Pakistan Interior Minister demands Interpol enforce sharia blasphemy laws online

Worldwide enforcement of Islamic sharia blasphemy laws by Interpol. via The Daily Caller.

If one well-known Pakistani politician gets his way, international law will forbid “anti-Islam” material from the Internet.

Friday afternoon, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik wrote in a series of tweets that he has spoken with and written to the Secretary General of Interpol about enacting an international law to stop all anti-Islam propaganda online.

PS: It won’t be just anti-Islam material, it will be any and all material perceived by Muslims – and those non-Muslims who aid and abet Muslims – to be anti-Islam. Blogs that expose the harsh reality of Islam for example. Images, movies, tweets, and from there more aspects of sharia will be enforced.

He followed it up with a response to fellow tweeter Kanwal Zahra Zaidi (@KanwalZaidi), noting that the “Anti Islam element must stop hurting Muslims.”

Malik concluded with a tweet reiterating his initial contention, that propagating anti-Islam material is a “crime” and that it must be stopped.

Interpol is the world’s largest international policing body, with 190 member countries.

Obama and Hillary Clinton have been working with the subversive sharia-enforcing bloc of the United Nations, aka the Organization of Islamic Countries or OIC, to make sharia blasphemy laws internationally enforced laws.

And as we’ve noted several times including just yesterday, Interpol is ALREADY enforcing sharia law upon request (links below). Keep in mind Obama amended an executive order giving Interpol Immunity from American Law.

It’s no longer just the future of your children and theirs, it’s now our own futures and current liberties. Demand your elected officials and candidates take an unequivocal position on freedom of speech and against sharia. If they refuse, they must be exposed. Better yet, become the elected officials!

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25 Responses

  1. they will NEVER stop me reading and sending tweets/aritcles about evil islam, put us all in jail

    • E, They mean blocking blogs, blocking tweets, blocking your social media.

      I guess we will go to under ground newspapers.

      Creeping, you got a printing press in your basement?

    • I hear ya! And I am with ya!

      To stop is to behave as the Europeans, British, and so many others have done and they condemn their own children’s futures to islam.

      This is also why voting is so important. How anyone voted for Obama when I knew what he was when he was elected as a candidate in 2007. Shame on Americans for dropping the ball and letting that freak get elected.

    • There are not enough prisons or jails to hold all those who would rise up in protest.However they would not need them..they would just kill us and behead us.

  2. can anyone say FEMA camps? see you there!

  3. If Interpol police actions super-cedes or suspends U.S. law;then this is the evidence that a revolution has occurred along with the inserting of a dictator called the teleprompter.How can constitutional rights be overturned ?As far as hurting Islamics is concerned;I will hurt any Muslim who intends to hurt me.Taking over the U.S. government is an attempt to hurt me and my intererests;it is an intolerable act that will be not be tolerated.Islam does not respect the open forum;neither does it respect the freedom others hold dear,and those freedoms that us commoners are willing AND ABLE to fight for;if our government has been overthrown by a so-called bloodless coup then it is time to revolt in the proper way;elections are the first step;as is continuing to expose’ Islam and other evils of religion .MAKE NO MISTAKE ;THE UNITED NATIONS WILL NOT STOP IN IT’S GOAL OF OVERTHROWING THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT;HILLARY CLINTON NEEDS TO REGISTER AS A FOREIGN AGENT ;SHE IS A LOBBYIST FOR A NEW ORDER OF SOCIALIST MONARCHY ;ANARCHY IS THE FIRST REAL STEP TO REACHING THE GOALS OF THE CLINTON CLAN.DO NOT HELP THEM WITH THIS;LET THE FEDERAL RESERVE DO IT!

  4. Dear Pakistan Interior Minister,

    You can take your barbarian Sharia Law and Flush it down an evil toilet!

    It is pure WASTE … so let’s take care of it the way it should!

    When are you going to learn that the World will NOT tolerate Sharia Law to be part of OUR Law of the Land?

    What makes you think you have a Right to force Your Sharia Law against the rest of us?!

    You DO NOT have that right… So, forget it!

    If you like your Sharia Law, YOU abide by it BY YOURSELF!

    If you don’t like it where you are living, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND LIVE! Be happy in your OWN Sharia Law land… Leave us alone!

    We will NOT allow Sharia Law to be part of our society!
    You can take that to the Bank!

    Stop trying… You will FAIL! BigTime

  5. Well, in that case, I had better get busy and write somemore… blasphamy…blasphamy! The profit moo-ham-mud is nothing more than a hemoroid on the ass of allah! And, allah the fakir, walks on all fours and squeals like a pig, with a breath like a dog! Sniffing around for young boys to bung hole! Blasphamy…blasphamy…blasphamy! Fuck Islam! Ah! I feel sooooooo much better now!!!


  7. “creeping” you have my email address! keep on sending me updates no matter what happens! and feel free to share it with others who are on our side! thank you!


  9. Interpol is just another terrorist organization just like the UN, muzzie brotherhood and the obama admin. They can all kiss my ass and go to hell along with all the damn muzzies. Truth hurts and muzzies can’t handle the truth. islam is a international pediphile club.

  10. 2+2=4

    It was a Pakistani Minister who nominated Obama for “Caliph”.

    • Pakistan is a lead nation in the OIC as well…this same guy may even be part of OIC, not sure but will check when time permits

  11. […] Pakistan Interior Minister demands Interpol enforce sharia blasphemy laws online […]

  12. […] Pakistan Interior Minister demands Interpol enforce sharia blasphemy laws online […]

  13. […] Pakistan Interior Minister demands Interpol enforce sharia blasphemy laws online ( […]

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    your blogs. Time to spend numerous time online haha.

    Thank you ,Royal

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  16. Dear, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik,

    Just how do you expect your EVIL law to be enforced?

    Are you going to demand that all of us that are saying bad things about your EVIL Sharia Law, which is a pure pile of PORK SHIT, are to be beheaded? Is that what you expect if your PORK SHIT ISLAM CRAP is talked about badly is enforced on the Internet?!

    Hey, you piece of shit… if you don’t like this, turn it off! Change your connection! Click the BACK key! Then, just turn your EVIL Pork BLOOD SOAKED computer OFF… better yet smash it with a EVIL HAMMER to punish it for bringing you YOUR pure hog shit… Go stick your head in Hog BLOOD!

    Well, sir, you can just stick all of the PORK & PORK BLOOD up your EVIL ASS!!

    How about that! You LIKE?!

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