DoD and Pentagon blocking Creeping Sharia blog

This was passed on to us by a reader. What are the DoD and Pentagon afraid of their employees knowing?

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Truth is the new hate speech.

Bonus reading for those DoD employees and other readers who get through: How To Defeat Tyranny.

And also check out Steps to bypass Internet Censorship (always on our left hand navigation, lower down)


23 thoughts on “DoD and Pentagon blocking Creeping Sharia blog

  1. I think you should sue them and send a loud message. I think America will stand with you both morally and financially. Sue them and slam their sorry Nazi asses to the ground as they so deserve.

    Our time has come to rise up and stop this insanity

    • IF…the Pentagon takes this position,WHAT position does the State Dept take?…What else will be blocked………or confiscated as ‘A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY’?Islam has caused America to succumb;they are swallowing slowly like a pythonIf things do not change quick;AMERICA ID FINNISHED

  2. The Dhimmitude National Committee is incharge, if they could block this site from all, they would. Era of Truth will set US free.

  3. The time is right. The time is now. Demand The Rights granted under the US Constitution. Civil rights are infringed. We are not an Islamic Nation. Tell the FreedomPhobes They have no place In American Culture if they can’t respect Freedom.


  5. Panetta’s DoD, disarming soldiers everywhere because Panetta himself is the Islamic enemy. He has disarmed more of us than anyone by refusing to say the new hate speech, TRUTH, and he would not ask if he were an American. He is a hero in Islam, just like the deadly tart Hillary has as an aid.

    And the election will be close……

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  7. It all starts with that Muslim bastard Obama. Get Obama out of Office and hopefully we can begin to right all the wrongs that Obama and his hatchet man Holder had done to destroy this country. We also need to start voting out those in the GOP who continue to support Muslims that are now in top positions of this government. Are you listening John McCain?

    • & I second that @foxmuldar. The Illegal Communist Muslim Usurper Fraud & his criminal thugs have to be arrested and I mean all of them.

      Jarrett the Iranian Terrorist calling the shots should be in Gitmo

  8. I send links to my son, career A.F. both stateside and while in Afghanistan. I know he’s read and commented on some which get his interest. Sent this, too. Maybe a servicemember cannot use a government supplied computer for suchlike. By the way, got my copy of the SEAL story Friday. I started it. The author is careful to state plainly, as military people often do, that he had his work vetted, even by a lawyer who practices in this area of classified information. I trust him that he would not reveal anything which could harm his fellow SEALs or his country. The current administration? Well, that is another matter altogether. Puts me in mind of the Bush campaign when dhimmicrats had a bumper sticker stating, ‘he’s not my president’.

  9. Direct messages to @creepingsharia on Twitter appear to be disabled too.

    The Pentagon is probably supporting Obama/Romney’s preparations to give parts of Israel to the Islamic caliphate via the Palestinians. A lot of Christian and Jewish American troops would be upset to know that the Pentagon is going to order them to divide Israel.

    On page 49 of the official PDF file from the RNC 2012 website, we read the following:

    “…we envision two democratic states – Israel with Jerusalem as its capital and Palestine..” – Mitt Romney 2012 RNC Convention

    • and Palestine what?

      what is your twitter name? if we’re not following you that’s why you can’t send a direct message – let us know and we’ll follow

  10. Who do you think is working in the IT departments of the federal government and the S6 shops of the military? Fair-minded independents and free speech advocates? Maybe some of them.

    But I believe there are a lot of suppressors among them who ban access to your website because they regard your free expression as “hate,” “racism” etc. even though they are illiterate, close-minded fact debunkers who will never acknowledge that there could be any truth in the FACTS that you present. There’s sadly a lot of senior federal/military officials who think of themselves as enlightened & send their IT people on these witch hunts against websites like yours.

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