A Running Scorecard of Islamic Fatalities

via New English Review.

A Running Scorecard of Fatalities With No Apologies Yet or Ever Likely >

For those who would like a scorecard from 1948 to the present of violent Arab/Islamic heinous acts of barbarism for which the entire world (including innocent Muslims) are still waiting for an apology…If we went back another 60 years to 1890, the toll would include at least another three million Greek, Bulgarian and Armenian Christians massacred in mass violence, pogroms, forced exile and death marches.

Since 1948

1.Massive violence between Muslims and Hindus in India on an unprecedented scale following partition (at Muslim insistence) in 1947 and three India-Pakistan wars, terrorism in Kashmir and India resulting in several million killed and at least fifteen million people displaced. As a result, Hindu minority in Pakistan has practically disappeared while Muslim minority has dramatically increased and thrived.

2.Pakistan-Bangladesh conflict, 1971 (following civil war and secession). This war saw the highest number of casualties in any of the India-Pakistan conflicts. It is believed that from one to three million Bangladeshis were killed as a result of this war. Very little media coverage.

3. The eight-year-long war between Iraq and Iran, 1980-1988 making it longest conventional war of the 20th century resulting in almost a million killed. Tens of thousands of children employed by both sides as cannon fodder to set off landmines.

4.The First Gulf War; Invasion of Kuwait (Aug. 1990-Feb.1991), Operation Desert Storm, the Second Gulf War, (March-April 2003) and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

5. Ongoing Yemeni and Somali Civil Wars. Thousands killed. No media coverage.

6. Inter-sectarian Muslim violence between Shias and Sunnis in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Several hundred thousand killed.

7.  Jordan’s crackdown on “Black September,” 1970. PLO crushed by Jordanian Legion under command of King Hussein (at least 25,000 killed).

8.  Syria’s suppression of the Muslim Brothers and opponents of the Assad regime; destruction of the city of Hama (at least 20,000 killed) to wipe out Muslim Brotherhood. Media barred from entering the city. Uprising in Hama by Muslim Brotherhood crushed by Assad regime in Syria Feb. 1982.

9. Current Syrian Civil War. It is quite probable that the son, current Syrian tyrant Baashar al-Assad has already broken his father’s (Hafez al-Assad) record, at least 20,000 now killed.

10. Al-Qaeda and Taliban violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Muslims are both perpetrators and largely victims for such crimes as sending girls to school, wearing make-up and listening to Western music).

11. Inter-Palestinian factionalism in Gaza; hundreds killed (Hamas activists threw at least 170 members of Fatha off roofs from high buildings).

12. Decade-long mass violence between Muslim religious extremists (Salafist movement) and Algerian government beginning in 1991 estimated to have cost between 150,000 and 200,000 lives. Practically no media coverage.

13. Sixteen-year-long civil war in Lebanon. The war lasted from 1975 to 1990 and resulted in an estimated 130,000 to 250,000 civilian fatalities. Another one million people (one-third of the population) were wounded, half of whom were left with lifetime disabilities.

14. Iraqi, Iranian, and Turkish suppression of Kurdish autonomy; approximately 180,000 Kurds killed, mostly civilians in Iraq, by Saddam Hussein’s forces via poison gas attacks.

15. Muslim terror against civilians in Chechnya, and additional hundreds killed in Moscow and other Russian cities including children at primary school. Russia’s two biggest terrorist attacks both came from Muslim groups. The Chechniyan separatist “Special Purpose Islamic Regiment” took an estimated 850 people hostage in Moscow in October 2002 at a theater. At least 129 hostages died during the rescue, all but one killed by the chemicals used to subdue the attackers.

16. In the September 2004, 1,200 schoolchildren and adults were taken hostage at a secondary school in Beslan, North Ossetia-Alania, which was overrun by an Islamic terror group. About 500 people, including 186 children, died in the attempt to free the hostages.

17. Muslim secessionist activity and terrorism in the Philippines (with almost monthly reports by American media that do not mention the words “Muslim” or “jihad”).

