American hostage in Pakistan appeals to Israeli PM after Obama ignores

via US hostage urges Netanyahu to meet al-Qa… JPost – International.

DUBAI – A US aid worker held by al-Qaida in Pakistan for more than a year has appealed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to help meet the demands of his captors and secure his release, a group that monitors Islamist websites said on Wednesday.

Hostage Warren Weinstein said US President Barack Obama had shown no interest in his case and had failed to respond or accept al-Qaida’s demands, the SITE monitoring service said.

“Therefore, as a Jew, I am appealing to you, Prime Minister Netanyahu, the head of the Jewish State of Israel, as one Jew to another, to please intervene on my behalf, to work with the mujahideen and to accept their demands so that I can be released and returned to my family, see my wife, my children and my grandchildren again,” SITE quoted Weinstein as saying in a video released by al-Qaida.

Weinstein, who was kidnapped in the central Pakistani city of Lahore in August 2011, pleaded with Obama in a similar recording in May, saying his life was in his hands.

 Obama is not only ignoring a U.S. hostage but he Invites Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President to Meet Next Week – Refuses to Meet Netanyahu.

9 thoughts on “American hostage in Pakistan appeals to Israeli PM after Obama ignores

  1. I have zero love for Obama, but the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists, nor should they. Most countries won’t. It sets a terrible precedent. There is no civilizing of savages. We should pull out all aid workers from countries that have little respect for the help they are getting.

  2. I am afraid that ‘accepting their demands’ is not an option and should not be an option. I have to say that the US aid worker should not have gone to Afghanistan to begin with and all Americans should get the crap out of those moslem poopholes. I am in angst when I write this for that hostage but he knew he dangers when he entered that poophole, and if he didn’t then shame on him.

    Every one of us should be cracking open islam’s texts and finding out what radicalizes moslems and know when moslems are lying to us, funding their violent jihadists and being violent jihadists. and contrary to many who think this is not a religious war – shame on them – this is indeed a ‘religious’ war (if you want to categorize islam as religious then accept the responsibility of their making it a religious war!!).

  3. “please intervene on my behalf, to work with the mujahideen and to accept their demands… “—

    To safeguard the lives of others one must not negotiate with terrorists. Simply as that.

  4. He writes to Israel, cause he knows Israel in the past has negotiated and caved in to terrorist demands. Remember those 500+ terrorists liberated for Gilad Shalit?. yep… and it wasn’t the first time.

    • first, you all seem to miss the point – he is, reportedly, writing to Israel because Obama and the US has ignored his pleas…that IS the point of this post

      second, while no one here argued obama or anyone else should meet al qaedas demands, don’t be naive to think the US hasn’t or isn’t negotiating with terrorists when obama is openly negotiating with the Taliban

      further, obama is funding terrorists in Syria, he funded terrorists in Libya and ousted Gaddafi for them, he is funding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and inviting them to the White House and has invited other terrorists to the White House as well

      thirdly, obama – like bush, is giving billions of our tax dollars to the pakistanis whom he could be pressuring to help find and save this Americans life

      • Obama could care less about a kufar hostage. But even though his reasons are for advancing, or helping, islam, it amounts to not negotiating with terrorists – outwardly. We were giving them money before the hostage situation and obama is giving them money for other reasons that moslems give our money as jizya to moslem thugs in charge. He is promoting the caliphate and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. He is hoping that his actions will get him to allah’s orgy in the sky too.

        Our politicians actually think we can eventually ‘talk it out’… or however politicians say, ‘kissing each other’s butts’, and eventually establish some sort of political alliance with them. Obama could care less about that – he is just funding jihad.

  5. Too many Jews live in the past – the holocaust – and have not learned from it but repeat it by trying to appease moslems. They live in a really bad neighborhood so some of it I can understand. But in the end, appeasement will not work. Feeding them doesn’t work because they are ungrateful, land for peace didn’t work – in the Israeli/Gaza situation, in the Pakistan/India situation, in the Kosovo/Bosnia situation… and the list goes on… I think we probably could name all the lands that used to be Christian, or Hindu, Buddhist, etc and are now islamic. Only fully accepting dhimmitude and eventually islam will work – but even then if it is in the correct sect of islam that the biggest bully on the block is a part of.

    • BTW, when I say ‘ungrateful’ I mean the Gazans have lobbed over 10,000 rockets into Israel, killed whole families, send their children out and allow them to throw rocks that are destructive and can cause great bodily harm, etc.

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