Interpol enforcing sharia, again, hunting Muslim convert to Christianity

We say again because we’ve reported on Interpol enforcing sharia here and here. via Reports: Interpol hunting convert to Christianity | Times 247.

Since late July Saudi media have been buzzing with reports that a 28-year-old Saudi woman has embraced Christianity and fled the country, staying initially in a church in Lebanon before moving on to Sweden. …

The woman’s father said his daughter was working in an insurance company in Al-Khobar (in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province) when her boss, a Lebanese Christian man, influenced her and ultimately encouraged her to leave Islam. According to Saudi investigators, a second man, a Saudi national, helped the woman obtain false documents and leave the country. The woman’s family have pressed charges against the two men because apostasy (leaving Islam) is an Islamic capital offence and a Saudi woman is not allowed to get a passport without the permission of her male guardian. The men will face court on Saturday 15 September. …

On 2 September the Saudi Gazette reported that ‘Interpol is co-ordinating with the Saudi Embassy in Stockholm and Swedish authorities to return the girl to her homeland before her “kidnappers” move her to another country.’ The embassy reportedly has started a search for the woman, with the aid of Swedish authorities.

9 thoughts on “Interpol enforcing sharia, again, hunting Muslim convert to Christianity

  1. Interpol agreements are binding no matter who is involved;Interpol cannot make political or judicial decisions;the Saudi woman and helpers should have taken that into consideration ;new name;new number;new hairdo and…………..bra and panties!

  2. Interpol was instituted to CATCH WORLD CRIMINALS not people who changed there RELIGION!!! This request by the SAUDI SLIME IS NOT A WORLD CRIME!!! On this the INTERPOL SUCKS BIG TIME!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. even if you get a way out; islam persecutors of women, will not stop till they have gotten her back, by hook or by crook. women have no freedom whatsoever.

    the average muslim dos not know they are worshipping a moon god. the crescent moon symbol is on top of their mosques.

    allah is a false moon god but the thugs leading islam do not want their people to know this.

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  5. If Interpol sends the Saudi woman to her death, how will they sleep at night? Oh, that’s right. They didn’t see the movie that came out in the 70’s where the princess was executed. Does Interpol not understand that girls are drowned in the family pool or locked in a burning building for not having on their head scarves?! The reason all the Middle Eastern countries have to outlaw leaving Islam is that they can’t take a real challenge. If it were the religion of peace, they wouldn’t have to make laws to keep people Muslim. One thing about us Baptists, if you don’t like us, you know where the door is. And that is why Baptists keep coming back. I’ve never had to twist anyone’s arm to get them to love Jesus because Jesus is lovable. And love feels better than hate. They are so afraid of that: love.

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