12 Responses

  1. They are just disgusting pieces of crap aren’t they! I see Japan is going to have trouble with Islam, I just hope they deal with it better than we have. To my Japanese friends, these animals have NO honour at all, they will destroy your country from within if you let them.

  2. Why didn’t they take that asshole down enmass? Because he was purposely holding a child for protection.

  3. Hooray for Japan, the rag head expected you to lay down but you did not, Top shelf Japan but keep it up

  4. To my japanese brothers and sisters do not let them in the front door!

  5. Yea for Japan, all should never take any islam crap from these people; they hide behind their kids and wives; islam is a cult, period.

  6. We should take a leaf out of their book! Get them out of our countries, do not make them welcome any more, Refuse to be served by muslims, there is lots you can do.

  7. Just think if it wasn’t for MUSLIMS BOMBERS on airplanes no one would have to go through this. See how he projects and asked to be killed? b/c that is what he would do if the situation was reversed- you will not find any more polite and restrained people than Japaneses anywhere in this world-

    Hmm Muslima in wheelchair- can’t go through metal detector- refuses to be searched in private– trust them?? HELL NAH

  8. Call Jet Lei to kick this guys ass. Muslims are all walking time bombs. Thats evident from the way this guy exploded.

  9. “In Islam I kill you if you touch my wife”

    And I will kill my wife if you touch my wife

  10. Muslim women are owned by the muslim men like a property or any piece of furniture ,or like a cow and muslim women should not be exposed or touched by other men even the shaking hands which considered as a crime in Islam .Islam supremacist starts in the family’s relationships, and ends with non muslims.
    The aggressiveness is the core of the Islamic codes,and the savage is the precise address of islam.

  11. The Japanese are perhaps even better than most people think, i.e. they have the good sense to have virtually no immigration–so they don’t have a problem.

    They have been an economic powerhouse for the last 40 yrs, something that embarrasses and confounds the Immigration and Multiculturalism nutters, who keep screaming that Japan and indeed the whole world would be better off if we just keep accepting millions of third world ‘no hopers’, but the Japanese know better–and they are right.

    People with an agenda, but no brain, keep parroting the same tired dogma–“Look what immigration did for Australia, NZ, Canada and USA”, which is completely inapplicable, because the earlier immigrants to those countries were from white countries with the Jewish Christian work ethic, not third world rabble from North Africa and the Mid. East, and if my comments annoy some people–tough. The truth is sometimes hard to take.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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