Imam: “We don’t have freedom of speech in Islam” (video)

He doesn’t mean only for Muslims either.

Original video evidence was removed by Youtube.

This appears to be an imam in a mosque in the U.S.

27 thoughts on “Imam: “We don’t have freedom of speech in Islam” (video)

  1. This is not the only ignorant, idiot, and unreasonable Muslim whether he is Imam or just a regular person.

    No, there is freedom of speech in Islam and it is mentioned in many places in the teachings.

    However, there are those who are deprived from even dpeaking. It is just like marrying 4 women. It is not a matter of religion, it is a matter of econmic conditions. Muslim countries are “3rd world” ones, i.e., undeveloped and most of them have no intention to develp. They only oppress the less fortunate ones inside their own countries while they cannot do that with fortunate ones.

    This is not applicable only for their people. This spotic behavior applies in their relationships with other countries. Before 1967, Abd El Naser, who was a Muslim and supported by many fatwas from high profile “well educated” Imams promised to kill every Jew. But, after Israel attacked, He cried asking for mercy.

    Yes, many Muslims are deprived from fullfiling their basic needs and if oppressors have their way, they will deprive others from the air they breath.

    It is shameful.

    • The quran, just like any of the Christian bibles, is a relic of bygone centuries. These ‘holy books were written by ignorant, tribal people. Hopefully in centuries to come, mankind will put all of them behind. And the world can finally have peace

      • you say all ancient people were ignorant and tribal yet facts deny it- advanced math, geometry and astronomy were known by ancient people- USA laws today are based upon JUDAIC laws- and no they are not ignorant or tribal- they have stood the test of time- what was fair and just then is the same now- humans have not changed. Some will behave well and some will not.
        How did Egyptians build pyramids? how did the Mayans know time to 26,000 years in the future? why are things the Romans built still standing- and more beautiful than things we built in modern times? how did ancient people know stars and constellations we are just discovering with our fancy telescopes and imaging?

    • Mohamed your own opinion on free speech is not ISLAMIC- any criticism of ISLAM is considered fitna- any preaching of any other faith to a Muslim is a CRIME- that is NOT free speech-

      If you have a sura or hadith that advocated freedom of speech please post it-

        • Today’s ambush of the US Embassy in Cairo is evidence that you are either lying or not very in tune with your Muslim brethren. Reported on al Jazeera of course.

        • I don’t know about the arabic AL Jazeera, but I do know that the English Al Jazeera broadcasting media is just a media trying to make money by copying the Western media style. That is not real freedom of speech, if freedom of speech is only limited to certain media or certain websites or certain people and not to everyone. IT is like those moslems infested environment who displayed halal logo on the American fast food outlets in many parts of Asia and that is not freedom either, ie no freedom for us infidels who wish to eat American nonhalal KFC, in many parts of Asia and no freedom to criticise islam openly either in many parts of Asia. And even worst when those moslems women and moslems men are inconsiderately pushing /selling their halal labeled food to us infidels, disregarding our infidels needs for freedom of choice. Islam only promoted fear for their believers and failed to promote real freedom.

  2. Think this will be shown on CNN, MSNBC, Fox news or any of thsi liberal news medias? … Question? … why if you believe in truth” and “freedom” are YOU allowing the news media to feed this grabage to you? …

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  5. The horrible reality is moslems(whenever they have the upper hand) are extremely unfair and authoritarian dictators. Moslems and most asians don’t undestand or appreciate the real meaning of freedom of speech. IT is just pointless talking to any moslems or islamic influenced person. Better to leave them alone with their backward islamic influenced mentality.

    • Not every Muslim agrees with that punk. Just read what is happenning in Egypt after Muslim Brotherhood took over. Most of the attack (using freedom of speech) on brothouhod are from Muslims.

      One of the first followers of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was talking and a woman in the mosque cited his statement as wrong and he was very happy that a woman corrected him. Many examples like that.

      However, I will not honor those fanatics extremists smiple minded retarded Muslims who take parts and leave the rest. It is all about who is weak and who is strong. It is not about religion.

      I have met many Muslim who would worship Satan if Satan materializes to them.

      • Mohammed, I can agree with some of your comments, but it’s a little hard to take that your ‘prophet’ (piss be upon him) was corrected by a woman–and he liked it? COME ON! First, what was a woman doing there? If any woman interrupted some fat slug of an imam today, anywhere in the islamic world she would probably be flogged–or stoned.

        Also, as Tayip Erdogan stated some time ago, there are NO extremists or moderate muslims–there is ONLY ISLAM.

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  7. It always amazes me when moslems start telling the truth about what islam is about. Yep – it states very clearly in sharia that non-moslems are forbidden to criticize islam, along with moslems too.

  8. Right here is the right blog for anybody who really wants to understand this topic. You understand a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic which has been discussed for ages. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

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  10. i say MERRY.CHRISTMAS to this asshole,the gay islamic JERK OF SHIRK,…..SEND SOME.CARTOONS AND A PORK SUPPOSITORY !

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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