Florida’s Amendment 8 would allow taxpayer money to mosques, Islamic schools

As if enough of our tax dollars don’t illegally go to Muslims over seas. But like war, public education is a racket and there is a lot of money at stake in Florida. via Florida Amendment 8 | Americans United.

The goal of Amendment 8 is to allow taxpayer money to flow to religious schools and houses of worship. Passage of the Amendment would strip the religious freedom protections currently enshrined in the Florida Constitution, thus allowing for direct funding of religious organizations that provide faith-based social services and opening the door to taxpayer funded vouchers for religious schools.

If true, one group that is already benefiting far beyond it’s percentage of the population will exploit this to the fullest. Be careful what you vote for Floridians or you might be funding mosques and the teaching of sharia law with your tax dollars.

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24 thoughts on “Florida’s Amendment 8 would allow taxpayer money to mosques, Islamic schools

  1. Where’s the seperation of Church and State. I think I’d just stop paying taxes. They can stick this idea up their ass….. If this takes hold in Floria it will not be long before it’s nation wide.


  3. Does this mean money can go to Catholic schools too, or is this only for Muslims so they can create more radicals that want to kill us and our society!

  4. This isnt good. Wasnt it Bush who stepped over that boundary first and instituted faith-based federal funding? I was totally against that. Now we see it being continued in a very bad way in Florida.

      • Say Yes on 8 – You are totally wrong – the wording on that amendment leaves it open to anyone to receive funding and according to Plakon it is focused for vouchers. Vouchers to be used to “follow the child”. So if a child is going to a private or religious school then that organization is taking tax payers funds for that child’s education. You cannot say that is what is intended. I have read the whole amendment and the decisions and Plakon’s remarks that we are opening “markets” for education. Well it is one thing to have open markets for college & education – kids are not REQUIRED to go to college. Playing all these games with our children’s education is not fixing it especially when Tally votes to use the Common Core Standards. If you are in favor of this amendment it better be because you think that is best for education and not for religious freedom.

        And if all you people were dso concerned about our children’s education you would quite playing games every year or two and let the teachers teach a DECENT CURRICULUM..

  5. It is blanket for all established religious organizations. Also the US Constitution does not apply to a single state’s legislation. Nevertheless it is a really bad idea. Islamic participation would be like taking arsenic along with your vitamins. The proper solution would be to lower taxes so that individuals can give more to their favorite faith-based charities.

  6. It would be a violation of the separation of State interfering with church if it were on the Federal level. But regardless, Sharia Law is the law of a religious cult and cannot be imposed for any reason on, for or as State legislation let alone on the Federal level.

  7. I would like to note here that 2 of the 3 Florida legislators who presented this Amendment are Catholic abd the wording in the complete Amendment makes it look like the Catholic church has not only been picked on, but treated as minor citizens and cannot even get good car at hospitals.

    I think the legislators who wrote this need to stand up and explain a few things about this amendment along with Pam Bondi! As attorney general I really question her authority to write any legislation.

    Rep. Plakon contends this amendment address vouchers which in wording it does not really mention education at all. But if it did, someone needs to explain to me how a private/religious schools could use vouchers or use tax dollars and still consider themselves private? If you were sending your children to private school and paying all that tuition money why would you want your children’s school to them be under the same regulations as public schools and if they were not, I am sure there would be a lot of questions regarding that.

    For the betterment of the children of Florida all legislators need to get out of the business of education and that includes their pushing the “for profit” public-private partnerships of Charter schools along with Jeb Bush and the strong arm tactics of groups like Charter Schools USA, Meridian Strategies and Florida Charter School Alliance.

    This amendment is a slippery slope especially with them giving it a touchy-feely name like Religious Freedom! So now we can use our tax dollars to also fund Catholic, Jewish, Scientology, Islam, Satan, Cults or just any name ministry someone thinks up to get tax dollars. This country is absolutely out of control especially the Florida legislature.

    Would all the FL. legislators who are receiving financial gains from their association with charter school consortium’s and serving on Jeb Bush’s Education Foundations at the same time. As you are supposed to be religious individuals did you not learn you cannot serve more than one master and -YOU ALL WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF FLORIDA – NOT JEB BUSH – NOT ANYONE ELSE BUT POSSIBLY YOUR OTHER JOB!

    • It cost the state an average of $9,400 per year per student to attend public school, the average cost of one year in a private school is around $5,000. Private scool teachers arent in unions or have all the benefits yet year in and year out have better results, by far. Its time to privatise the whole system. It would result in a 40% cost in cost and the graduation rate would go from ariund 70% to well over 95%.

      • But you are not privitizing those schools through this amendment! This amendment changes the FL constitution so that any private or religious school can obtain taxpayer funding through the voucher system. The problem with this is that in the wording it leaves open for anyone who wants to call themselves a religious group/organization and becomes a 501 (c) (3) and that includes Islamic, Cult, Satttan, Scientology or any name you make up and one you take the taxpayer funds you have to abide by the Federal governments rules for PUBLIC education – now your private school is no longer PRIVATE!


        I am certainly not saying the system is good but this would make it 100x worse!

      • What you are stating is true but it is not what this Amendment is about. It is about taking Federal $$ through vouchers to pay for education. Yes it would relieve some of the burden on the parents but once you take Federal $$ of any amount you will now have to dance to the fiddler as do Charter schools.

        Even though Charter schools have unelected boards, can have non-union teachers and much more lenient legislation ruling them, there are still certain mandates they must follow and if private schools take the Federal $$ they will no longer be private, but public in whatever form you wish them to be.

        This will apply to Catholic or any other religious schools as well. I find them naming this Amendment the “Religious Freedom Act” extremely mis-leading and certainly does not explain to the taxpayer what all is involved. Priests and ministers are already saying the need the money for their churches – this is about Federal $$ supplying vouchers for private/religious schools. http://www.krisannehall.com

  8. All of these comments are very interesting given that the state of Florida in the past three years alone have contracted/partnered with religious organizations to the tune of nearly $500 million to ensure that the most needy receive services. This slight change to our constitution merely ensures that these services can continue. Other provisions are in place, the Establishment Clause for example, to protect against the concerns noted here.

    • Go ahead and vote yes then you can come back and tell me I am right. Priests are telling their members they need the money for the church not the schools! Members are upset about that. You need to rad the full Amendment and look into the background!

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  10. I will be voting ‘NO’ on this amendment. I had already plan to vote ‘no’, on this for this very reason….then I found this article.
    I think CAIR is behind this. It is another idea that is made to ‘look and sound good’, but believe me, it is not!!!
    Voteing ‘NO’ on amendment 8 and asking all my family and friends to do the same!!!

  11. seems this is one time the liberals may vote against- seeing it was a GWB idea – they hate all of anything he advocated- really it’s all you would have to say to any Dem- and giving money to people to have their kids educated in religion! Oh my Lefties mostly hate and deny religion if it’s Chrisitan Catholics or Jews -(even though they are mostly supportive of anything demanded by Muslims) I think they will vote no

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  15. I’m for vouchers which us anti-union. And pro-sound use of my tax dollars going for choice. And I should be able to choose which school indoctrines my child. And if I don’t have children..I should be able to choose who gets my voucher. It’s my tax dollars!

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