:64) states: “The Jews have said, ‘God’s hand is fettered.’ Fettered are their hands, and they are cursed for what they have said. Nay, but His hands are outspread; He expends how He will.” The standard Muslim interpretation of this passage has been that there cannot be unchanging physical laws because Allah may change the laws at any moment. In 1982, the Institute for Policy Studies in Islamabad, Pakistan, criticized a chemistry textbook by saying:  “There is latent poison present in the subheading Energy Causes Changes because it gives the impression that energy is the true cause rather than Allah.  Similarly it is unIslamic to teach that mixing hydrogen and oxygen automatically produces water.  The Islamic way is this: when atoms of hydrogen approach atoms of oxygen, then by the Will of Allah water is produced.” The implication is clear:  next week, Allah may change his mind about water being a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. With this sort of worldview, how could one possibly be a scientist?

The cosmology of the Qur’an is obviously geocentric, and as a consequence, Al-Azhar University, which Obama singles out for praise in his speech, still teaches Ptolemaic astronomy.

There was one truly great “Muslim” physicist, the Nobel Prize winning Pakistani, Mohammed Abdus Salam. I put “Muslim” in quotes, because Salam belonged to the Ahmadi sect of Islam, a sect that accepts modern science. But in 1974, the Pakistani parliament declared the Ahmadi sect heretical, and its members are currently being persecuted in Pakistan. Contemporary Muslim historians generally do not list Salam as an important Muslim scientist. Had he remained in Pakistan, he quite possibly would have been killed.

During the Cold War, it was commonplace for leftist academics to attribute many discoveries to scientists in Communist countries, discoveries that had actually been made in the West. So now leftist academics attribute to Muslims discoveries that had actually been made by others.

I never expected to hear a president of the United States do so.

Frank J. Tipler is Professor of Mathematical Physics at Tulane University. He is the co-author of The Anthropic Cosmological Principle (Oxford University Press) and the author of The Physics of Immortality and The Physics of Christianity both published by Doubleday.

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23 Responses

  1. The ignorant citizenry of our precious nation, the 50% on the dole, without the ability to read, write and reason, will believe this Esslamic propaganda bullshit! Watchout!

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  3. i have posted this link many, many times in my discussions with muslims online and what they consider THEIR inventions …you cant get any more specific than the letter written by this gentleman, of Assyrian ancestory, in attempting to correct islamic efforts to CO-OP accomplishments of civilizations they have conquered only to call the conquered society achievements theirs…

    i dont see islam as the source of invention or leadership, but the bottleneck which strengthened the dark ages for europe…islam’s rise in turkey effectively cut off the free flow of ideas from east to west…their centralized location was perfectly placed to stop knowledge dead in its tracks …..for shame, for shame, islam …..if you think im wrong ….then ask why wasnt it a muslim country who put a man on the moon? or was out front with all the medical advancements muslims are so eager to claim as theirs…the reason is, once islam grabs hold of a society strangles itself from WITHIN ….some muslims will even go so far as to claim the western nations STOLE all their knowledge!!! ….this is beyond absurd, its laughable …..and islam is DANGEROUS anywhere it takes over or gains the majority …..

    as one imam once said about books ..if its not in the koran, you dont need to know it

  4. Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    Islam is a farce.


  6. “…..a culture that creates nothing, invents nothing, produces nothing, and aspires to nothing except genocide.

  7. Islam invented Time Travel. Follow Islam and you are instantly back in the 7th Century.

  8. Inventions attributable to Islam: One fraudulent US islamic president from Kenya. I hear he has gone from a net worth of 0 to $10,000,000 in 4 years. Good saver, I bet.

    You forgot inventions like good old fashioned book burnings, a religion that kills for the crime of apostasy, kills its own children (now who else does that?) keeping women as property, suppressing freedom, slave traders, child marriages, child sex, beastiality, hair trigger riots for any imagined offense, and amputations with stonings. Whatever Satan has in his kitchen. Of course any advanced society treats women as equals, not like this 7th century black death stuff called Islam. The Koran is a cheap knock off of the holy scriptures in many parts.

    Reads like a Sephen King book.

  9. Backwards is as backwards does 7th centurywas the high point of sucess and they want to stay there!

  10. Moslems, I think, live in an alternate universe where, if a moslem is on the same continent where cultural and scientific advancements are made, they are islamic by osmosis. Since their view of history is in no way comparable to ours (European), it is altogether fitting that they claim anything of value as islamic.

  11. Can someone tell us infidels whether Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson are hypocrites or democrats……….. or both?

    Muslims as Keith are against gay rights, gay pride and same sex marriage. Yet, he is a democrat and supports the democratic agenda. With due respect Mr. Ellison, you can not have it both ways. Which way is it then?

  12. I know this is getting pretty tired by now, but look at the Nobel Prizes–they tell the story perfectly; muslims have won 7, and there are 1.5 BILLION of them. There are only about 14 million Jews, but they have won 129 Nobel prizes.

    If, as muslims (and many stupid Western appeasers) claim, they had a “Golden Age” when they occupied southern Spain; why is it that when they were driven out they became what they are–stone age, murderous slugs. Amazing that they know enough to get out of bed in the morning.

    • Peter35…..arabs walk around in what could pass for bedsheets, so perhaps you were right about not getting out of bed….

  13. I thought so much of that was bull sxxt when he said it. Funny how they have suppose to have developed all this stuff and most still live in the stone age.

  14. What’s even more laughable is I just learned this week there is a group of Islam in the US in an organization that has been around a while that are trying to say they are “indigenous” to the US meaning they are first or are like the American Indian. Which is really ticking the American Indian off and many are not supporting Obama this time around because he has emboldened them so much. There is no one that these people won’t go after or is there? Something that comes to mind at times for me is I don’t hear much about what they are trying to do to the Chinese. Or are they I don’t know I haven’t heard much.

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  16. Actually Westerners are more genuine in anti-islamisation issue. Chinese and Indian and other asians non-islamic ethnics from asia, (who have many similar charecteristics with asian islamic people), contirbuted more subtlely to islamic agenda and indirectly forcing us infidels who are anit-islamic and the west to accept islam. That is why immigration from China, India and various other asian countries shoud be stop, regardless whether they are islamic or not.

  17. Yes, and the scholarly professors, teaching our kids in universities, who should know the accurate answers, will still vote for Obama.

  18. Ah the LIAR in Chief another HUGE whopper- Only and Only Muslims believe what he said- the biggest whopper about tolerance came next- This university is the world’s primary and largest exporter of JIHAD-THINK.. Funny that Dhimmicrats only hear dog’s whistling about things R’s say and completely missed these megaphone shouts

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