Clinton to remove Islamic group that killed 6 Americans from terror list

It sounds like there may be future plans to resettle them in the United States. Last week, Clinton partied with Muslims to celebrate Ramadan – with your tax dollars, a mere two days after 9/11/12 when four Americans were killed, including one whom she sent to Libya. via First on CNN: Clinton to remove Iranian exile group from terror list – CNN Security Clearance – Blogs.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to notify Congress on Friday that she plans to take Iranian exile group Mujahedin-e-Khalq, or MEK, off a State Department terror list, three senior Obama administration officials told CNN.

Notification will be followed by formal removal in coming days from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, which includes more than 50 groups like al Qaeda and Hezbollah. Clinton recently designated the Pakistani-based Haqqani network a foreign terrorist organization.

Such a listing attaches a certain stigma and allows the United States to legally go after financing and take other steps against individuals associated with these groups.

MEK was put on list in 1997 because of the killing of six Americans in Iran in the 1970s and an attempted attack against the Iranian mission to the United Nations in 1992.

However, the United States has since 2004 considered the group, living for more than 25 years at a refugee camp in Iraq, “noncombatants” and “protected persons” under the Geneva Conventions.

MEK’s move from Camp Ashraf is nearing completion under the auspices of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq. The members are relocating to a temporary site there before being re-settled in third countries.

The United States has been working with the U.N. High Commissioner of Refugees to re-settle the group.

Where? In the United States?

Clinton is under a court order to decide by October 1 whether to remove MEK from the terror list. She has said several times that her decision would be guided, in part, by whether it moves peacefully.

“We don’t love these people but the secretary’s decision is merited based on the record of facts that we have,” one U.S. official said. “This was not done casually and it’s the right decision.”

Officials acknowledge the decision was the subject of a contentious debate within the administration.

MEK is considered by many in the administration to be a bizarre cult-like organization, prompting concerns about its behavior. Officials say these concerns factored heavily in the debate.

“While they present themselves as a legitimate democratic group worthy of support, there is universal belief in the administration that they are a cult” one official said. “A de-listing is a sign of support or amnesia on our part as to what they have done and it does not mean we have suddenly changed our mind about their current behavior. We don’t forget who they were and we don’t think they are now who they claim to be, which is alternative to the current regime.”

MEK denies that it supports terrorism and supporters rally daily in front of the State Department, demanding the United States remove it from the terrorism list.

Many members of Congress have pressured Clinton to do the same.

Moreover, MEK has paid well-known former U.S. politicians and former administration heavyweights to speak out on its behalf, including former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and former National Security Advisor James Jones.

The last major convoy of 680 members of the MEK arrived on Sunday at the temporary relocation site at a former U.S. military base near Baghdad International Airport, the U.N. mission for Iraq said.

The State Department said at the time that the arrival marked “a significant milestone in efforts to achieve a sustainable humanitarian solution to this issue.”

“The big test now is to start getting these people out of Iraq through the UNHCR and that is where we should return. Our ability to succeed on this is based on many factors, especially how the MEK behaves because countries will be determining whether they will take a large amount of refugees from this group,” another official said.

“If they think the notion of de-listing means they can run wild, that isn’t true. If they want to leave Iraq, they have to behave,” the official said.

Contact Your Elected Officials (even though they are part of the problem) and demand that these Islamic terrorists NEVER be permitted to enter the United States and NEVER get another penny of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Go to Refugee Resettlement Watch to read about the treasonous incompetent UNHCR.

11 thoughts on “Clinton to remove Islamic group that killed 6 Americans from terror list

  1. Supporting groups that are against the United States as this
    administration has done falls into a different area:
    ~ A: Treason
    Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as “…[a]…citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].” In many nations, it is also often considered
    treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aided or involved by such an endeavor.
    Dictionary Definition of TREASON
    1: the betrayal of a trust : treachery
    2: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family
    Examples of TREASON
    He is guilty of treason.

    Origin of TREASON
    Middle English tresoun, from Anglo-French traisun, from Latin tradition-, traditio act of handing over, from tradere to hand over, betray — more at traitor
    First Known Use: 13th century

    ~ B: Sedition [si-dish-uhn] noun
    1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    3. Archaic . rebellious disorder
    The lies just keep on rolling in from the Democrats.
    Would be nice to know if Mr. Obama is even eligible to be POTUS since we seem to have more evidence he is not compared to anything that he is from him sealing all of his records.

    Why is Mr. Obama even running again when he said he would cut the debt in half his first term and has done nothing but make everything worse with his administrations failed policies.

  2. Once on the terror list, always on the terror list!

    They are getting away with murder, and this woman condones it.

    She now sees herself as giving Pardons. She makes skin crawl!

    • Hey Anonymous! Yeap! I felt the same way for the longest time! Till I discovered that these countries shouldn’t even exist! As they occupy the country of the Assyrian people who are “directly” related to Jesus Christ!

      Imagine, being a Christian, in a country dominated by “Muslims???” Never mind…”I can’t imagine!!!”

  3. It just amazes me how the Clinton’s and Obama, and, the Democrat Party in general is inviting the enemy into our camp! Will the Republican’s do the same in the event they win the election? I find this to be sedation! I find this to be real scary! And on top of that, the government is floating billions into these jihadist countries as “aid”. Have we already been infiltraited by the Moo-slime Bruderhood? Remember, Dear Patriots, 80 million firearms in the hands of 100 million Christian, Jewish and “Other” loyal citizenry! If we have to fight them in the streets to drive out of our precious Homeland…we can do it!

    • I fear that money is from the Muslims both in the USA and the east. How else can obuma Clinton and the like sell their country down the river. To sit and see their soldiers die to see Islam force its sharia crap around the western world and feel no remorse. No remorse for destroying the west. No feeling for the future of western children. None! Greed has destroyed them and in turn unless the west step up and the USA votes these clowns out we could be in for a bad time. I fear that many rep., may be infested with Saudi money too.

  4. what a crock of crap obama and hillary are; they are helping the enemies all they can; let’s help o and h, vote him out; go to gadi adelman site; it lays out the muslim brotherhood plan (project) and where they are on their counter terrorism activities; it is all falling right in line and o and h are more than happy to comply with the scumbags.

  5. It appears to be High Treason to me. Our enemy has many friends in the white house who live in luxury while America is be diminished in every way. Perhaps I will live to see some traitors hung.

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