Australia: 8-year old Muslim girl on video calling for jihad, Muslim toddler holding beheading sign

As Muslims rioted down under. via ‘Behead’ sign mum hands herself in as Muslim leaders call for calm after protests |

Yesterday, the mother whose young son held a sign calling for beheadings during Saturdays’ Sydney protests turned herself in to police.

NSW Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward says the boy will stay with his parents.

“The police went back to the house and assessed the children and assessed that they were safe so that is where they remain,” Ms Goward told ABC radio.

Lebanese Muslim Association president Samier Dandan says while he welcomes the mother’s decision to go to police, he disapproves of the behaviour.

“That’s something that we don’t encourage within our community, it’s something we condemn,” he told reporters at Lakemba mosque in Sydney’s west this morning.

Mr Dandan said he would try to talk to the mother, but added he had been told the boy may have found the sign on the street and was “caught up in the hype” during the demonstrations.

“Does a child really understand what’s written on that placard?” he said.

Since the placard incident, video has come to light of an 8-year-old girl adressing a Muslim conference in Bankstown, in Sydney’s west, on Saturday.

Eight-year-old Ruqaya speaks at the Khilafah Conference in Bankstown, Sydney. Picture: James Croucher Source: The Australian

In it, she is heard calling for holy war and a world-wide Islamic state.

 Watch the ‘Jihad girl’ video and read the story here

Readers, if you find the video on Youtube please post the link on its own line in the comments. Thanks.

“Children as young as myself can be seen on the streets joining the uprisings, risking their lives to bring food, water and medicine to their wounded family members, some of them never returning to their mothers … Nobody is too young,” she said.

 Silma Ihram, a board member of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association, said she did not believe such incidents were widespread as she fronted the Lakemba news conference with Mr Dandan on behalf of 25 Muslim groups.

“I don’t believe that there is a radicalisation of children,” she said.

Ms Ihram said that in a democratic nation, parents should feel free to take their children to demonstrations.

“We don’t want to see a situation where people are afraid to take their children and participate,” she said. “We are condemning in unequivocal terms the violence from Saturday as well as the offensive film.

No condemning 8-year old Muslim girls calling for Muslims to wage and support jihad. No condemnation for Muslim parents who give their children beheading signs. In fact, she can’t even admit it is going on even when video and images prove it is happening.

That’s Australia. They are here in the United States too, just waiting for their opportunity. When will the first riot take place?

28 thoughts on “Australia: 8-year old Muslim girl on video calling for jihad, Muslim toddler holding beheading sign

  1. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “, Sharia Law for everybody. Freedom Not Included.
    Research how Cults brainwash people and you will see many similarities in Islam and its teachings.

      • …it is more than simply a “cult”! It is a fascist political movement, to eliminate free speech…eliminate freedom…to kill, maim or imprison those who will not adhere to so called sharia law. This movement is similar to Hitler’s Fascist Nazism…but worse! The so called “religion” behind the movemnt gives the movement a ligitimacy…which causes people caution to ACT! People wake up! We must literally fight this movement and kill it’s adherents without mercy! Or we ourselves will die!

        • No, it is not a cult, it is something far worse. It is a savage, barbaric lifestyle that is basically similar to life in the 7th century, approximately the Iron Age. It allows for no scientific inquiry and no social development.

    • This is what Happened to Australia Since the Contitnent Repealled the Whites Only Immigration Policy in 1973……….Around that time Most European Countries had lost their African and Asian Colonies….And because Non-Whites took over the Governing and Business commerce of those countries….. Australia deceided to lift the non-White immigration Ban… AS a Result it is like the Fall of Rome….Western Nations are being overrun by Barbarian Terrorists who Hate Whites and Hate Christians….and the Western Governments refuse to do anything about these Problems

  2. islam has a problem: There must not be any non muslims on earth by their insane politics. numerous times a day they are indoctrinated with hate for everyone. Its no suprise that wherever muslims have a presence there is strife.

    islam is not a religion. it is hate politic

  3. As a student of the Bible, I have often puzzled over that section where Joshua is commanded to kill all — men, women, children, cattle. From our perspective this is very brutal and most of us wonder about the morality of it. Assuming that, that is genuinely historical what are we to do with today’s Muslim children who are as hateful as their parents? In one sense, they are innocent as they have just taken in the teachings of their parents; on the other hand, when that same child of let’s say eight years old points an AK-47 at you, what to do? Blow it away before he/she blows you away? Seems extreme, I know. I know what I would do.

    • The New Covenant has replaced the Old Testaments commands to kill the enemy. The New Covenant is love. Ok, so the point is taken that these passages are in the Bible (Old Testament), but nowhere are Christians killing people because they don’t belong to the Christian faith.

  4. Steve. As far I know most of muslim’s Quran was copied by mo-ham-mad [may piss be upon him] from Bible and Jewish Torah,Talmud. Over the millennium Christianity/Christians and Judaism/Jews have reformed, ie stopped those bad practices, but muslims believe that their mo-ham-mad was the last messenger of Allah so quran can’t be changed in any way,
    For instance it was Jews who use to stone women to death at the time of Mo-ham-mad but to-day it is no longer their practice, but muslims carry on to this day.

    WE have had enough, you will not have our respect or protection any more.

  6. Shows just how evil and sick islam really is. How long until we start seeing suicide bombers age 10 and younger? They teach their kids to hate and kill any who are not muzzie. Should kill all of them off and totaly destroy anything that has to do with islam. That is what it will come down to, it will be them or us.

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  8. Same old, same old. Aussies letting them do it! And they will do it–and get away with it, and the police will back them. Same in Eurabia, same here in Canada, same in USA.

    Also, Anonymous, I agree completely with your comment on indoctrinating kids into religion.

  9. great they should put that stupid 8 year old girl to run there muslim faith, fancy that who would even listen to some stupid 8 yold daughter of a goat hearder to call people to war what would she know how to wet the bed cry maaaami shit in her pants in kindy play with a hoolla hoop or even make beheaded figures out of play doe sik muslim animals

  10. ahhh buk buk buk allla ahbuk bugerk sounds like a chicken trying to comunicate, think there tough with ak47s they should have fight comp with muslims vs cristians i would love to be in it

  11. oh this situation has just got worse and worse in the past few years…. here we are in 2016 and the idiot politicians in Australia and America have taken it right up the ass and apparently with a smile on their faces too ! I guess the cheque / check was extremely attractive for both Governments to lie still for so long whilst being right royally screwed….. wonder when the marathon raping will stop ! … bloody idiot Australian authorities – it would be a shame if the idiots who let these lovely peace loving Muslims get away with this BS were the first casualties in the so called ‘holy war’ ! wonder who’s gonna help them then ! ! ! certainly not I see our site about Muslims abusing government child care grants and sending the cash over to terrorist groups

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