18. Darfur in the Sudan; genocidal attacks against non-Muslim Black Sudanese. On July 13, 2008, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court filed ten charges of war crimes against Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, charges that included three counts of genocide, five crimes against humanity, and two of murder. The ICC’s prosecutors have claimed that al-Bashir “masterminded and implemented a plan to destroy in substantial part” three tribal groups in Darfur because of their ethnicity. Finally, the Southern Sudan seceded from the Muslim dominated north creating a new state in February, 2011 following a plebiscite approved by 99.6% of the population.

19. Muslim grievances and violence in Thailand; dozens killed.

20. Terrorist activity by local Muslims against the Han Chinese majority  in Western China. Several hundred fatalities.

The list continues at New English Review.

20 thoughts on “A Running Scorecard of Islamic Fatalities

  1. Quickly! Add up the figures in your head! With any luck, the way things are progressing, in 50 years moo-slimes will have wiped themselves out! Something to look forward to!

    • dont forget
      dont forget where christians kils muslims in Afghanistan, Irak and Libya and
      dont forget whene jewish kils palestinians and
      dont forget the victims of European colonization of the Arab world u dont see that? in the 19 and 20th Century wars on muslim world?

      • If your COUNTRY COUSINS dont stop this JIHAD AGAINST THE WORLD a hell of a lot more of your MUSLIM COUSINS will become DUST AGAIN. WE are sick and tired of your ISLAMIC SLOP of peace when all you people want to do is KILL EVERYONE NOT ADHEARING TO ISLAM. So keep it up and see what HAPPENS!!!!!! LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEXT CRUSADE!!!!

      • don’t forget who kills the MOST MUSLIMS- other Muslims- who has apartheid laws for Fakestinians? who discriminates and ethnic cleanses them out of the countries of their birth
        the late King Hussein sent his army to crush the revolt, killing thousands of Palestinians in what has since become to be known as Black September.

        Although King Abdullah’s wife, Queen Rania, is a Palestinian from the West Bank, his attitude towards Palestinians living in his kingdom has not been much different from that of other Arab countries.

        In the early 1990s, more than 400,000 Palestinians were expelled from the Gulf in retaliation for the PLO’s support of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. When Kuwait was liberated, many Palestinians who remained in the sheikdom were killed or tortured by angry Kuwaitis.

        In Lebanon, thousands of Palestinians have been massacred by Lebanese and Syrians over the past four decades. In addition, the 500,000 Palestinians living in Lebanon have long been subjected to state-sponsored apartheid laws that deny them access to work, education and health services.

        Following the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime, many Iraqis also turned against Palestinians, accusing them of siding with the former dictator. Thousands of Palestinians were forced out of Iraq while others were killed or had their homes torched and ransacked.

        Palestinians carrying Jordanian passports say that unlike his father, King Abdullah has been doing his utmost to “marginalize” them through a series of laws, royal decrees and security measures.

        The king is obviously afraid of the “demographic threat” that the Palestinian population poses. He is also wary of talk about turning Jordan into a Palestinian state — a move that would, of course, end the royal family’s rule of the Hashemite kingdom.
        if it was n ot for EU colonization you lazy lowlifes would still be pounding sand and not a drop of OIL would’ve sprung out of the ground without someone else doing it………who built refineries? ALLAH? nope…………….and if we were not buying it?

        Saddam killed little Irani boys armed with only Korans as protection from his tanks- do you cry about Khomeni? the little girls with vaginas sewn up? little boys dressed as girls to have sex with old men?

        don;t forget the 270 MILLION people killed by JIHAD- the civilizations destroyed- Buddhists, Hindus lands stolen- was on Kurdish-

        go peddle your commie trash elsewhere we SEE THROUGH IT

      • moslems whining and wailing, and acting like they are the victims after years of moslem aggression is a common thing. moslems are so good at it. Now – when moslems put down their weapons, stop hiding behind children, stop teaching their children to hate – basically get rid of the shitran oh er I mean koran – when moslems start keeping their words of cease fire and start telling the truth about what shitslam really is about – then maybe people won’t feel the need to defend themselves. Oh, I almost forgot all the stealing, raping, kidnapping, forced conversions to shitslam – then maybe will stop defending themselves because moslems will have joined the human race.

