Muslim seperatists’ war on Thailand: 5,206 killed and 9,137 wounded since 2004

via Muslim separatists launch wave of bomb attacks in Thailand – h/t Jihad on Buddhists (added our international blogroll)

SUSPECTED Muslim separatists launched a wave of bomb attacks in Thailand’s south on Friday in a rare show of coordination in a usually low-level insurgency in the predominantly Buddhist country.

Police say “bomb-like” devices were found in at least 60 locations in Narathiwat and Pattani, two of three mainly Muslim provinces bordering mainly Muslim Malaysia, along with scores of Malaysian flags.

Most of the devices were fake, but at least a dozen exploded and wounded two soldiers.

A shadowy separatist insurgency by ethnic Malays resurfaced in January 2004, after simmering for decades. Since then, 5,206 people have been killed and 9,137 wounded, according to Deep South Watch, an organisation that monitors the violence.

7 thoughts on “Muslim seperatists’ war on Thailand: 5,206 killed and 9,137 wounded since 2004

  1. Arabs have mastered the plan to destroy the whole world our intellectual and world leaders don’t get it.
    Arabs first convert your poor and uneducated and criminals to arab thinking and give them a war manual and to follow arabs not the local laws.
    56 nations now poor and full of hate and killings follow arabs .
    Even educated converts are afraid of the uneducated converts .
    World need to wake up and handle their converts differently or they are doomed.
    Foolish converts have no love for their own nation even. Look at afghanistan, pakistan.
    Their leaders are clue less and will end up in graves. like Saddam , Mubarak and Kaddafi.
    Solution is simple.
    Kill the cat.

  2. As an ‘escapee’ from organized religion, I view all of them with a jaundiced eye. At this point in history, the Muslim faith seems to predominate a substantial part of the world. I think it will be a better, more p0eaceful world when mankind puts ALL of them behind as quaint relics of the past.

  3. This Islam “CULT” must be put down at all cost! Why does everyone continue to call this “CULT” a religion when it clearly is NOT! 5,206 people dead? Why is this just making it to the news headlines today? Obviously, the “media” has been sitting on this information for years and does NOT want the public to know about it!

    NOW! If we consider the fact that five thousand have been killed in a tiny country such as Thailand…then can we assume that five hundred thousand have been killed world wide in the same amount of time? OR, is that too small a number??? Perhaps, five million have been killed in the name of the “pedophile” Mo’????

    • The media is JUST AS GUILTY OR MORE SO than Obama and the Hildabeast of misinforming, misleading and down right lying to American citizens regarding the dangers of Islam. The media is corrupt and just as decomposed and rotten as a dead skunk in the road as us southern folks say! If Obama wins this next election it is because of the media and their less than truthful propaganda they feed the American people on Obamas policies and the treasonous actions he has committed and the media covers up daily.

  4. emphasis on not offending the mooslims is ludicrous; they are evil and murderers; and islam is not a religion, it is a pedophilic cult ruled by moon gods and horny old men.

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