Muslim guilty of tossing 3-month old daughter off New Jersey bridge to her death

An update on this 2010 Creeping Sharia post, NJ: Muslim man says threw 3-month old infant daughter off bridge into river.

Zara Malani-Lin Abdur-Raheem (Credit: Family Handout via CBS New York)

via Jury finds New Jersey father Shamsidden Abdur-Raheem guilty of tossing baby girl off bridge – Crimesider – CBS News.

(CBS/AP) NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – A jury has found a New Jersey father guilty of murdering his infant daughter by tossing the 3-month-old off a bridge to her death.

Shamsidden Abdur-Raheem was convicted Friday in New Brunswick in the death of Zara Malani-Lin Abdur-Raheem.

The jury also found the 24-year-old man guilty of kidnapping the child, but not guilty of attempted murder of the baby’s maternal grandmother.

The baby’s mother had sole custody of Zara and had left the child in her mother’s care while she sought a restraining order against Abdur-Raheem.

Prosecutors say Abdur-Raheem fled with the child and tossed her into the Raritan River in February 2010.

The baby’s body was found several weeks later.

More from CBS here.

Prosecutors said Abdur-Raheem abducted the baby from her grandmother’s East Orange apartment in February 2010, assaulting the woman and hitting her with his van. They said he then parked on the Driscoll Bridge on the Garden State Parkway and threw or dropped the baby into the Raritan River.

The baby’s body was found several weeks later along the riverbank by passersby.

Prosecutors gave their opening statement Wednesday in the murder trial of Shamsid-Din Abdur-Raheem, who they said repeatedly confessed to investigators to throwing his 3-month-old daughter off a bridge on a New Jersey highway.

As we noted in 2010:

Muhsin Raheem, father of the suspect, said his son was a pre-law student at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Atlantic County and was slated to graduate in a few months. He said his son interned a year ago at the Attorney General’s Office in DC a year ago.

Rageem said that his son visited two mosques Tuesday evening before he was arrested. They were Masjid Muhammad on Albany Avenue in Atlantic City and Masjid un-Nur in Camden County.

And more from reader wtd back in 2010:

Press of Atlantic City

“The little girl’s mother, Venetta Benjamin, sat in court with family members beside her, but refused to speak with reporters. She maintained a calm demeanor while waiting hours for the proceeding to start, but was seen dabbing her eyes at various times. When his image first appeared on the screen, she looked away, shaking her hand in front of her face.”


“A woman who identified herself as the child’s paternal grandmother, but who refused to give her name, said after the court proceeding that Abdur-Raheem’s family do not know the whereabouts of the infant.”


“After Abdur-Raheem allegedly threatened to harm Benjamin the prior weekend, Benjamin had issued a restraining order against him Tuesday. He had not received the order by the time he got to Benjamin’s mother’s house in East Orange.”


“Abdur-Raheem apparently held a leadership position in the Muslim Student Association at Stockton, where he was studying criminal justice. Fellow majors surveyed in between classes last night said they did not know him.”


“He also secured an internship with the federal Office of the Attorney General’s Juvenile Division in Washington, D.C., last summer, but was fired within a month because he was frequently absent and unproductive.”


“Abdur-Raheem apparently lashed out at the staffer who terminated him and had to be escorted out by security, according to personnel there.”


Shamsid-Din Abdur-Raheem, an aspiring lawyer and student at Richard Stockton College, reportedly held a leadership position in the Muslim Student Association at Stockton, according to college senior Zaw Win. The group’s member and officer list has been disabled on its website.

After arriving at the Driscoll Bridge and dropping his daughter into the icy cold water of the Raritan River, Abdur-Raheem is said to have immediately driven to see Imam Amin Muhammad at the Masjid Mohammed in Atlantic City, and then to Masjid un-Nur in Camden County.

26 thoughts on “Muslim guilty of tossing 3-month old daughter off New Jersey bridge to her death

  1. Free world citizen has no idea when they marry a person following an Arebic muslim culture of 7th century.Its time media/ host govt should bring the facts about ISLAM and its way of life to free wolrd.

  2. Naw, take him to the same bridge, tie a rope around his neck, then tell him to look for his kid as you throw the scum bag over the railing!!! Money saved on a trial!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Throw him off the bridge and have an escort boat make sure he doesn’t get out…let him die slowly…I’ll pilot the boat

  3. I wonder if it was a male child if he would have done the same thing? Women are treated so badly in that culture. He spent time in two mosques the night before so he must have gotten permission to throw his baby girl off the bridge. What kind of religion would allow this to be done? Threatening to kill his wife for divorcing him and killing their daughter out of spite. I hope he gets life without parole.

    • He went to the mosque AFTER he tossed his daughter into the frozen Raritan River that February day. However, IIRC, no one in either mosque bothered to inform the police or initiate a search/rescue for the infant – making them complicit in her death.

      • Islamic people only value rich islamic women or make use of islamic women(with or without the hijab) to spread their islamic agenda. Also, rich islamic women(with or without the hijab) are known to be one of the worst bullies and who are only out to exploit and enslave us infidels.

  4. Whaddya think of THIS one? Not an honor killing; just another angry killing! And how could he have had such access???? — like employmentin the District Attorney’s office???


  5. I’m not pro islam but to be fair an Australian non-muslim threw his 5yro daughter off the Sydney bridge a year and half to 2 years ago. He was taking the child to her first day of school with her 2 siblings. It was during a heatwave and the children were in the back seat squabbling. He was convicted of her murder and given a hefty sentence reflecting the gravity of his action. It was heart-wrenching! I’m NOT condoning this muslims atrocity but in such acts, it’s not just muslims who are monsters. (I can’t believe I’m actually defending the wretched sods!), but to be fair…..

    • Yes Tracie, I can’t believe you’re defending the low, inbred, barbaric scum either. These sub-humans have nothing to offer western society, and have no place here–or in NZ. Do you have many there? I hope not; I remember years ago seeing muslim women in burqas in the lovely Yorkshire town of Skipton–it ruined the picture; and I would be even more put out to think of muslims walking the streets of my home town in Central Otago.

  6. For an atrocity of this nature, life in prison, no “card to get out” should be applied. If he is not a citizen, then extradite to country of origin, or, of his grandparents. Where is the death penalty in NJ when it is so deserved.

  7. We offered them freedom. Evidently they did not or will not accept our laws that go along with that freedom. They, along with Obama do expect to turn our nation into a Muslim country. Women, or females, are a necessary evil to them and are to be treated as such. Our country is in worse trouble than most people realize. Everybody, PRAY that he does not declare martial law before the election.

  8. For God’s sake, America, Wake Up! It’s bad enough here in Britain,
    with the Moslems on the warpath. You had your 9/11, and we followed with our 7/7, when Islamic terrorists killed and maimed hundreds of innocents on the London Transport System.
    But at least we are better off than USA, in that we don’t have a Muslim as you have, in the White House in Washington, who is leading the country towards an Islamic take-over. And he makes no attempt to hide the fact that he is a Muslim, and favours Islam over all other religions. If God Forbid, he is re-elected in November the people of the
    great United States (that was) had better prepare for a second civil war
    to prevent Sharia becoming THE OFFICIAL COMPULSORY RELIGION
    for every citizen to observe. And God Help Us All then
    Michael Sherbourne
    Wake up America! Republicans AND Democrats to the REAL danger that is facing you and is threatening the whole of Europe as well.

  9. Lucky the girl did not go to a muslim country.. She would have seen real bad things as the daughter was married off to a 60 year old before she was 3. As far as him, its just islam. Like Obama practices.

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