Female Cops Not Allowed to Patrol Near Spanish Mosque

Europe’s Muslim population has tripled over the last 30 years. The manifestation of uncontrolled immigration: No Go Zone: No Female Cops Allowed Near Spanish Mosque | FrontPage Magazine.

Only male traffic wardens are now active in the mosque area in Palma’s Pere Garau district. Dornier, the company responsible for the concession, made the decision after various incidents occurred. Female employees were insulted by men who were visiting the mosque, the company said.

Initially it was decided that the traffic wardens would patrol the neighbouring streets in twos. But because of a lack of staff it was ultimately decided to withdraw the female traffic wardens.

It begins with the area around a mosque and as the number of mosques increases, so do the number of zones where female traffic cops are not allowed to go. And if female traffic cops can’t safely traverse on those areas, ordinary women dressed in a non-Islamic approved style certainly cannot.

Each accommodation sets the stage for the next accommodation. The first surrender over a minor point leads to a surrender over a larger point until there is an effective site of Islamic supremacist apartheid imposed on an entire city.

For Muslims, Mallorca is their former territory and the reconquista is a religious imperative. Here’s the recent state of affairs over there.

Three arrests were made at Palma’s main mosque in Calle Joan Mestre after police followed a North African suspect into the building. He was arrested together with the president of the Moslem Defence League and the mosque caretaker, both of whom had reportedly tried to prevent the police from entering the premises, saying that the sanctuary of a mosque should be respected

On hearing of the incident, some 150 angry local Moslems protested outside the police station, saying that relations between the Islamic community and the security forces were now at an all-time low due to their holy site not being respected.

First no female cops and then no infidel cops at all. So the authorities resort to community policing and hire devout Muslim police who begin enforcing Islamic law.

And Immigrants Are 32% of the Spanish Prison Population.

10 thoughts on “Female Cops Not Allowed to Patrol Near Spanish Mosque

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  2. Eventually it will be a shariah zone, a no go zone for infidels. Its the milita with dogs that should be policing and arresting them by the thousands. Deportation for any crime is the only solution for these Warsaw ghettos.
    Empty them and them turn them into parkland.

  3. Zone this!

    If the police surrender (one country after another) how are we going to fight this?

    Who is going to be our calvery?

    This is going to get ugly pretty soon. I pray that I am raptured. Are you ready? Ask me how.

  4. Just goes to show me we can live together, as long as moslems are in control. Maybe moslem COLONISTS in the U.S.A. will have the same right during obama’s second term. It is important when in doubt about the candidate, to vote Republican to give Romney some working room.

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  6. I was one of the First Female Cops in the Deep South. I was never given any special privileges. If I was near someone who spoke badly of me..I had to just put up with it. Those women were wimps. You put on a uniform..you better know how to use it, and how to defend yourself. That is where it should have stopped..in the office.

    But I don’t condone what the Muslims did either. And I believe as you do about the Muslims and their Caliphate.

  7. Osama Bin Laden stated that the Nation of Islam would take over the USA … The Great Satan…. by not firing one shot! He said they will copulate, and germinate, so many Muslim children, that they will take over the government, in due time..and that there would be a Muslim President who would help bring in the Caliphate! Do you think that has already happened?

    • Certainly. Anyone who says obama is not a muslim is just not playing with a full deck. It was extremely obvious, even before he was (stupidly) voted in as president.

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