Iran will pursue makers of Muhammad film, not makers of Sunni-made anti-Shia film

Little late fellas, the brown shirts already got him. via Iran will pursue makers of anti-Islam film: vice-president.

DUBAI (REUTERS) – Iran’s government will “track down” those responsible for making an amateurish film clip mocking the Prophet Muhammad, a senior official said, Iranian media reported on Monday.

The video made in California and posted on YouTube portrayed the Prophet Muhammad as a womaniser and a fool. It has ignited a week of violent protests across the Muslim world.

See the Muhammad movie here.

“The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemns…this inappropriate and offensive action,” First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi said, according to the Mehr news agency.

“Certainly it will search for, track, and pursue this guilty person who…has insulted 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.” The Islamic Republic’s founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini condemned to death the Indian-born British novelist Salman Rushdie in 1989 for his novel The Satanic Verses, saying its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad was blasphemous.

Back in 2008 we posted a set of videos entitled “The Shia and their Crimes.” It was made by Sunni Muslims in Arabic. It was posted by a Russian Muslim(s) around the web. No riots. Not a word from Iran.

Maybe Iran should focus on the Sunni’s who made this anti-Muslim film. And evidence is emerging that the Muhammad movie was a Salafi plot all along.

Moral of the story: It’s not about the movie!

Update: Hezbollah supporters rally against anti-Islam film (plenty of those in US too)

11 thoughts on “Iran will pursue makers of Muhammad film, not makers of Sunni-made anti-Shia film

  1. Certainly Billary Clinton can smooth the way for a complaint filed in the appropriate court here in the U.S. It would make interesting reading. And the trial? I can almost hear the islamics shouting,’this film is false because I SAID SO! I read it in mohammad’s koran which is true because I SAID SO!

  2. Excuse me! But, what’s all the noise about this film? It depicts everything that the Koran says is true! Why are all these Muslims upset? The film merely shows what they uphold as being true!

  3. To any and all MUSLIMS attempting to TRACK AND KILL ANY AMERICAN for mentioning the name of your DEAD BLOB, I say better watch your own ASS as WE WILL RETALIATE 10 FOLD SO KEEP YOUR EYES IN THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. they cant come over here and track anyone down!!! or can they now? besides..he isnt even american..all that crap is bullshit ..not over that film anyway.

  5. No one has yet told me what was erroneous in that video. Was it funny and sort of stupid? yes, but the facts were correct and all that is gotten from islamic texts.

    So, if anything should be banned it should be islamic texts since they defame moe moe the pedo, allah the genocidal maniac, the black rock worshippers of allah, and the crapran oh er I mean koran.

  6. Well, he better be waiting for them to come. There are many who would like to mix it up with these violent thugs. Sell the spots to the NRA, Legion, bike gangs and Vfw for starts. Put them in smiling Obama masks, keep them in hiding and waiting, and let muzzies come. Video the attacks being repelled. I wonder how they will do with armed defenders instead of defenceless victims? Treat it like an olympic sport. We can call it Jihading on the jihaders. Probably offend Osama, our current muslim in chief. Panetta will be down there trying to disarm us like he did his enemies, the US military. There is someone else needing a new job after the election. Get him cleaning muslim toilets at the jails.

    • The moslemites need to be afraid of everyone, never knowing who is packing and who is not, regardless of age and/or sex. It should be a BIG HURT delivered in complete silence. If local moslemites cause neighborhood trouble, burn the IMAN’s house down; if the local islamite store serves only moslemite patrons, suggest the health benefits of being elsewhere delivering goods. This is meant as suggestion only. It would take the passive cooperation of law enforcement, similar to the way the followers of mohammad’s god allah are treated today.

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