CNN Releases Photo, Personal Info of Filmmaker; Family Forced out of Home

The Associated ‘with terrorists’ Press claims to have outed him, the media (and Muslims who remain silent) have forced him out of his own home while the LA County sheriff’s assist, and CNN Releases Photo, Personal Info Of Filmmaker …for Muslims to finish him off.

This morning on CNN, the identity and past of scapegoated filmmaker Nikoula Nikoula was revealed to American audiences despite the private citizen’s extraordinary attempts to conceal his identity.

During his late night frog march with Los Angeles County Deputies last week, Nikoula wore a heavy winter coat, scarf and hat with sunglasses to conceal his identity, this despite a heat wave that has left Southern California sweltering even in the middle of the night. The efforts to conceal his identity was due to death threats made against him from radical Islamist terrorists who, according to the White House, see the YouTube video Nikoula produced as justification for cold-blooded murder.

CNN acknowledged this fact and then went on to show a picture of Nikoula as well as reveal information that they boastfully said they “dug up” on the filmmaker. CNN went on to editorialize by saying the film would be “Oscar worthy, if HATEFUL were a category.” This continues CNN’s long history of going beyond reportage of “facts,” as they pretend to do, and actual advocacy for the agenda of America’s enemies. Former Chairman Ted Turner was famous for his support of the Soviet Union during the cold war and CNN gained exclusive access to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq while staying silent about many of the regime’s atrocities they witnessed.

One wonders if CNN would have done all this digging on author Salmon Rushdie when he was first threatened with a fatwah in 1989. At the time, Rushdie was celebrated and hailed as a courageous artist for penning “The Satanic Verses” which radical Islamists found so offensive Rushdie was sentenced to death in absentia in Iran.

Here we are, only 23 years later, and CNN, the most trusted name in news, aids the terrorists in finding their man… and aids the Obama Administration in furthering the scape-goating of Nikoula and his video to distract from their failed leadership in the Middle East.

 MSNBC’s Mike Taiibi reported on it as if the filmmaker were a hunted criminal and another MSNBC idiot asked “who would protect them.” Taiibi also put the life of Joseph Nassralla in danger by accusing him of being part of the film. Nassralla’s statement at Atlas Shrugs.

These people are reinforcing sharia and Muslim violence. They aren’t defending freedom of speech nor the rule of law. They are openly advocating for punishing people whom Muslims say offend them. In this case, making a movie even though the movie had absolutely nothing to do with the planned and coordinated attacks on U.S. embassies on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Remember, the video was on Youtube for MONTHS and no one said a word. Bill Maher has blasphemed Islam many times. Silence. (If you haven’t already – STOP watching these fake news channels)

More: Family of Anti-Islam Filmmaker Joins Him in Hiding

Family members of the California man who wrote and produced the controversial anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” fled their home early Monday morning to join the filmmaker in hiding.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has not returned to his Cerritos, California home since being interviewed late Friday night by federal probation officers about his role in the creation of the film, excerpts of which have ignited violent anti-American protests across the Muslim world.

Shortly before 4 a.m. Monday, officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department escorted members of Nakoula’s family, who had their faces covered, out of the house and into police vehicles so they could rejoin Nakoula at an undisclosed location.

“They decided they would be safer where they could move about and live a normal life,” said Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department. “All we did was pick them up and reunite them with Mr. Nakoula.”

All we did? The sheriff’s department should be protecting him and arresting those who threaten him and his family with death, not escorting them out of town.

Whitmore said the family’s current whereabouts are unknown to him, and it was his understanding that they won’t ever return to their Cerritos house, though that decision was “entirely up to the family.”

“What we do know and what they told me is that for the time now and for the immediate future, for the weeks and months to come, they will not be returning to this address,” Whitmore said.

Islamic terrorism works. There are Muslims who wage jihad and Muslims who don’t but remain silent. Some open approve of jihad, others do so tacitly. 

What’s happening in European countries and those lands conquered by Islam (none of which originally were “Islamic”) will happen here in the U.S. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

Muslims, at 1% of the U.S. population, can force Americans to flee their homes and live in fear of Muslim retribution right here in the U.S.  Who would have thought that after 9/11, Fort Hood, the Arkansas jihad, and many other attacks or plots we would need a wake up call, but for those that do, this would be it.

