Lawyers for ‘1001 Islamic Inventions’ silencing free speech

The Fair Use Vs. Sharia Countdown!

 The pro-Sharia, anti-freedom, Islamic supremacist group “1001 Inventions” has managed to have my video taken down from YouTube, LiveLeak, DailyMotion, GodTube, and Vimeo. Notice that the video is a simple critique of their absurd claim. 1001 Inventions wants a world where they’re free to spout their Islamic supremacist nonsense, but no one is free to respond. It’s sad to see YouTube, LiveLeak, DailyMotion, GodTube, and Vimeo

Hmmm. I feel a lot of videos coming on.


Copyright Law protects intellectual property, which is why you’re not supposed to sell bootleg copies of the latest Batman film. However, due to the strong tradition of Free Speech in the West, Copyright Law allows people to use short portions of copyrighted material for purposes of education and criticism. This is why you’re allowed to quote from books or articles in your own books or articles.

There is no Copyright Law under Sharia. However, Islamic supremacists gladly use Western laws when they can manipulate these laws in defense of Islam.

Recently, I posted a YouTube video titled “Science and Islam: A Reply to 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets.” In the video, I play short clips of an Islamic supremacist video, and I respond to the clips. This is perfectly legal under Copyright Law, and is a textbook example of Fair Use.

Nevertheless, YouTube isn’t in the habit of defending the rights of critics of Islam, and they took down the video in a matter of hours after 1001 Inventions filed a false copyright infringement claim. I then posted the video to LiveLeak, hoping that they would have more respect for Fair Use. No such luck. The video was taken down this morning in response to a false copyright infringement claim. I’m guessing 1001 Inventions has some intimidating lawyers, and who wants to stand up to intimidating lawyers on behalf of critics of Islam?

The irony here is tremendous. The 1001 Inventions group is working day and night to convince Westerners that Islam supports scientific advancement. Yet one of the cornerstones of scientific advancement is having the freedom to criticize opposing views. By attempting to stifle all criticism of Islamic supremacist claims, 1001 Inventions has shown their true colors, and their true contempt for open inquiry.

All of this has inspired my Fair Use vs. Sharia Countdown. Is there a single video provider out there willing to stand up for our right to question and criticize Islamic supremacist nonsense? Only one way to find out. I’ve uploaded the video to several video sites. If one of them refuses to back down to Sharia advocates, you know which site truly believes in Western values.

(By the way, if anyone has accounts on other video hosting sites, feel free to upload the video and send me the link.)

Try (and get off of Blogger)

As of last night a copy of the video was still viewable on the Answering Muslims website but not on Vimeo so may be gone now. We’ll post when available.

Update: Not sure if they took our suggestion but it’s on MRC TV now as a commenter below notes. WordPress doesn’t embed from MRC though so you have to go there to watch.

13 thoughts on “Lawyers for ‘1001 Islamic Inventions’ silencing free speech

  1. The ONLY answer is for the U.S. to drop constitutional protection for Islam as a religion. Italy did it. Spain is now looking at banning the Qur’an as hate speech.

    Say it loudly wherever you go. Islam IS NOT a religion!

    Start the movement!

  2. The free thinking and intellectual guidance of the kooran has made islam the prime inventor of all good things in the world.

    In fact, the American space program is headed by a muslim chief scientist. Look at the great achievments! Where are the roomfulls of the moon landing tapes that disappeared. Is there any investigation that the shuttle tradegy with the Israeli aboard was actually the result of a muslim tech sabotageing it????? Perhaps as simple as scouring the tiles to insure failure on reentry????

    Well to be truthful the islamic invention of the suicide belt and taping bottles of gasoline to RPG to make it into a crude flame thrower is pretty impressive. And when BO makes sharia the law of America they will invent very impressive ways of murdering and enslaving us.

  3. I’m not seeing Islam as this issue here. It’s freedom of speech and proper use of copyrighted materials. As long as everything related to the video was done legally, it sounds to me like the “author” should challenge 1001 Inventions on grounds of interfering with his freedom of speech. But I posted to my FB wall the other day, in the US, we seem to have freedom of religion, as long as we aren’t Christians. And it appears, we have freedom of speech, as long as we don’t say anything than ANYONE else can consider offensive. Political correctness sucks.

  4. There’s copy of the video here:
    I have downloaded it BUT am reluctant to upload it onto my account as having watched it, I’m certain the problem with the video is the use of Copyright material. The video, unfortunately IS a clear breech of Copyright material, and complainants can easily have it removed on this basis.
    I URGE the video author to remove the copyright clips and re-upload as his content is very good and educational.

  5. Islamic people and other non-islamic asians are known to copy alot of Western education system, western technology, western books and western inventions and then somehow they misused the wealth created by the west to enslave their own people and other foreigners and at the same time, tried to imply that their advancement and development was due to islam or asian culture, even though it was the West that brought advancement and development.

    • And you sound like you are talking rubbish and lies. If Youtube continue to silence facts, then it is time get alternative media and boycott youtube.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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