BBC is full of liberals afraid to mock Islam says BBC vet

Stating the obvious, via BBC is full of liberals afraid to mock Islam (says veteran of the BBC) | Mail Online. h/t Vlad Tepes

A respected BBC broadcaster has claimed television is dominated by ‘liberal sceptical humanists’ who laugh at Christianity but are afraid to mock Islam.

Roger Bolton, a former editor of Panorama, said an obsession with human rights over religious beliefs had left corporation bosses out of touch with the public.

In the modern culture of broadcasting, Mr Bolton said anyone who opposed gay marriage or IVF was treated as a ‘lunatic’ if it was because of their religious beliefs.

He added: ‘The default position in broadcasting is always, it’s a question of human rights and how can they do it.’

Mr Bolton said it had got to a point where audiences thought it was ‘fun’ to mock Christianity but would not dare laugh at jokes about Islam.

He said in the last few years ‘something went wrong with the BBC’s religious programming’ and questioned whether it was ‘fit for purpose’.

As we noted the other day when the BBC caved in to Muslim jihadists, Orwell was onto the BBC decades ago:

…the “atmosphere is something halfway between a girls’ school and a lunatic asylum, and all we are doing at present is useless, or slightly worse than useless.”


21 thoughts on “BBC is full of liberals afraid to mock Islam says BBC vet

    • I’m British and I’m sick of putting up with this ungrateful, pushy, violent death cult called Islam. I’ve no problem with muslim individuals but the whole philosophy of Islam is corrupting our country.

      • Moslems individuals are the problem. They are using the forceful and violent nature of islam to improve their life. That is unfair to us infidels who do not have religious special privilege to improve our life. Only our own hard work to find an opprotunity to earn a living by fair means, and NOT by any unfair special religous privileges..

        • Disagree, there are many Muslims who are themselves imprisoned by Islam, women for instance, people born muslims who think it’s all a load of toss and want to get out, or the doubting muslim who wants to change religion. I’m not willing to see the ex muslims and the reform muslims (who are often in great danger from the psychos) chucked out with the Islamofash bath water. I do believe that we also need to imprison, intern or expel those Islamic individuals who call for the destruction of or act against the UK’ or its allies or any other democratic nation.

          It is multiculturalism that has been the greatest asset to aggressive Islam. A misguided desire to see not just individuals as equal (which I don’t have an issue with ) but whole cultures as equal which is completely nonsensical on so many levels. Is the 7th Century more advanced than the 21st? I don’t think so.

          Multiculturalism was the trojan horse for Islamic expansion. Islamic expansionists have used multiculturalism to gain advancement. Once you have a system where a backward society was seen as equal to a highly developed western democracy you then got the calls to exempt Islam from criticism. ‘Culture’ became the get out of jail free card for Islam, sometimes literally.

          Stop multiculturalism and you will kill the host that expansionist Islam feeds from. Expansionist Islam needs to be prised out the best start is attacking multiculturalism.

          Violent Islam doesn’t improves individual muslims lives. It makes so many muslims lives worse.

          • The fact is moslems are an ungrateful lot, whether they are getting out of being noslems or not. It is up to them to get out peacefully and without intruding into our infidles life. The fact is moslems, whether they real moslems or not, never improve our infidel lifes. It has always been up to us infidels to improve our own lifes and their lifes, and therefore it is up to moslems themselves to improve whatever life they want. I don’t agree with multiculturalism either because it had been misused by moslems for their evil islamisation agenda and used by other backward unpleasant asian culture to impose their more inferior culture on the West. Furthermore, if they let themselves imprison by islam or want to get rich via islam, it is their problem. As it is, I have problem surviving in their horrible islamic infested environment, that only pander to their islamic community most of the time. If there are really any moslems that want to get out of their islam, they should make the first move and make their countries less islamic and not us infidels, who have to live in fear in their horrible islamic environment.

          • fahrenheit, you seem to have most of it right, but you make the same tired, deadly mistake so many others make. Don’t listen to me, by all means, but a few weeks ago Tayyip Erdogan said it very well: “There are no radical muslims; there are no moderate muslims, there is only islam.

          • Another problem is most moslems comes from a violent eastern culture and the fact that they were unable to prevent the mass violence in islam is also another one of their negative point. Also the fact that moslems women tend to nake use of their gender to spread islamic faith and to boast about their many trappings of islamic faith or their socalled goodness of their islamic culture or their islamic labelled goods. Therefore it is difficult to trust any of them, whatever gender they may be, with or without head coverings, even if they say they want out from their islam.

          • I understand what you mean about those who wish to harm us hiding within Islamic communities. And I do concur that the general levels of violence in Islamic culture is quite high.

    • It’s sad to see the concessions made to Muslims in England over recent years changing it for the worse,especially in London. There is still so much that is great about Great Britain, but it is being handed over,slowly but surely to Muslims and other groups from foreign cultures that had nothing whatsoever to do with making it an advanced and admirable nation.

  1. the point is that all journalists and all media are now self censoring so as not to “upset” Muslims- proving to Muslims that terror,death threats and public riots DO WORK- and so will you get more of same?? YOU BET your bippy.- THEY WON- it’s done

  2. BBC isn’t afraid it is full of Socialists who are conspiring with the Muslims against Christians, Jews and the state of Israel. Correct the Socialist problem and this will take care of the Muslim problem. Without the Socialists causing the Muslims to be a problem they would be nothing to deal with.

  3. The most dangerous view of the BBC is how it seems to have forgotten that a vigorous defense of the rule of secular law of human rights is critical to a civilized society.

    Freedom of speech is optional. Freedom of religion is optional. Women’s rights – optional.

    Liberals at the BBC are for free speech unless Muslims are against it, for freedom of religion unless Muslims are against it, for women’s rights unless Muslims are against it.

    Neville Chamberlain would totally agree. You have to be flexible, he was always saying.

    • So true, Philly…..Now that a Muslim is Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC, perhaps freedom of religion will eventually become less of an option.

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