Court upholds secretly negotiated no-bid, below-market sale of Michigan school to mosque

via Court upholds sale of school for West Bloomfield mosque | The Detroit News

Controversial plans to open a mosque in a former school building in West Bloomfield moved a step closer to reality Friday with a decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that found the sale of the former Eagle Elementary to the Islamic Cultural Association was proper.

The Court of Appeals said plaintiffs Melvyn Sternfeld and Eugene Greenstein, West Bloomfield residents who both opposed the sale, failed to prove that they would be harmed by the transaction.

“Sternfeld’s vague and speculative affidavit does not establish his standing to pursue declaratory and injunctive relief,” the three-judge panel said in its ruling.

It wasn’t known whether Sternfeld will appeal the decision to the Michigan Supreme Court.

His attorney, Robert Davis, wasn’t immediately available for comment.

In its three-page ruling, the three-judge panel wrote that Sternfeld never asserted in court filings that the sale of the school to the ICA would have an impact, negative or otherwise, on his home, life or activities “because of close proximity” to the former school.

“There is no injury, other than a hypothetical one,” said the appeals court.

The ICA wants to convert the former school into a mosque and cultural center, which would be the first to be located in the township.

The building was sold by Farmington Public Schools for $1.1 million in June 2011.

But some West Bloomfield residents don’t want to live so close to a mosque and Sternfeld and Greenstein tried to stop the sale by filing a lawsuit in Oakland County Circuit Court. A Circuit judge dismissed the case.

Rightfully so. Here’s what Detroit News doesn’t want you to know:

New Evidence of Corruption Involving Sale of Michigan Public School to Islamic Association

ANN ARBOR, MI – A stunning new development has come to light surrounding allegations of public corruption over the sale of Farmington Public Schools (FPS) property to the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA). On Wednesday, August 8th, Reverend Bruce D. Burwell, Senior Pastor of Light of the World Christian Center in West Bloomfield, read aloud a prepared statement on how the person in charge of FPS properties told him the property was not for sale when he expressed an interest in purchasing it for his church. FPS subsequently sold the vacant Eagle Elementary school property to the Islamic Cultural Association.

Records submitted to the Attorney General’s office included more than 400 pages of documentation supporting the TMLC allegations that FPS disregarded the recommendations of its own legal council, a specially convened internal committee and district residents in steamrolling through the secretly negotiated no-bid, below-market sale of valuable public property.

Among allegations of corruption, the TMLC filing details the district’s representations to several parties that Eagle Elementary School was not for sale and was slated for demolition.   All the while, records show, the district had discriminatorily granted exclusive consideration to and protected the bid of the ICA, with whom it was negotiating for months behind closed doors.

9 thoughts on “Court upholds secretly negotiated no-bid, below-market sale of Michigan school to mosque

  1. no surprise since MI has been taken over by the muzzies; it should be called muzzugan; they’ll probably get their way on changing the whole state as the kafirs will not stand up to their nonsense and viciousness.

  2. Oh it doesn’t matter…in ten years every musque in America will cease to exist and simply be overgrown vacant lots! The muzzies will have worn out their welcome in America due to bad behavior and will have returned to whence the came! (With the exception of those buried here!)


  4. If the building is vacant a few dead pig carcases on each floor may deter them for awhile. People have tried to stop building mosques in many states using the legal system but to no avail. They know how to use our Constitution to foster their agenda, especially the first amendment.

  5. I believe investigation into the judges financial transactions will find that they suddenly made huge gains in options and stock of obscure companies that are manipulated by the Blackstone companies. This is a main way judges and other officals are made to give insane judgements for sharia. With a choice of harm to their families or makeing quick milions the officals cooperation is assured.

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