Nashville: Muslim woman arrested, threatened shooting co-workers, “all these kafirs should die”

Note the police captain (the real Islamophobe) who claims what the Muslim said in no way reflects the Muslim community. Clearly he has not read the Koran or other Islamic texts.

This Nashville Public Radio, presumably taxpayer funded, article is almost a full defense of Islam and mentions nothing about what the Muslim threatened or said or how such ideas could be derived from the Koran and follow the footsteps of Muhammad. Threats Land Woman in Jail, Charged with Attempted Terrorism.

Another local outlet only quoted the threat about shooting people, not the quotes about kuffars and non-believers, that she was “ready to die for allah” or that “this whole country will be Muslim soon.” They readily quote an imam and lawyer who want to play down the threats and the police captain who goes out of his way to defend the entire Muslim community.

And with a fake address why isn’t anyone asking if this Muslim broad is even in the U.S. legally? What politician is making deportation for immigrants – as well as their immediate family members – who commit felonies part of their platform?

Check the archives for 80+ posts on Tennessee’s growing Islamic problem.

20 thoughts on “Nashville: Muslim woman arrested, threatened shooting co-workers, “all these kafirs should die”

  1. I bet if it had been a white person that they should shoot Muslims, it would be an outcry…… Its a double standard. And the guy who says about muslim hunting season………Lets do it!

  2. This crap needs to stop! What benefit does the media serve USA citizens by not reporting the truth? I’m sick and tired of my own people turning on us ! Over some damn Muslim jihad sick people! I don’t LIKE ONE MUSLIM! They can all fry for all I care!!!!

    • Hey Katt! The “media” is ALL “privately-owned!” today! The “media” as we have known it to be, is no longer “impartial” to anything! Essentially, we no longer have any form of “public media” in which the truth is broadcast! Whether it’s on tv, radio, or publication! ALL forms of the media is now “privately-owned” and is therefore, reflective of the the owner’s interests…and nothing more! Hell…of ALL the “atrocities” that go on in the world, on a daily basis, none of it even makes it to our so-called “public broadcasting!” NOW! It isn’t even making it to the Internet! OR, I should say, much of it, is no longer accessible to some of us here in the U.S.!!! I just found this out the other day, when I was looking for something that had just occurred in Benin! To this day…”I”…cannot find anything on it! If it were not for a friend of mine, who does NOT live in America, I would not know anything about it! “WE”…here in America, are slowly being “choked-off” from the rest of the world’s NEWS!!!

      • Correction, bobby90247, the media in America have always been privately owned. The government has for many years provided “public broadcasting” but the government has never controlled all media. You are either not originally from America or were absent the day a “free, watch-dog press is an essential part of the American system of checks and balances” was discussed in class.

        • …and the difference is?

          “…checks and balances…” huh? Have you been reading “Creeping Sharia” for long? If you have…then you should have already realized…we no longer have and kind of “checks and balances!”

  3. This woman should be proscuted to the fullest extent of the law, she should receive “jail time” and then be deported; but this will not happen if the current administration is not removed from office.

    “If” Obama is re-elected we here in America will become a minority, an endangered people; just like in Pakistan, Afghanistan or the Islamic Middle East. This is directly due to Obama’s immigration policies.

    The policies of Obama are changing the percentage of the Muslim population in this country. Under the policies of Barack Obama, 14,000 Muslims are immigrating to this country per month! Whole Muslim villages are being relocated; they are being given money, aid, housing, and education.

    This is shocking, for wherever Muslims become a majority the non-muslim population suffers. Why is this? … Muslims are mandated to implement Sharia Law worldwide; it is a Qur’anic mandate! Under Sharia Law, non-muslims become non-citizens in the country of their birth, and they are severly persecuted; murders, rapes, torture, and forced conversion are all part of Sharia Law.

    The immigration policies of Obama toward persecuted Christians and non-muslims is totally different .These people, who are persecuted becasue of religious reasons, who’s lives are in emmient danger are being denied the right to immigrate here. The Obama administration policies extend to the U.N. and prevent the immigration of persecuted Christian and non-muslims worldwide. They are literally being murdered because of our corrupt governmental policies.

    This can’t happen here … Right? Wrong … The news media reports this is a tight race? … They are now reporting that Obama is up in points and pulling ahead of Romney. The liberal left news media is the mouth piece for Obama and Obama is their poster boy; everything Obama does gets favorable reviews.

    If We the People, who are Christian, don’t get on our knees before God and ask forgiveness, we will watch this nation “Die”. But what is even worse is, we will watch our loved ones be persecuted with the same persecution that is going on in the Middle East.

    Time is running out “We the People” …. and Obama has and is taking aim at your freedoms … rights …. either “fight” or learn to live as a slave.

    • Right about fighting, WRONG about getting on your knees and praying, that will do nothing at all, and if you’re sensible, you know it. Sorry Lynn, but it’s the truth.

      And by the way, muslims don’t need to be a majority; an Oslo resident moaned a few weeks ago that muslims made up about 4% of the Norwegian poulation, but caused over 90% of the trouble in Norway. This figure would be about par for the course throughout “Eurabia”.

  4. What she said, she learned in the mosque, the military command center of islam. That is what all muslims learn in the mosques but most aren’t as stupid as this woman & keep their mouths shut. She is yet another example of why all muslim immigration must be stopped, most muslims deported or repatriated and all mosques destroyed.

    Pay attention before it’s too late.

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  7. Bay the Quran muslim must take care of his neighborhood who no t
    muslim Ingil Jevangele Tevrat Tora word of GAD example church
    Constatinopolis in Istambol Turkish Somebody put she in wrong way
    she go in spell Muslim must be nice whit everybody Islam nice strong
    science example talking THINK you kill one man like you kill all the
    world YOU see where go kill for nothing But somebody attack you
    must fight and deed you go in haven dis is dream every muslim
    and see Kijaba

    • People “believe” the Koran is “real” when in fact it is NOTHING more than a “tool” of Satan! It mixes “TRUTH” with “UN-TRUTHS.” In other words, God’s WORD, which is “good and truthful” with Satan’s demonic ideas. Those who love God and “want” to believe in God get “fooled” into believing the Koran is “real” and truthful..when in fact it is NOT!

      “IF”…you can prove that any part of the Holy Scriptures is “FALSE”…then “Proof Directory” ( will give you a MILLION DOLLARS!!!

      The million dollars has been up for grabs for a long, long, long…long time! NO ONE Will ever collect it!

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