Muhammad: The movie trailer Muslims are killing over (video)

Update: Poorly titled in haste. It should be more aptly titled: “The movie trailer Muslims are using as an excuse to kill and riot around the world”

It’s 9/11 and Muslims are killing in the name of Allah once again. According to the NY Times, this is the latest excuse for Muslims to riot, loot and kill.

The video has been on Youtube since July and the Arabic version has been up for a week (will Youtube submit to sharia?). As Robert Mackey of the Times notes in his updates on the unfolding events, the Arab media is fanning the flames of jihad. Including more Muslim praise for bin Laden on 9/11:

Mostafa Hussein, a psychiatrist and blogger, pointed to a photograph that showed that the protesters had also scrawled the name Osama bin Laden on a sign outside the embassy.

Ben Laden written on US embassy sign. Yeah right you are protesting an insult to Islam. /via @Mad_Darsh

Mostafa Hussein (@moftasa)11 Sep 12

Even the most liberal know it’s not about the movie, it’s plain and simply Islam:


32 thoughts on “Muhammad: The movie trailer Muslims are killing over (video)

  1. We better hope and pray that the Obama Regime does not topple the Syrian leader and government. Because if it does, we get another Islamic Nation run by Terrorists the same as what has happened in Egypt and Libya after the Obama Regime helped topple these governments. Yesterday, the US Ambassador to Libya and several staffers were murdered by these Islamic Terrorists in Libya saying that it was because of some damned movie condeming Islamic Terrorism, and Hillary Clinton apologizes to the Islamic Terrorists and condemns the film maker. What a damned farce? This is what you could expect after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama worked to undermine the leadership in Egypt and Libya. Not only helping them with words, but with deeds and military might, as the Obama Regime sided with the Islamic Terrorist Groups in order to topple our Ally Egypt’s leader Mubarak and to oust Khadafi, and replace his somewhat civilized government with a group of Islamic Fanatics. The blood of these people in Libya is squarely on the hands of Obama and Hillary Clinton who did Obama’s bidding in siding with terrorists to topple legitimate governments.

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  3. I’m tired of Hillary apologizing for the U.S. to Muslims, just cause she sleeps with a muslim sisterhood and obummer is a joke, he is a radical Islamic…so there you go. Romney gave a announcement this morn. about this attack, and sounded very Presidential and strong!

    • Why should the names be changed? The movie was a comedic rendition of the prophet Mohammed. I have a Koran I know who he was. I know the atrocities he commited in the name of his god. I know that to marry a child and have sex with her is the act of a pedephile.

        • I consider Islam in the same category as the right wing fundamentalist bullshit religions in the US, there are either laughable or hateful, but the practitioners are more than generally assholes.

          • I am a Christian and what YOU would consider one of those “Right wing fundamentalist bullshit religions in the US” and “Generally an asshole” to quote your words, and I KNOW that YOU don’t have any of us Christians whom YOU call “right wing fundamentalist” rioting in an effort to CUT YOUR HEAD OFF in order to DRAG YOUR DEAD BODY THROUGH THE STREETS!
            It would pay you to learn who your enemies REALLY ARE. If you cannot do that, then take your chances and go to one of these Islamic countries and air your grievences.They will give you two choices: Embrace allah or DIE! We “Right wing fundamentalist’ might not look like such “assholes” to you then!

          • Ignorance is not excuse for not understanding the difference between Christianity and Islam. Freedom to choose v.s. Convert or off with your head.

          • Well said Anonymous4, and to plain’ anonymous’–I see you’re so stupid you don’t even put a number behind your ‘Anon.’ Learn to do so, you tiresome muslim hugger.

  4. the film, badly made as it is – does not really change the truth about Mohammed- it uses direct quotes from ISLAMIC sources- and the movie trailer was released in JULY– it took 3 months for them to RIOT over it and just coincidentally on 9-11 and in 3 countries??? — oh yeah I got a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale Obama.
    Even ODumbo knows when his minions have gone to far- always trying to walk back their own words- now you see it now you don’t–

    too late ODummy we SAW and we don’t forget your minions booing G-d and Jerusalem and Israel and blaming those who exercise free speech as the ones to BLAME– it’s the ISLAM stupids

    • How did “our muslim leader” and the “Hildabeast” think they could pass this rioting and murdering off as a “result” of this poorly done film instead of the planned attack it really was??? Why did Obama think that if he went to bed and did not announce the attrocities till 9-12, that he could fool the American people into believing that these attacks and murders had nothing to do with 911 and was all the fault of America and this stupid movie? It just amazes me at how stupid he thinks America REALLY IS!

      Also, Isahiah62 ..I have been thinking of you. I have heard reports of the things going on in Israel from Americans here, who have family in Israel. Many of the families have gotten their family members out of Israel because of the rapid military buildup, arms presence and troop prevalence in Israel, especially around the borders. One man said he had never seen the things happening in Israel in the decades he has lived there like is currently going on now. Don’t you have family there and how are they doing? What are they reporting? My thoughts have been with you as our muslim president has forsaken our friend Israel and your familys homeland. i am so sorry. Please know I am praying for israel and your family. To be honest with you, there is not a day goes by that I do not think of you and how I wished i knew how you and your family are doing. I also wish quite frequently that I could tap into your thinking and wisdom on the situation in which our muslim president has placed Israel in.. just thinking about you and I wanted you to know.