Sadly, things will get much worse and more will die before it gets better. If it ever does.

25 thoughts on “CNN Releases Photo, Personal Info of Filmmaker; Family Forced out of Home

  1. I guess it is time to gather info on every reporter and publish the info – family names, photos, license plate numbers, cars, schools, vacation habits. why not – they are public figures. Someone should do Taiibi first – photos, data, family members, cousins… everyone and everything connected to them.

    Let the scrutiny begin!

  2. Jizya to Islamic governments, airlines going bankrupt, TSA nightmare, higher taxes, broke government fighting Islamic wars, etc., etc. Most of America’s problems are now because of Islam. Get rid if Islam, get rid of America’s problems.

    Internment and deportation are the ONLY solution. Petition the government to PURGE the phony religion of Islam from America NOW

    • I must be missing something. Why would an anti-Islam filmmaker contribute even a nickel to the USA’s most prominent Muslim, the subversive in the White House?. . .
      If Obama doesn’t go down to defeat on Nov.6th, the greatest country in the world will become just another socialist basket case.
      The upcoming election is “Do or Die” for Americans and the Free World.

  3. The people responsible for endangering this video maker should be fired. It violates journalistic principles. This guy is a source, so they should not be outing him for political purposes. This is something I’d expect to see done in a third world nation, not in the US.

    Clearly it has the fingers of the Obama re-election team in it, and that CNN is complicit in it is a dark day for the media and freedom of speech. CNN ices all free speech by going after this guy when it is known he has fatwas against him.

    Obama is hoping that he’ll get killed so he won’t be asked to prosecute someone who broke no laws, a request coming from the Muslim world which does not respect free speech and other human rights all too often. Then the “problem” is “taken care of.”

    It’s virtually an order of assassination by Obama supporters of this filmmaker. Who’s next in LA, Hollywood, the media?

    • All of the MSM has been violating most of the journalistic principles for years and absolutely nothing has been done about it. These are obama’s lackeys, they do what they think he wants or what he says. No one is safe as long as a majority of the country is till lapping up all the lies they are force fed.

  4. What better way to appease his masters in Saudi Arabia and Egypt by sacrificing an American family. Now Billary and Hussein can grovel for ‘peace’ at the feet of their masters. How can anyone vote for these folks? This (Democrat party) is NOT F.D.R.’s , L.B.J’s or J.F.K.’s party.

  5. What we need now is clearly a CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY! A party that is comprised of Democrats, Republican, Liberals, Whatever!, that are hell-bent on upholding the Constitution of the United States and can no longer “side” with their original party as they no longer have anything in common with them! We need a party capable of bringing back our Constitutional rights! period!

  6. Sieg Heil…welcome to CNN’s version of “Kristal Nacht”…watch what you say…watch what you do…or the CNN Brown Shirts will be coming for you! ~ Burma Shave! Halloween is near…be glad you’re not queer…as you ride in LAPD black ‘n white, “Headless”! (PBUH)!

  7. The EDITOR who outed and gave out the home address of the film maker blamed for the RIOTS IN THE MUZZIES WORLD HAS TO BE OUTED AND HARRASED EQUALLY to what he did to this person. No doubt CNN got there information from OBUMMMAAS LACKIES to cover his and State Depts. ASS for the real reason as to what caused the problem. LETS ALSO REMEMBER that the STATE DEPT. under Clinton denied the security folks to carry LOADED WEAPONS, causing the deaths in LIBYA. LEST WE FORGET COME NOVEMBER6TH!!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  8. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.” Ha dummies–It’s RIGHT NOW!!!! Can anybody see?? They are winning!!!

  9. If anything happens to him or his family hold CNN and all those who outted him responsable for murder. Put all of them in prison for life or execute them. Sounds like the muzzies feel they now have the numbers to just take the United States. Better prepare for a war with the muzzies on American soil. It will happen sooner rather than later.

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  11. Simple solution: publish ALL the personal information of the CNN directors, SSN, bank accounts, home addresses, childrens names,.pictures, schools attended, bank balances, business dealings.
    How could they complain? At least till the first kidnapping…. What were they thinking?

  12. If he is for Islamic sharia what about Michelle will she be happy in the Burka? What is going on with Obama does he want this for his girls and does micheel what is the real agrenda here Is it the Omen film being played out in the White house?

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