Top U.S. General asks preacher not to back film Muslims use as excuse for jihad

The pandering and groveling by elected officials, the media and even military leaders on behalf of violent Muslims is unfathomable. They are asking Americans to abide by sharia law. via General asks preacher not to back anti-Muslim film – A&E –

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff asked a Florida preacher Wednesday to withdraw his support of the anti-Muslim film that may have fueled the fatal attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Gen. Martin Dempsey called Terry Jones, who is known for inflammatory anti-Islamic rhetoric, to express his concerns about the film, saying it could inflame tensions and trigger violence.

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack.

Dempsey spokesman Marine Col. Dave Lapan said Jones did not say whether he would limit or continue his backing of the movie, ‘‘Innocence of Muslims.’’ A video excerpt of the low-budget film, which portrays Islamic Prophet Muhammad as a feckless philanderer who approved of child sexual abuse, is available on YouTube.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Jones said, ‘‘He asked us not to promote or show the film … I told him that we would definitely consider that. I would first have to watch the film.’’

Stephanie Sapp, a spokeswoman for Jones, said the group was not going to show the film Wednesday evening and had never planned to do so. The group had planned to show an excerpt of the film on Tuesday night, but Internet difficulties made that impossible.

Jones also said that he spoke with the movie’s director on the phone Wednesday afternoon. He said he has not met the filmmaker in person, but the man contacted him a few weeks ago about promoting the movie.

The filmmaker identified himself in a telephone interview with The Associated Press as Sam Bacile, but there are ongoing questions about his real identity and his claims that he is an Israeli-born Jewish writer.

‘‘I have not met him. Sam Bacile, that is not his real name,’’ Jones said in the phone interview. ‘‘I just talked to him on the phone. He is definitely in hiding and does not reveal his identity. He was quite honestly fairly shook up concerning the events and what is happening.’’

Let’s not forget it was American media, in their defense of Islam – not free speech, that made Jones the well-known figure he is. But all that is irrelevant. The rioting and killing yesterday was not about a movie that Muslims never saw and most never will. It was about 9/11 and jihad and Islam and sharia.

18 thoughts on “Top U.S. General asks preacher not to back film Muslims use as excuse for jihad

  1. Gen. Martin Dempsey is a frickin idiot. Go Terry Jones. The film has nothing to do with what is going on. How stupid are people anyway? Peace to all non-muslims who really know what is going on.

  2. It is a shame you can’t call a spade a spade in this country. Even though islam does not like the film; it is what islam really is; and, of course, islam does not want the truth told about what islam really is in reality.

    also, the embassy/consulate attacks are associated with 9/11; not the film. the film is this country’s freedom of speech and the fact hillary apologized is ludicrous. Where is the apology for the Christians and Jews killed DAILY by islam??????

  3. I think ALL Muslims should go the the country where Muslim faith is there faith is of the utmost to them.
    They are being VERY disrespectful to OUR COUNTRY.And should Leave.
    If this is so important to them they should want to go where they are more comfortable. But you don’t come to OUR country and make demands.
    WE do NOT hold your beliefs in AMERICA.

  4. General Dipshit should be fired. This was orchestrated to happen on 9-11 and had nothing to do with the film. $#@%ing idiots running our military, and cowards.

    Not only do we need to clean house in DC, we need to clean house
    in our military. Our troops should not be lead by Village Idiots suffering from PC disease.

    I along with most all of America am sick and tired of this PC crap
    destroying this country and getting our troops killed, while these Generals live it up and are untouched by the tragedies of the men and women they pretend to lead. Cowards and Traitors should all be in Leavenworth.

    Go Terry Jones America is with you.

  5. I’ve come to a conclusion with regard to why so many people in society are afraid to “offend” Muslims, their so-called holy book, or their so-called Prophet. First of course, is the fact that most in general are peaceful and compromising and don’t want conflict. After all, who wants to have his or her head sliced off by some idiot zealot who has not grown up spiritually and who cannot take criticism like a real man? Secondly, we in society have too much respect for this thing we call “religion.” We don’t want to criticize someone else’s religion because, after all, our own religion can come under the spotlight of scrutiny and criticism. And so we muddle along, hoping that we can satiate the Muslims to remain relatively peaceful. Mind you, we are stupid to think that way because they hate us because they are commanded to hate us. It’s right there in the Quran. Duh! Forget the issues of colonialism or burning of Qurans or cartoons or some movie about Muhammad. That is just a ruse. Just another excuse to go on a killin’ spree exactly like their founder did on the seventh century.

  6. Pingback: USA generaal (head of joints chiefs of staff) Dempsey vraagt voorganger de film over Mohammed niet te steunen, uit angst voor boze , moord en brand stichtende moslims | | Tora Yeshua |

  7. Question! Why do muslims come to the US instead of staying in their muslim little world. Thought! maybe they were sent here to take over the US, guess what its working. Our General must start having a better feeling toward Americans instead of maybe hurting muslims feelings, BOOHOO

  8. Watching the events in arab countries. First thing I would do is to start withdrawing modern technology that they are using against us.
    All the cell phone towers should immediatly be destroyed. Air transport of muslims should be one way back to their own counties.
    The American traitors should be treated as such regardless of office and the oil pipelines should be immediatly started after the EPA is disbanded.
    Otherwise you had better learn farsie, buy your women burqas and submit your head for removal by the private army hoards if you do not wish to become a muslim.

  9. While this General should have been directing the carpet bombing operation of Bengazi, he is harrassing Rev. Terry Jones, who had absolutely nothing to do with the production of that stupid movie what-so-ever! This simply demonstrates the incompetence of our current Administration! CHANGE? Hell Yes! It is time now for a Change!


  11. To obey the government and their request to censor is having us obey Sharia laws. Sharia says that non-moslems are forbidden to criticize islam. AND the koran is more inflammatory, as is their daily duas – and many other duas – against us. And we are not killing them.

    We should NOT obey any government, or people, when it comes to free speech rights. The perp behind our embassy being attacked and them behing poorly defended is the POS POTUS. And shame on all high officers in the Pentagon, and elsewhere for not knowing our enemy. SHame on our academia for not telling the truth about islam. And it is beyond shame when our own religious leaders are islam’s useful idiots and even suggesting that islam is Abrahamic, allah is God, or anything like that.

  12. Get real Dempsy. Muslims are the most beligerent,evil and barbaric mindlessly violent people on earth. Grow a Spine. Sharia cannot be tolerated. It must be ERADICATED! Obama is a muslim Supremacist. He stands with the muslims as he had earlier promised. Obama is a F**king traitor!

    • You’re absolutely right Robert. In the midst of all this horror a bit of levity is in order; since I got it right about the Arab Winter from the word ‘go’, and realized what obama (piss be upon him) was even before he was (stupidly) elected, maybe I should be your General instead of Dempsey! Couldn’t do any worse–and I’d do the job for 1/4 the money! Any takers? Go, Pastor Jones!

      • Obama is a traitor! He stands accused of Treason. I accuse him and I am not the only one to have done so. If tried and convicted Obama should be hung by the neck until DEAD or SHOT to death by a Army firing squad at Leavenworth. Obama is a Traitor AND a Spy under US Law! See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381 and the UCMJ at Art.902.102.

  13. It is the General that needs to be told to stop lying about the Muslim terrorists and their supporters that his Socialist cohorts in the Democratic Party are bringing to the USA to build their voter base among and include their anti-Christian/Semitic rantings on college campuses and in organized protests in their anti-Christian/Semitic agenda in the USA and his Democratic Party cohorts are conspiring with to kill Christians and Jews through out the world and overthrow Israel.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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