Sharia food expo in Chile

Creeping along South America.

Some of you might be wandering what “halal” is. Watch the video below. Not suitable for children.

12 thoughts on “Sharia food expo in Chile

  1. This is exactly the kind of propagandistic bs that European countries are using to ban kosher slaughter in their ongoing anti-Semitism. Shame on you – or is your campaign now anti-Jew, too?

  2. To Abigail, I was always told that Jews slaughtered their animals humanily. So I can’t say whether or not Jews are involved in this type of slaughter.. I do know one thing about “Kosher” any food prepared in a Kosher manner is “Labled” as such. Jews at least don’t LIE like Muslims. With Kosher prepared food you are informed and have a choice.

    And yes, that does matter! But I will admitt after watching the whole video I am sickened … and I am a big meat eatter …. and I am sickened!

  3. “Humane” is not sonething that muslims are often accused of being!!! They mostly beat, stone, and throw acid in the faces of their women, and do not want them getting educated!!! A woman’s testimny in court does not have the weight of a man’s. And besides all that, they generally chop the heads off anyone that does not support them in all this Nope, nothing “Humane” about them for the most part!!!

  4. Yes, you stupid infidels, when sharia takes over America you will cry out for the humane treatment that halal gives to these animals. There are much worse intended for your women and children. Allah bless our Caliph in the white house.

    • DON’T use the words “humane” and muslim in the same sentence. Sounds as if you might be a typical cowardly,inbred, stone age cretin who puts his backside in the air five times a day to “moon” your paedophile “prophet”, while hiding behind an anonymous name. Typical.

  5. Islam will NEVER take over America. Islam will be wiped out in America.
    Islam is a sick political ideology and has no place in a civilized country. And any god like allah that would allow a so called religion to do what it does is not a god of love but hate. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  6. Abigail is the one that is shamlessly ignorant of the fact with regard the danger posed by the halal brigade to our rights for freedom of choice. It is horrible to see the halal label attached to all of the soft drinks, mineral water, processed food, in many parts of asia, such as Malalysia,Singapore and Thailand. Even Cambodia, who was said to be a buddhist country but have alot of similarity with the majority of the predomiantnly islamic race in malaysia, have lots of halal label food sold in their country. Even Phillipine an asian catholic country exported/soldl alot of halal label packaged food food.
    Without halal, those asian countries were already horrible and with halal, they are even more disgusting.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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