  2. Dont forget Phillipines where Christians attacked; African states like Chad and Nigeria, Somalia, France’s rise in anti-semitic attacks, Turkish aggression towards Christian Greece and on and on…

    • dont forget where christians kils muslims in Afghanistan, Irak and Libya and
      dont forget whene jewish kils palestinians and
      dont forget the victims of European colonization of the Arab world u dont see that? in the 19 and 20th Century wars on muslim world?

      • As with Israel, and other countries where the media is not telling us about the riots, bombs, rapes/kidnappings that moslems do against others – the Christians in the Philippines have been attacked time and again.

        You can keep on repeating the same thing over and over again as if moslems are the victims – but they are not. Saying it over and over again does not make it true. It only tells us that moslems are disconnected, and deceiving, not only us but themselves. And being disconnected is a psychosis as is the constant lying being a sociopathic malady.

        islam is learned sociopathy.

  3. dont forget where christians kils muslims in Afghanistan, Irak and Libya and
    dont forget whene jewish kils palestinians and
    dont forget the victims of European colonization of the Arab world u dont see that? in the 19 and 20th Century wars on muslim world?

    • don’t forget what country was a colony of same powers only 200 and a few years ago and is prospering by it’s own initiatives, fair and just laws and WORK and not whining, blaming everyone else for it’s failures?? a country that survived wars and attacks and was most helpful and gracious afterwards rebuilding the LOSERS (Germany Italy and Nazi Arabia) seems you are the one deficient in actual history preferring instead the revised version by ISLAM which has never touched a nation it did not destroy by it’s backwardness, it’s inherent unfairness and lack or respect for WORK science, art and women.

    • reality eh? you like numbers and facts?: rough estimate of the death of non-Muslims by the political act of jihad=270 million killed by jihad
      25 million slaves delivered to the market, death of about 120 million people. Muslim wholesale slave trade in Africa.
      120 million Africans
      60 million Christians
      80 million Hindus
      India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. The mountains near India are called the Hindu Kush, meaning the “funeral pyre of the Hindus.”
      In jihad only Christians and Jews were allowed to survive as dhimmis (servants to Islam); everyone else had to convert or die. Jihad killed the Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, along the Silk Route, and in India.
      10 million Buddhists

      • and that is a low count since they didn’t add the Jews and Christians killed in the holocaust, or in Armenia, or the slaughters since 9/11 by moslems – or as in the holocaust that were backed by moslems. Bosnian moslems made up 2 of Hitler’s SS Mountain Divisions and al Husseini was behind the Final Solution.

        So moslems killing is just the way of allah and so the disconnect, a psychosis of islam, is the reason why they think they are innocent and non-moslems should not defend themselves… and wail and whine when they get their due.

  4. How can the followers of Islam ” The Religion of Peace ” actually expect people to believe them that it is peaceful if they want to kill over a derogatory comment, book, movie, cartoon, speech, anything they don’t like, etc. ?

    Can Islam get along with the West ? NO.
    ” Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead “. ~ Kyle Reese in Terminator.
    Islam has been conquering places Terminator style since the 7th Century and their goal is to get rid of everybody else. Look at what is going on and you can see it is that way. They do not assimilate in any Western society. They get along until their numbers are great enough to take over. It’s been that way since their prophet left Mecca and went to Medina.


    There is no excuse for the murders these animals committed. The United States and other countries governments current policies and actions coddling Islam following countries is just going to get more innocent people killed. People can try to claim that Islam is ” The Religion of Peace ” all they want, but anybody that follows the Quran and things written in Medina and afterwards are only trying to conquer the world. The Reality of their actions show the truth in regards to the 7th Century lifestyle hiding behind the cloth of religion. Where Islam goes and Sharia Law is followed, Freedom goes away.

    “ An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last “. ~ Sir Winston Churchill.

  5. You can’t pass the buck with the “well what about the [fill in black with non-Muslim groups]?

    The fact stands that the genocidal violence contained within the ideology of the jihad is a tinderbox, waiting to be lit from within. This is itself its own problem, independent of outside groups.

    When will Muslims own it and take responsibility for it?

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