Islamic documentary causes outrage in UK (video)

via Sun News

Tom Holland’s ‘Islam: The Untold Story’ documentary in the UK has unleashed a firestorm of criticism by Muslims in England and Europe. Muslims claimed left leaning noted historian and liberal that his documentary about Islam is false and islamophobia.

Michael Coren and Canada’s Sun TV talk about how thin skinned Moslems are about any questioning of Islam or investigation of any historical context regarding Islam or Islamic text that questions Islam. Holland was met with criticism and even death threats from the savagery that is the cult of Islam.

Channel 4 received 1200 complaints so far. Freedom lovers could muster many more comments in support of free speech – can’t they?

13 thoughts on “Islamic documentary causes outrage in UK (video)

  1. You could take one of the Muslims own documentaries and just translate it into English and they would complain that it is wrong. Anything Negative even if it is the truth about their 7th Century lifestyle gives them reason to complain.
    ” Islam is like the nagging wife, always complaining about something but not doing anything to make it better “. ~ MTW

  2. A book no muzrat ever read, was written by Salman Rushdie in 1988, The Satanic Verses. The same thing happened; no one took any notice despite the fact Rushdie had to have 24 hour police protection. How much longer do we have to wait??

  3. My, my, my…those over-sensitive Muslims. Of course, we know they invented everything that exists, including suicide bombing and Mickey Mouse.

    • they are complete plagiarists ;copyright thieves;culture thieves;THIEVES PERIOD!NOTHING BUT A CRIME FAMILY WITH A ”RELIGIOUS CODE”.Many thieves hide behind religion;most priesthoods survive as parasites on the fears and anxieties of the people they have enslaved;this includes the religion of the Democrats;secular HUMANISM….a religion of dangerous peeps.

  4. Truth, facts, history, information, dissent are all dangerous to ISLAM b/c Muslims are allergic to the truth- the cognitive dissonance they experience when exposed to history or facts causes their heads to explode- of course, ALLAH gives a bonus for those who take us out with them.
    Muslims are about conformity- any Muslim who does not also gets the wrath of these Quran-bots

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  6. I believe we should just get all of our people out of these countries, quite giving them one red cent, allow all innocents out because you know not do they all hate american and turn the rest into one big glass bowl. How are they going to hold us american’s responsible for something an Egyptian did

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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