Associated Press not down with “free speech”

No surprise. Read some of this propaganda. The Associated Press, and most big media seem to want this guy to face Islamic justice. via US free speech rights complicate handling of maker of anti-Islamic film – Yahoo! News.

While the man behind an anti-Islam movie that ignited violence across the Middle East would likely face swift punishment in his native Egypt for making the film, in America the government is in the thorny position of protecting his free speech rights and looking out for his safety even while condemning his message.

Huh? The government should not be in a thorny position at all. Article VI of the Constitution states they are bound by Oath or Affirmation to support the Constitution. They have no obligation to condemn a film maker’s message or the message of any other American.

It’s a paradox that makes little sense to those protesting and calling for blood. To them, the movie dialogue denigrating the Prophet Muhammad is all the evidence needed to pursue justice — vigilante or otherwise — against Nakoula Bassely Nakoula, an American citizen originally from Egypt.

Proving Islam’s incompatibility with freedom and the need for immigration bans.

In America, there’s nothing illegal about making a movie that disparages a religious figure. And that has the Obama administration walking a diplomatic tight rope less than two months before the election — how to express outrage over the movie’s treatment of Islam without compromising the most basic American freedom.

You can’t have it both ways. Either you protect free speech or you express faux outrage and use bullying, dictator-like tactics to send a warning to those who exercise free speech rights. The dhimmitude from our centers of higher learning continues:

“The thing that makes this particularly difficult for the United States is that … we treat what most of us would refer to as hate speech as constitutionally protected speech and Americans don’t appreciate, I think, how unusual this position seems in the rest of the world,” said Lawrence Rosenthal, a professor at Chapman University’s School of Law in Orange, California.

72% of Americans polled cherish their freedom of speech more than offending others. This professor is out of touch. Hate speech is a sham.

But Nakoula’s case invites scrutiny because the free speech he exercised with the film “Innocence of Muslims” has had such far-reaching and violent implications.

Bullshit. The violence was planned and warnings were given prior to September 11, and for several months the video sat unwatched on Youtube. If anything should invite the scrutiny of the media and governments it is the violence perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Muhammad as Islam commands. But no one is looking into that. They know what they’ll find and they are scared to face reality.

Department spokesman Steve Whitmore stressed the agency is not providing protective custody. He referred questions to federal authorities, who have declined to comment.

Of course not. Why would they protect someone they could care less about? They want him gone. As we’ll see later in this article, the AP admits all parties are attempting to find a way to jail Nakoula for violating sharia law by finding a probation violation.

Were he in his native Egypt, Nakoula could be charged with “insulting religion,” a crime punishable by up to three years in prison or could face the more serious charge of “upsetting national security,” which carries a life sentence.

More bullshit. He would have been killed just like the U.S. ambassador who was raped, murdered and dragged through the streets. Lara Logan found out first hand too.

“It’s not clear that there is, on the books today, a law that makes what (Nakoula) did a crime,” Rosenthal said. “This is an extremely difficult problem.”

What is the extremely difficult problem? Freedom of speech? Now we see why college’s are failing our children.

Indeed, federal officials have said they are looking at Nakoula only in the context of whether he violated his probation for the fraud conviction. Under terms of his sentence, he was banned from using computers or the Internet as part of his sentence.

The probation issue “gives the government a relatively low visibility way of prosecuting him but not technically for what he said and how inflammatory it was,” Armour said.

But nonetheless, prosecuting him for what he said.

Please take all this with a grain of salt as we know the violence was not about a movie and it’s not even clear who Nakoula is or who funded the movie.

Nakoula may be the false flag fall guy, but the real target is our freedom of speech.

8 thoughts on “Associated Press not down with “free speech”

  1. The problem with all the libturd’s assertions is that islamic texts have the same thing the movie has in it. Admittedly, the movie was funnier but if they want to scrutinize this guy then they will have to also scrutinize islamic texts.

    There is nothing factually wrong with what the movie asserted. And all they want is a guy to die. The media is showing their colors and utter stupidity in all of this. They are doing it to deflect off of obama’s abysmal failures as much as possible.

  2. Yes, once you put aside all the garbage, lies and machinations coming out from the W.H , we arrived at the same conclusions: “Nakoula seems to be the fall guy”. “THE REAL TARGET IS OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. A clear cut triumph for Sharia. On these days she always comes on the top!!!!

  3. AP are liars for foreign powers disseminating LIES via our airwaves- AP should be banned in USA . The film had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks- by their own rules they’re inciting Muslims daily by just publishing Obama Biden brags about killing Osama- more incitelful than this film by 10X– so off with their heads too

    anyone else notice the hypocritical double standards of media in outing
    the identity of the Coptic filmmaker exercising his free speech by
    publishing his real name and address putting him and his family in
    danger of being killed and the utter silence and coverup of the person
    who ILLEGALLY taped Romney and “leaked ” it??

    • Yes the AP are liars, and the obscure little film had ‘sweet tweet’ to do with all the misplaced, ridiculous ‘rage’ across the Mid. East. What really infuriates me is the leftist, traitorous American Media turning on Romney for the unforgiveable crime of telling the truth.

      Indeed, all the signs from US seem to indicate the re-election of the ‘America-destroying’ obama. With 47% of Americans on Govt handouts now, there’s a big percentage straight away; about 95% of blacks, and most hispanics (I would have expected better from them) and a certain percentage of mindless white trash will also vote for him.

      Sadly, America seems to have endless numbers of people unable to see where obama’s ruinous policies are leading the country, or worse, that he’s doing it intentionally–along with his muslim friends, and helped along by the ‘useful idiot’ named Hillary.

      • ODumbo has now doubled down on the stupid- Just yesterday he said:

        “The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe”

        Well Odumbass- they don’t give a crap what you expect- today they are doing more of same in Pakistan- and you are still giving money- and will blame a movie and not your own drone strikes or going to get Bin Laden without telling them-

        why didn’t he tell them? B/c he really does know they cannot be trusted- and they knew Bin Laden was there all along right under their military’s noses

        so why does he say it?? why trust our diplomats and reporters lives? b/c his own ox is not being gored- tell me again which candidate doesn’t give a crap about Americans lives

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