      • I know they are hoping we dump the Dope- so far they are not moving anywhere- one is an old man- he survived concentration and DP camps- after the war he moved and was displaced from Argentina by fascist takeover — his health is not so good now and he will not or maybe could not relocate at this time of life

        some of the younger ones are LIBERALS- yup Israel has ’em too- they grow up with Israeli Arabs and grow friendships- they see the good in them and just cannot embrace the totality of the threats- like many young people they are idealistic and still believe n the two-state charade.They still think USA will change regimes and back them up again.

  5. It is a sorry state when people try to compare islam with Christianity in order to either defend islam or just lump them both in the same category of extremism. Those people don’t know islam, nor do they know anything about Christianity – or probably any other religion on this planet. In fact, islam can be compared more easily to nazism, communism, social darwinism, and nihilism – all are more comparable to our ‘progressives’ or the new name for our left wingers, Marxists.

    And atheists are too often trying to walk the moral high road just because they are atheists and they sort of have blinders on when the fact is that atheists in the 20th century murdered even more than even the moslems. And some atheists are still murdering – look at N. Korea as an example.

    Learn the difference between bad people, bad ideologies and good people and good ideologies. You will find that many people who are following islam will be bad but consider themselves good because islam says bad things are good. While in Christianity, the bad people are not following the message of Christianity. And that same logic is the same with those people following Marxism – an ideology that is similar to islam but just doesn’t wrap the aura of holiness and include a supreme being in its rituals – they usually worship a person or a thing.

  6. The response by both Hillary Clinton and Obama is centered around one goal and that is to hide from their voter base and their Christian opposition that they are bringing Muslim terrorists to America to build their voter among them knowing that in the countries they come from the Imams are directing them to kill US soldiers and that they are conspiring with these Muslim terrorists against Christians, Jews and the nation of Israel. When one of these Muslim terrorists committed a terrorist act, which the Muslim Brotherhood participates openly in inciting in the Middle Eastern countries, killed 13 and wounded 31 fellow US Army soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas, these anti-Christian/Semitic Socialists covered up that it was a terrorist act for the same reason that they are covering up that the murder of one of their own Socialists, the US Ambassador to Libya, was incited by the Muslim Brotherhood through the Koran.

  7. the attacks were planned before hand, our state dept KNEW and were warned- in any case should have put extra protection around an Americans gay man in Libya on 9-11- this is beyond negligence and now proves CRIMINAL and they are LYING to cover it up– SUSAN RICE went on TV and LIED- every actual eye witness says there was NO DEMONSTRATION- just a very coordinated attack- she claims she was told otherwise by our intel?? RICE claims “coincidence” on the date !@!! if she is not lying she is too stupid to live let alone rep us in UN

    • Isahiah62,
      I am surprised to hear that Israel has liberals too! My thought would have been that being surrounded by all muslim countries that they would not want any threat of them in or near their country! However, when I think about it, it is no different from our liberals allowing them in this country in droves. I am worried for Israel. Terribly worried. Have the younger generation noticed the military buildup in Israel? Have you heard of it? As I said before, I think of you and your family daily and I feel so bad that our president is so stupid and has abandoned Israel.Obama thought he pour all OUR money into these Arab countries, speak a little Arab dialect and they would fall all over him. love him and be our friends forever.However, they now are burning our flag and pictures of OBAMA and does he not see this???Does he not see that they DON”T love him and they want him dead as well?? Why does he not see that his ass will be fried as well as all of ours because THEY HATE HIM, if he does not address this uprising?? Explain this to me. Is he just mentally impared??

      • Thank you for your concern and thoughts- if you believe in G-d we must trust he is in control of the BIG picture. If you have read the Bible, Jews have always been divided and the times they have not united have cost them dearly as a group. Yes I am afraid that teaching people to be good to enemies has repercussions, some take this to extremes caring more for their enemies than for their own people- going far as to condemn their own – there are whole lot of deranged peaceniks and self flagellating Jews here and Israel

      • I just saw this piece after my last post- thought you may be inetersted to know- Obama campaign is LYING again- this time using Israeli Jews selectively edited to say what they never said- but this article shows more Israelis prefer Romney- Israel has been moving right since the disengagement b/c even the leftards could not deny land for peace doesn’t work- so the vote went to the right party Netanyahu!! Obama and US lefties preferred Israel when it was run by suicidal Jews (Ohlmert- Tzippi Livni) willing to give land away for rockets, threats and dead people. Reality smacked them upside the head

        The video shows Sara saying in Hebrew: “Sderot is important to him. The Jewish people are important to him. The state of Israel is important to him.”

        Sasson claims he actually spoke the following in Hebrew: “If Sderot is important to him, the Jewish people are important to him, the state of Israel is important to him, then Obama should do more about Iran.”

  8. one thing more….all the americans worship Jews hahahahahaha
    ops! very true
    but what can americans can do oter then fucking sisters mothers ….nakcked people
    always without shirts and mind
    without pants
    fucking in streets,washrooms,scvhools,churches,roads,lanes,etc

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